Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hato Mayor Traslado Numero 2- March 26, 2014

I am still here in Hato Mayor with Elder Salgado one more transfer. I am here to help him finish his mission strong then we will see what the Lord has in store for me after that. I am too excited to see what the Lord has in store for the two servants he has here, I know he will really bless us according to our desires and our obedience to his commandments.
We had a zone conference with Elder Zivic and it was a really good experience. He talked a lot about our purpose and his wife talked a lot about faith. But what struck me most was what President Douglas said. He talked about VISION. WHAT IS OUR VISION? It is an interesting thing. He said our vision should be chapels filled with people in white waiting to be baptized and busses filled with people going to the temple in Santo Domingo to be sealed for time and all eternity. But how can we get that vision to be real? He said first we need goals. Then plans. Then we just need to straight up work as hard as our bodies will allow us. Then we need to be accountable and check up on the goals every once in a while. 

The Lord wants us to apply what we learn, so Elder Salgado and I have been doing that. We have the vision: A BRANCH IN OUR AREA. Really our area has a small percentage of the members of our ward, so we think that the mission work would progress more in this way. We have to start reactivating a few people, we have to baptize a few, then we have to see if it is what the Lord wants of Hato Mayor right now. But its possible and we are really working to be able to achieve this grand vision we have. 

But we have a few investigators that are showing good signs of progress. One of them is a single mom and her son, Gladis and Brayanli. (its pronounced Brian Lee, who was a good bud of mine out there forever ago at NHS). They are reading and really showing that they want to know if these things are true. We talked on monday about Faith and Repentance as the first 2 principles in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about the peace and happiness that can come through the process of repentance. Then she asked ¨Do you guys just always have that peace and comfort? Because it really seems that you are just happy and freee from worry and just loving life.¨ And then Elder Salgado answered that we try and apply what we preach, and if we want others to live these things we have to live them ourselves. She needs a little bit of help going to church, but the Lord will help us help her.

There are a lot of others, but I don't have the time or space to explain all the good times that we are having here in Hato Mayor. We are seeing little signs of the Lords mercy every day in our lives. It is the Work of Salvation. 

Thanks for all of your prayers. I loved reading all of your emails.

Elder Dallin Blake Murphy

 Trying on wigs at the store.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tuesday is Pday today!!- March 18, 2014

So today I am writing because tomorrow we have a zone conference with Elder Civic of the Seventy!! WOO! That guy is super cool. So for those who thought that they would write me today or tomorrow, sorry about that. I forgot to mention in last week!! But hey, look at  the blessings... YOU GET TO HEAR FROM ME 2 TIMES IN A WEEK.
But this week was stake conference here in the Santiago East stake. It was pretty cool. The saturday night session was A member of the stake presidency, then a nice lady from the stake, then President Douglas, then the Temple President President Almonte, then Sister Civic and then Elder Civic. That was awesome! Something awesome that said the first speaker was that parents are too often worried more about  helping their kids survive (food, water, light, medication) and they forget too often about whats most important! TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. That is the most important duty of a parent. Spiritually feed them. Then the sister said that the mission work is Keeping your covenants and helping others make and keep covenants with the Lord as well. That was an awesome thing to hear. 

 Then on sunday it was The stake president, then Sister Douglas , the President Douglas, then Sister Almonte, then President Almonte, then  Sister Civic, then Elder Civic. IT WAS A PACKED SESSION! But yeah it was so cool. One funny thing that the stake president said was he said that on his mission he was there with his companion one time when 2 men came up and said "hey! We want to fight you guys with only the bible" talking about bible bashing. Then the stake president said "ok!!" and hit the guy in the face with his bible HAHAHAHAH then the guy got mad and the stake president said "why would you  use the hold Word of God to cause contention?? that is the opposite of the use it has. we are here to share and invite people to learn more. Nothing more."  That was an awesome thing that he said.  Before the mission people tried to argue and I was there LETS GO but now  I am here and I hate when people want to argue. I know my bible, I can do it, but it is just a fat waste of time. There are missionaries who waste their study time trying to prepare to argue with different specific religions, but I just feel like the Devil is winning in that one. 3 Nephi 11 talks about how contention is not of God, but of the Devil. And I am not here to help the work of Satan progress.

But I am here to help the work of God progress here in Hato  Mayor! Daily I am walking, getting tanner and thinking "wow! I am actually here. I am actually a missionary and I am in the Dominican republic, speaking fluent spanish just living the life. there is nothing better than this" then the next day it is the same. It feels like yesterday I was too worried about things that now seem like nothing. Although it was fun, THERE IS NO GREATER JOY THAN WHEN YOU SEE THE DESIRE IN THE EYES OF SOMEONE TO CHANGE AND COME CLOSER TO CHRIST. There is nothing better. I told one of my companions once that the life I lived before the mission has been lived, and I dont want to return back to that. I want to get back home as a changed servant of the Lord, I want to be better and stronger. I want to be able to say that I was a missionary and I gave it all I had, 150% of what I had. The Lord doesnt respect more than our obedience, diligence, humility and faith. Thats what I am trying to do. 

That is awesome to see that Mom and Dad could have enjoyed the magical last moments of my fathers young life. Youre a big boy now dad! HAHA but seriously, that is just crazy. I feel like it was just yesterday and I was thinking about how Dad was going to have a sweet party at 50... that was before the age change HAHA!! But I love you dad, and Mom!! Youre awesome!

I also did something that would make Dad so proud. I participated in what Dad loves most after the gospel.. PUPUSAS. I would send you pictures but I cant find the chord at the moment. BUT SERIOUSLY DAD I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE IT AND YOU ARE GOING TO JUST LOVE IT WHEN I GET BACK. I am going to teach you all how to cook all that I know now, it is so fun. 

But hey, I hope all is well.  I hope Bethany is good, shes pretty busy.  I pray for you all on the daily, and I hope you are all reading your scriptures!!

Have a good week,  I will email on next wednesday! (p.s. it is like 99%  for sure I am going to be with Elder Salgado another transfer. He is finishing and President Douglas  told me that my responsibility is to help him finish well. SO THATS WHAT I WILL DO!)

Love you all, GOODNESS I LOVE YOU ALL haha oh austin.

Elder Murphy

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!- March 12, 2014

Dad, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You're 50 years old my big man!! HAHA wow youre almost old! But I love dad because really he is just a straight up example. The way he lives such a moderate, humble life, keeping the most important things first. He was my bishop in my growing years, and I woulnt have had it any other way! It amazes me how great of a guy he is, and if I can be like him one day I will be pretty content. AND i love him for his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on hot dog buns. 
Wow, that is really hard to hear about Julie... She was one of my favorite people ever, seriously. First of all, she GAVE us Murphy, the greatest dog in the whole entire world. She always was so happy and willing to talk to me about whatever I was doing in life. She let me hold her baby that one day, I remember, when her baby, Gavin, was blessed . I sat there and sat there and sat there, ate some good tacos and had a great conversation with her. I really owe her a lot, and I will never be able to forget her. My prayers are with you Lanny and Barbara, you raised her to be a wonderful woman and daughter of God. They'll all be together again, with Joel and Julie. 

But this week was pretty good. Although ZERO people came to church that we have been teaching, the only thing we do is keep working like there is not tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, we do it once again. I had an exchange with Elder Morales, one of our Zone Leaders, and it was a pretty good time. 

I feel like that week was just too fast, I am not sure what to tell you guys.  We are just working and I really cannot explain how happy I am. The mission will be the greatest thing I ever do, and I will never regret one minute. I really can testify of the things I teach, in the spanish I have learned until now, and it is an honor and a priviledge to carry 2 names on my plaque. First the name of Jesus Christ, who I represent and who I love and who I try to follow in every breath I take. The second is the Murphy name. Although dominicans only know of Eddie Murphy and laugh because he is black and I am white, I work to make my mom, dad, grandparents, siblings and all other family members proud of Elder Dallin Murphy.

Love you all, 

Elder Daliln Murphy

1. This is our district, Elder Mendoza, Salgado, Vasquez, and Murphy

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Dream Lives On- March 5, 2014

So this was a pretty good week. First off though, Mom, I need to know my blood type. They told me that I had to find out and I don't want to get it tested, that is just a big fat waste of time, so if you could tell me I would be SO GRATEFUL!!
But yeah, we are coming along little by little here in Hato Mayor. We had 3 investigators in church, Francisco "Bocho", a lady named Noelia, and a guy named Norman. Noelia and Norman have been investigators for more than like 3 years, so it is going to be a test for me to try and get them to GET COMMITTED TO WHAT THE LORD WANTS THEM TO DO!! But Francisco is a newer guy. His kids and his wife are all members, and he is now wanted to get baptized. One thing though is that he thinks he knows everything and a lot of times he doesnt quite allow us to talk!! HAHA But it is pretty good stuff. He is hilarious, but just doesn't want a few "kids in terms of the things of God", in his own words, teaching  him. But we are all friends and he is coming along well. 

Also, there are a few people that are here that are just AWESOME. I don't understand, the missionaries that were here before really weren't trying very hard because there are so many people that are so prepared to recieve the gospel of Jesus Christ!! We are teaching A LOT and it is just so much fun. I love teaching, and we are just talking with nearly everybody here in Hato Mayor. That is a goal that President Douglas has for us, he wants us to TALK WITH EVERYONE and that is what we are doing. 

Yesterday we had a Specialized Training in the mission office (which is like 5 minutes in a Ruta from our house) and it was pretty good. They talked about how we can complete with our goals that we set, and President Douglas gave  us a good hard talk on obedience. He said  "there are some people who just think that they are smarter than the Lord. They say that they dont have to go out in the time slot of 10 to 12 in the morning because there is nothing to do, although the Lord says we need to. There are people that say that they can sleep until 7am instead of 6:30 because it doesnt do anything to sleep a little bit more, although the Lord says that we need to get up at 6:30. There are some people who say that it is ok to teach a girl without a man present because we are stronger than any temptation that confronts us, even though the Lord tells us what we need to do. We are not smarter than the Lord. Do what he says." GET EM PRESIDENT. I love that guy. 

Oh yeah one more thing! I got a package from Elder Bowles (from south Jordan Utah) because he is in Dajabon, the area closest to Haiti. There there is a market that sells ties for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and they are just sweet ties, so I am now excited. I told him I would pay him back but he sent me like 8 ties. Dad would love these ties. In the picture below, you will see a CLASSIC DR tie. FAT, striped and a cool pattern.

Love you all!! See you later

Elder Dallin Murphy

1. Check out that tie!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hablar con todos- February 26, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WOW! What a boss!! It is so exciting to hear that tomorrow he will be 13 big years old. I feel like just yesterday he was turning 11 and Alyse admitted her pregnancy of Dane!! HAHA but yeah that was so fun. I think that tomorrow Camille will have a special little thing to tell cole XD
But I love Cole for so many reasons... He is just a good looking, tall, blonde heck of a guy. I really look up to him and his humility, he thinks Austin and I are WAY too good of examples and all of that. He really tries to learn a lot and just wants to succeed and will work to get it. He is my example. 

But this week in Hato Mayor was pretty fun. But Mom had questions on a few things, so first off our apartment is a little old, but pretty big. I have my own bathroom, it is just 2 of us, Elder Salgado and I. My shower head is a pipe sticking out of the wall, and it is still cold showers EVERY DAY! We live on a second floor and can see the momument from our house. Umm We have another companionship in our ward, Elder Mendoza from Peru and Elder Vasquez from El Salvador. He is going to teach me the magic of Pupusas soon, so Dad, get pumped. We see them every so often, a few times a week. 

But this week was talking with EVERYONE! We really are just super excited and talk with as many people as we can. We focus a lot on talking with men, because all the women will talk with us but we have a rule that we cannot teach lessons without a man present, so we teach men and try to involve their families. We are finding really awesome people. The first week we found a guy named Del Fin Mont├íz and his sons, Sandy and Randelfin. They were super stoked, and they just sick everything in. They are super cool guys so hopefully they keep reading and we will involve Del Fin´s wife the next time we go by. Everything just makes so much good sense to them!

It is just so cool to be able to talk with people whenever you want, whoever you want. People here are really open. President Douglas has set it as a goal that we talk with everyone, at least yelling out ¨Saludos!!!¨ Or something like that to make someone´s day. It is pretty fun. And Elder Salgado likes to do it too, so we just do straight WORK. 

My spanish is feeling really good. I almost speak no english, and it will be that way for a while. But my grammar is basically down, but i just want to become a native dominican tigre with my spanish. That means that I am just flowing words like no other. I am just loving the life of a missionary for the Lord´s church. He blesses us day by day with life and energy to serve him. I feel like James, who said in James 4:14 that the life is like a vapour, it just comes and goes. THE MISSION IS GOING TOO FAST!!

Love you all, keep up the good work. I hope to hear good news next week. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

p.s. can someone tell me how northwood vball does? thats the only team I care about haha, the heat dont matter but former Brian Hughes show is something else


1. Elder Salgado and I in front of a sweet painting on the wall of the Book of Mormon and the Bible in front of the Chapel.