Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bella Vista- the Family Area- September 17, 2014

I love this area! While I still miss Hato Mayor and Villa Gonzalez, there is something about this area that makes a missionary just happy. Especially when the majority of your contacts are families and you get to teach more families than not. We have found a few that, while they need some clarifying on a few doubts that they have, but that is why we are here!! People have a LOT of questions about Joseph Smith, so I have been able to strengthen my testimony of his calling as prophet of the restoration, because it just makes so much sense!! Let me tell you why:

A lot of people ask why the other churches dont talk about him, why they dont recognize him as a prophet. I compare the situation to the restoration before him, the restoration of the gospel through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! He got there and there were all these doubters that had their doctrine and had their doubts (pharisees and saudusees and scribes) and they never accepted him because they couldnt leave their church. They were stuck in the effects of the apostasy!! But those who followed Christ got the blessings and true baptism. Then the church got lost again, because of the hardness of the people (as Christ prophesied in Matthew 21:43). Then the people got into all these different religions. So when the truth came again, the people were and are still so blinded from this confusion that they sometimes cannot see the light!! It is sad, but we know that people can come to know through reading, pondering, and praying! AND THAT IS OUR INVITATION!!

It is really cool, I still think about it all the time. I am A MISSIONARY!! I speak fluent spanish, I am here and I just love the life here. It still hasnt hit me 100% that I am a missionary, which is just insane. Life is great!!

Brandon, as ward mission leader, dont stress. Just be the bridge between the elders and the ward. Dont do the Missionaries' responsibilities, and dont do the ward's responsibility!! You might have to do a little at a time but being a good LIDER MISIONAL is being the sturdy and big bridge between the ward and the missionaries, not being the ward and the missionaries. ERES LO MEJOR Y QUISIERA QUE FUERAS MI LIDER MISIONAL MUCHACHO!!!!

Love you my friends!!

Elder Murphy

1. The view from the bridge that connects Santiago to Bella Vista!!!

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