Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hello!!- August 27, 2014

Well, another week in Bella Vista. We have been working, and it has been pretty interesting. Sometimes as missionaries we need to go and get to know a part of our area which we havent ever touched, and it ends up being really impossible to do mission work... and it gets pretty interesting when you spend a few hours there. But yeah, took upon us another part, and we have spent a couple days trying to work there and there wasnt much. It is pretty interesting to see the same people within 5 or 10 minutes walking distance, that just are so different in their opinions about things. The poorer people let us in no matter what, like 90 percent of the time, and the rich let us in like 15 percent of the time. So my companion and I were asking if there would really be much importance in going over to this new area, but we will see how it goes since people need the gospel, we will see. 

But there are a few families that have problems to get baptized. There is 1, Tania and Wandy, who are just waiting on a Birth Certificate error (theyve gone to church for 8 months already), then Vives and Mercedita, who need a lot of preparation (knowledge wise), and then a less active and his wife, Winnifer, who need to get divorced and then married. And divorce is really expensive here! So those are a few of the things I found in arriving to Bella Vista, but that is how life is. 

We had a meeting as all the leaders in the mission with President Douglas to talk about why we arent having the success that we really should have. I feel like it is a lack of maturity in a lot of missionaries. Not really maturity in personality, because I cannot criticize others in that sense. I am up there in those immatures. But sometimes I have seen in the mission that we dont have our things straightened out. We need to disobey to have fun. WHY ARE WE HERE IF WE DONT WANT TO KEEP THE RULES?? I sometimes wonder that. If we enjoy the things of the world MORE than the things of the mission, WHY ARE WE HERE?? And these are things that we need to figure out, everyone for himself. But the hard things is helping everyone have that same goal. We talk a lot about unity, but we dont practice it much. It all begins with the individual. 

Thanks so much for all the support! We are working hard out here, and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this week!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!!! I love Camille because she loves me so much. Even though I may not be the best brother, she worries about me and always makes sure that I am ok. She has written me every week for more than 13 months, and it amazes me to think that she does it all out of a love unfeigned. 

Love you all!!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Work- August 20, 2014

I love work. I don't know if mom believes it completely, but when I love to do something, I do it a lot. That's why before the mission I always thought about volleyball, or basketball, or different not so important things. I found the most important thing for me in the world, which is sharing the gospel, and I love it. I have spent almost 1 year here in this beautiful country and I have been working so hard here, I love it. Those who know me know I wasn't the most serious school student and I wasn't the most dedicated person to some things.' But the Gospel was always number 1. So now, the Gospel IS my life. Everything is NUMBER 1 So I am a pretty serious guy when it comes to this. BUT I LOVE THIS! I thank the Lord every day for letting me be a missionary. I am so happy. 

Bella Vista is good. It has a pretty bad reputation of tigres, or gangsters, but it is a lot more calm than it was before, there was wars and dangerous stuff for a while but now they all died or got old and tired, so it is a good place. Now, there is a bunch of music, alchohol, and stuff, but I LOVE IT I FEEL SO DOMINICAN!! (Today we went to this Costco owned place called PriceMart and I ate 3 pieces of pizza and I feel like junk. Also, if I eat fast food, I feel the same. My stomach is only content when I eat a good rice, beans, meat, and salad. That is when I feel good. I am DOMINICANO) But we are finding a lot of people and they are really great here, I am so thankful that President Douglas chose me to be here. 

We have found some pretty cool people here, but we will let you know what happens later because right now we are all just starting. 

Also, I was able to attend the baptism of the Polanco Family, and WOW i felt so happy. Those are the moments that a missionary is able to taste a little bit of how God´s love is for us. You just feel happy because they are happy. You just want the best for them and you want to be there every step of the way. But, it was all good. I feel so great. 

I am working hard and loving life. We are already at the half way point of this transfer, which is crazy, but I am loving this area and everything. We are working and trying to focus on the needs of every person so that they can recieve the help that they SPECIFICALLY need. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful time in NEW YORK CITY, and I am glad you got to try the DOMINICAN FLAVOR. Now I just invite you to try the bandera : arroz, habichuelas, carne. 

Love you all!! 

Elder Dallin Murphy

The picture:   The Polanco Family's baptism. I was able to baptize the mom and the daughter, which made me super happy. I got really close to the mom and the dad. They gave us a ride to Bella Vista after the baptism, and I was able to have a super fun time speaking about all of the stuff that had happened since the first time we met. They are in it to win it. Roduel, the dad, said happy birthday, mom, and the family is excited to meet you when we come back and visit some day. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Me está gustando Bella Vista- August 13, 2014

I am enjoying Bella Vista so far! After our pretty interesting week last week, we have started once again and we are getting to work. I arrived to this area and there were a few really good investigators, but investigators with issues with marriage. They want to but everything is getting difficult. But, The Lord will provide. We are finding some good people now together, and this is an area in which there are a lot of families that are willing to listen to you. It is a lot of fun.
The priesthood here is kind of weak, that means that not that many men go to church or are active members. But we are working on that so that this ward can get a lot stronger. We are doing all that we can to be able to help spark them so that they get working and so that they can really receive all the blessings that God wants them to have. 

Really, we don't have all that much to report, since I am kind of new and not all that much is happening. We had 11 investigators in church, but they were are people that had come before and have been coming for a while! So we are looking for new people so that our work load gets a little bit bigger. It is challenging when we dont have a lot of people to teach, because I can get frustrated thinking about only a few people. I like to go teach and teach and serve and work and get to know people, because when I am moving and getting stuff done, I feel like a legitimate missionary. But, we are doing well and doing work. 

I got news that this Saturday the Polanco Family from Hato Mayor is going to get baptized!!! That makes me super happy. I am going to do all I can to get over there, since its like 15 minutes away. President Douglas told me I can, so I am just going to need to see what happens with all the plans we have for that day. HOW EXCITING!!!

I am so glad that you are all my family and friends, I cannot thank you enough for your support and your love. Keep praying for me, the Lord needs to do a lot of work on me still, I have got a lot to improve. Pero, estamos en esto. 

Muchísimas gracias, y Mamá!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS EL DOMINGO USTED ES LA MEJOR!!! You are the best Mom, thanks for all you do. I cannot believe that you are already the mother of these six good kids, but that is not because of what we have done but more its what you and Dad were able to do with us. I love you and I cannot wait to give you a big great hug !! 

Elder Dallin Blake Murphy


Hey- August 8, 2014

Sorry for not writing on Wednesday, and I don't have time today either. It was probably the craziest week of the mission, and you can all know why when I get home. All you will have to do to is ask about Elder ______________ in Bella Vista. Thanks!!
Answers to your questions:
1. I had broncitis in June, but yeah its all good now!! I am fine and now DON'T WORRY!!
2. There is a lot of Chikungunya here in the DR, but I have not got it  and we are doing all we can so that we can avoid it. A lot of missionaries have had it, and that is just the way some things go. 
3. Bella Vista is like 9 minutes from Hato Mayor, but it is a little bit different but I like it a lot. There are more hills and more wealthy people but also more poor people. Hato Mayor doesn't have poor or rich, just in the middle-class. I LOVE IT!!! The ward isnt as strong as Hato Mayor, but we are here to help them strengthen. We have a lot of LONG TIME investigators that have problems with marriage, like the papers, but that will all be figured out. 
4. I am now Zone Leader here in Bella Vista, which is a really humbling but a good opportunity to grow and love the missionaries. I am excited to be able to help out the people, and I have a lot to learn. 
5. My companion is Elder Herrera from Columbia, he is really awesome! I love being able to learn from him and learn with him. I am with 2 other missionaries here in the house, which is fun, but there has been  a little change in the missionaries here in the house. But that can be told later too. 

Love you all!!

Elder Murphy