Wednesday, July 8, 2015

El Evangelio de Jesucristo Se Ha Restaurado- July 8, 2015

Since the beginning of time, after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, our Loving Heavenly Father began to reveal the way that we could grow and take advantage of the time He has given us. He revealed it to prophets, men called of God, who, by the authority that had been given them BY HIM, would reveal those secrets as many people as could hear their voice. Adam, being the first prophet, was followed by others. But, as we know, many times the words rang hollow to the ears of the wicked, and even though it was true, they did not care. They spit upon them, stoned them, and killed the prophets many times. God, in those moments of rebellion, would take away the great priviledge of having a prophet to guide them so that they could recieve what they had asked for. Just as a loving father must punish his children according to how they act, This Loving Father does the same with His Children. But, out of his pure and merciful love for us, he always brought these great blessings and priviledges back when he saw that they were ready once again.
After the prophets that finalize what we know as the Old Testament, there was another time in which the people showed thier disloyalty to God, and he once again took away these things. Each time that he did it, it was called an apostasy. But as we know, in the meridian of times, one was born to a virgin in Bethlehem. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, began his earthly ministry at the age of 30, being baptized by the Prophet John the Baptist. Truly the words of Moses were true when he said "A prophet shall the Lord your God raiseup unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet,shall be destroyed from among the people." (Acts 3:22-23). He taught the truths of the Gospel that had been revealed to prophets before him, and he explained it in the perfect form of teaching. He organized a church, with apostles and prophets, with pastors and teachers. He did this so that the same word that he spoke would reach to everyone possible. He finished his work in that sense, in which he preached, served, healed the sick and was perfectly obedient, and then took upon himself all of our sins and pains, and even death. Why? So that we wouldnt have to do it alone. He taught that through what he did, he would be able to make us spotless before God. If man lived according to the teachings of Christ, he would recieve that help from him.
His apostles kept in the same work that He was doing, healing the sick, preaching the gospel, and calling people to repentance and baptizing by water and by the spirit. But, as sad as it is, they did the same thing with them. They killed them and the same thing happened, in which God took away the prophets, the apostles, the power which they had  that is named the Priesthood of God, and he stopped talking with his children through inspired men for a time. He did not guide His people for that time because they were not willing to follow. Many wanted to, but they were still not ready. Christ had told the israelites, "Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringingforth the fruits thereof." (Matthew 21:43) Amos had prophecied that there would be a hunger and thirst for the word of God, but it would not be able to be found (Amos 8:11-12). But Peter assured that the Second Coming of Christ would not come until the times of the restitution of all things (Actos 3:21). Resitution being a RESTORATION. A bringing back of all that was.
God let the world be stuck in this "rut" for a while, confused spiritually, because the inhabitants of the world had not proven themselves ready for this Restitution. Many churches were created, some with good intentions, some with worldly intentions. God is great! He will not allow his children to be alone in this great confusion, this war of words. He called a prophet. Joseph Smith asked, and was given an answer. God himself and Jesus Christ came and appeared to them, and Christ told him that no church was in the truth, but that he would need to wait for further instructions. God began the restitution. The RESTORATION. Smith was called as a Prophet of God. He was given by the imposition of hands of celestial beings from the times of Christ the Priesthood of God, the power that they had had, but that had been lost. THIS WAS THE ONLY WAY THAT SOMEONE COULD RECIEVE THIS. No one had it, and it had to be recieved by the imposition of hands. With this authority, he recieved the revelation to call 12 apostles, Seventy, teachers, bishops and all the other places that were in the Church of Christ in the primitive times. It was and is the same church. Joseph Smith recieved the same Gospel, the thing that God has given us to be happy here and after the life here on earth. The corrupted doctrines were clarified, the lost doctrines were found.

The Book of Mormon is proof that this happened. It is not written by Joseph Smith, but he was given the power of God to translate it. We are perfectly willing to help people understand this. They, nevertheless, MUST READ THE BOOK TO JUDGE IT. Do not judge a book by its cover. It helps us understand so much more what Christ wants us to know and do.
These last 2 years, I have had to live a life completely focused on this. The truth is that these 2 years have been the happiest of my life. I have been frustrated and  sad, but never have not been happy. I am so happy, and I cannot explain it. I thank God every day for the opportunity he gave me to be who I am and serve in Vila Gonzalez, Hato Mayor, Bella Vista, and Conani. I have seen lives change, I have seen people recieve answers, and I have seen happiness be recieved that cannot be matched. There is only one Gospel of Christ, and there is only one Lord, one faith and one baptism. There is nothing in this world that can give us more happiness than live these things. I know that these things are true. I can say I dont know everything and that I have a lot to learn, but I cannot deny the happiness that I have felt giving this message to all the people that I can. It is a unique and different message. Almost all religion, social group and theologist criticizes what I have written today, but it does not mean that it is not true.
God is great. That is my testimony and we cannot expect anything less from Him.
Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So Many Things!- July 1, 2015

I feel so good! Wow, so many things have happened this week that I cannot even explain it. We had a wedding! Fior and Ricardo got married on Frieday, which was awesome, and I was so happy. She was SOOOO happy and the relief society president with her husband, the 1st counselor in the branch presidency helped out TOO MUCH with the little celebration that we had. They are such good people here in Conani. She has her date for this saturday and is SO SO SO HAPPY. The branch here has fought with them for ilke 6 years with all these things, and finally things are working out. THey even convinced a sister from the branch to go with them to make a visit on Sunday to a less active sister.
Juan Disla went to church again, and that was great. He is really progressing a lot as well, but we want to involve his daughters a little bit more. We are really trying to help him, and we will see how it goes.
I feel like soon there will be many miracles here in Conani with Yerlin, Robinson, and all the other people we are teaching. Also, the members are starting to get a little bit more organized with a lot of things, and we are just on the verge of exploding with success- I may not be here to see it ,but that is not the most important thing. I truly believe that soon will the work be much more efficient here in Conani, and wow it will be such a great thing.
The other day I was reading the great chapter of Moroni 7. Charity is something great and something that we talk about a lot, but it was able to see that I need to improve a lot in the fact that I sometimes get frustrated and have negative feeling about people that do things that shey shouldnt. But I really feel like there is a betteer weay of going about it, and Charity is when we feel that it is repulsive bring people down and we only see them as they can become. The mission has taught me a lot, but I still have a far ways to go.
Today would have been my last day of my mission if I would have been left without the 2 week extension. But God is so merciful that he has given me these two weeks to have dessert. God is great.
This is the 2nd to last time I will be writing the world as Elder Dallin Murphy, and my testimony is the same as the beginning  about all that I do . God is great, and he wants us to be happy. Lets follow him.
Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Fast and the Furious- June 24, 2015

So I feel like it was yesterday that I wrote you! This is unreal, I cannot believe how much is happening. RICARDO AND FIOR ARE GETTING MARRIED ON FRIDAY!! We have worked so much with them, knowing that there are SO MANY BLESSINGS waiting on them, and finally they took the step to get married! On July 4th, she will get married. One of my beloved older sisters told me that I would baptize a family in the 2 weeks that I got extended, and that will not happen, but a family will be completed!! What a miracle. They have taken like 4 years to make this decision. God is great. 

Also, Yerlin is progressing a lot, along with a few new people. A man named Juan Disla came to church for the first time, and also another 26 year old man named Jose Eduardo. People really want what we have, and they may not be prepared RIGHT NOW to take upon themselves what will be requiered of them, but they will do it some day if they really try. NO ONE IS PREDESTINED TO HAVE ANYTHING LESS THAN WHAT THE FATHER HAS. We only impede ourselves.

Today I went to Villa Gonzalez. God is great. I saw Lin and Veri, Nene's Mom and brother. My goodness, they are so cool. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! They have been so blessed, and talking to them is like talking to my literal family. She says that she has 2 sons on the mission, and 1 started recently and the other, me, is ending in a few weeks. 

I just love the mission. We had a final dinner yesterday with President Douglas as the last group, and he gave us some keys to being an active member forever:

1. READ YOUR SCRIPTURES IN THE MORNING. Your mind is fresh, energetic and is a lot more able to recieve revelation. 
2. PRAY IN THEM MORNING. So simple but imperative for the start of our day. 
3. Always pay a full tithe. Sacrifice promises us so many blessings, and the Lord will test us. When we pass, he will crown us. 
4. Be busy in good things. He said that we cannot waste time like we used to before the mission. 

I will miss the Douglas Family, they have helped us a lot. But, I will see them around. 

Dont worry about me, I am feeling good. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Firmeza- June 17, 2015

The mission is great! I am so happy. I love the scriptures, the people and all the things that we can learn being in the service of our God. I love to think about the things I have learned from study, from work, and from the people around me, and I know that the mission has changed me more than I have changed anyone else. 

Once, Jesus Christ was being followed by a lot of people that he had given food among the 5000 that he fed with a little bit of bread and fish. The people thought that he was just going to be the best friend ever, being able to give them food all the time from the nothing, and began to follow him. He knew their intentions, and even though they werent terrible, they didnt understand what "follow him" meant. He then explained to them that they should not be working for the food that goes bad and that only fills us for just a few moments. He said to work for the bread of life, the food that would make them never hunger again. The people didnt understand that all that much, then he told them that HE WAS THE BREAD OF LIFE, and that we much participate of HIM to be able to be filled forever. The things of this earth are important, but not nearly as important as the things that he was teaching. He spoke a little bit directly and clearly to them, then most in that moment stopped following him. Then he looked at his apostles and asked "Will you leave as well?" and Peter, as usual, spoke, saying, "Who will we go to? You are the one with the words for eternal life". Peter and his fellow disciples probably werent too sure about the directness of the Lord's words, but they had experienced so many things that they knew that what he said was true. We, as followers of Christ, need to search for those strong, spiritual experiences that will guide us to know in a way that GOD has led us up until this point and this is the path we need to follow. Many people in this church and out of it try to follow God but say that no, it is too hard. Or that the life of a Christian is to restricting. God is not one to change his values to our comfort level. He loves us SO MUCH that he does not have plans to make us much bigger and greater than we are right now. We just need to be sure, and the way to do that is by reading, praying, fasting, and looking for those impacting spiritual experiences that will edify us and make us into a firm, well founded disciple of Christ. 

God is great. Ricardo and Fior are doing everything that they can to put down their appointment to get married. Robinson has some work to do with some of the commandments, but is stopping drinking and even payed tithing to the branch president this weekend at church. Yerlin is beginning to speak and act as a member of the church, even though she hasnt been baptized yet. God is working with these people a lot, and we are seeing that they are trying to change. 

Sometimes I ask myself what the whole purpose is as missionaries, but I am figuring it out little by little. We are here to help God do what he wants to do. We are here, helping giving people happiness. Helping them be more and more happy every day.

I love the mission, I hope that it never ends! But thats not true, I am just going to work work work until I faint.

Love you all!

Elder Murphy

1. What a chef I am with my companion! Rice with eggs with TORREJAS!! Those are fried dominican EGGPLANT. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

¡Todo lo que esperaba y MÁS!- June 10, 2015

My goodness the Lord is too good to us! We are seeing miracles left and right and it just makes you realize that this isnt just a way to get people to become part of just another church, but it is HELPING PEOPLE LIVE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, which is "the power of God for the salvation of man"(Romans 1:16). I do believe that this does not only refer to the salvation after the judgement seat, but it talks about the salvation that God gives us, through Christ, from ourselves! Our natural man! We are seeing that so much!
Junior and Laura are going along, JUNIOR CAME TO CHURCH for sacrament meeting! How great! He really felt good, and is thinking a lot about his decision. He is happy and just trying to help his family. But Satan puts into his head that HE ISNT GOOD ENOUGH and a lot of economic problems that he has gone through have all been his fault. But, we just hope that God can touch his heart so that he decides to take God's route.
Junior Ruiz is a brother of Fernando, a less active that we helped to be reactivated lately. He is like an adopted brother, but he is so prepared for the gospel. He has resolved that HE WILL CHANGE. Whatever you think about the people that we think are awful in this life you can think, but they can change. He is an example. He has such a desire to change that he literally felt a physical answer from God to his prayer if this is what he needs to do. We are going to help him, he lives a really unorganized life, and we know that HE WILL DO IT. He is fixing stuff up with his wife, and he needs to marry her too, and we will work with both of them to help their family.
Robinson couldnt go to church, but we still are seeing a great interest. He was called to work on something, then was going to go to church afterwards, but then the guy never came. It was kind of sad, but we are all good. We are talking about the commandments, and even though he has done all sorts of things as well, when i think of these men I think of this quote:

"The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes theslums out of the people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. … Christ changes men, who then change their environment. Theworld would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature"
Ricardo and Fior are getting ready for their wedding at the end of the month. What a miracle!! They are doing well, we just hope to keep them motivated and excited.
We got a reference on wednesday from a sister from the branch named Juan Disla. He is the father of a member who moved to Santiago, and he told her that he had decided that he wanted us to go over. We went over and WOW what a miracle! HE contacted us! What a great miracle that happened, because he is really prepared. We are going to see what happens with im.
Also, Yerlin Abreu came to chruch and LOVED IT once again! We are seeing that she wants to so bad, and the Relief Society is getting on the fellowshiping of her.
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. Papi Payano and his grandson! He wanted us to see the size of that book haha he is really cool!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

¡Conanísimo!- June 3, 2015

Wow, what a week. So Sunday was a little bit tough because it was Mothers' day, but it was great. First of all, THAT IS SO CRAZY THAT BETHANY WENT TO PROM!! WOW! She is growing up so fast! My little girl! haha but really that is so fun.
But yeah, this Sunday I also learned of Elder L. Tom Perry's passing. It was tough to hear, but incredible to think of how much people can sacrifice for the truth and that THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT. In these last day, as he has always talked, we cannot forget about the basics. The Family and the Lord. We must love these 2 things more than anything else! Obey and complete with all responsablility that God has given us.
Robinson couldnt go to church this week because he went out with his siblings to buy a gift for their Mother, but he is really excited. He reads always, he is praying, and he is stopping the drinking and smoking and all the things that he is just FEELING that are wrong. He doesnt need us to tell him, because we told him and he didnt believe us. But he says that HE FEELS BETTER. He is happier. God is helping him! This is the greatest thing that there is, seeing someone be touched by the Atonement of Christ. There is nothing better! He accepted the date forJuly 4th to try and get baptized, which is a good goal. He feels that he can do it. We also challenged him to read the Book of Mormon every day, and he said "I think that I can finish it pretty fast reading like 3 chapters a day right?" ¿CÓMO? HAHA it was really cool. He is getting so ready.
Ricardo and Fior also put the date to be married before July 4th so that she can get baptized on that day. They have been a little stubborn with a few things, but they are finally making decisions. It is incredible to see the way that God does things! We just need to be bold and direct, always following the Spirit. There is nothings else that we can do!
I also have been focusing a lot on something that is really interesting. Alma talks about in 2 different parts in Alma about the simplicity of the path, the EASINESS! But only if we LOOK UPON CHRIST!!

"19 Behold, he was spoken of by Moses; yea, and behold a type was raised up in the wilderness, that whosoever would look upon it mightlive. And many did look and live. 20 But few understood the meaning of those things, and this because of the hardness of their hearts. But there were many who were sohardened that they would not look, therefore they perished. Now the reason they would not look is because they did not believe that it wouldheal them.
 21 O my brethren, if ye could be healed by merely casting about your eyes that ye might be healed, would ye not behold quickly, or would yerather harden your hearts in unbelief, and be slothful, that ye would not cast about your eyes, that ye might perish?
 22 If so, wo shall come upon you; but if not so, then cast about your eyes and begin to believe in the Son of God, that he will come toredeem his people, and that he shall suffer and die to atone for their sins; and that he shall rise again from the dead, which shall bring topass the resurrection, that all men shall stand before him, to be judged at the last and judgment day, according to their works.
 23 And now, my brethren, I desire that ye shall plant this word in your hearts, and as it beginneth to swell even so nourish it by your faith.And behold, it will become a tree, springing up in you unto everlasting life. And then may God grant unto you that your burdens may be light,through the joy of his Son. And even all this can ye do if ye will. Amen." (Alma 33:19 to 23)
Also in Alma 37:38 to 46, but the message is finished by the final words of Alma to his son, Heleman. "46 O my son, do not let us be slothfulbecause of the easiness of the way; for so was it with our fathers; for so was it prepared for them, that if they would look they might live; evenso it is with us. The way is prepared, and if we will look we may live forever." IF WE WANT TO WE CAN! What a great promise we have! If we want to do it, we can. When Peter wanted to walk on the water, he did! He just needed to keep his eyes on Christ. When he looked at the winds and the waves, he sunk. But looking on to Christ, all things will be easy unto us.
The Gospel of Christ is incredible. I love the mission and I cannot wait to see the progress in these people, if they keep going forward. I feel so happy! ITS THE BEST!!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh La Vega, La Vega- May 27, 2015

All is moving forward. It never really stops moving we just need to always keep ourselves moving with the work. This Sunday was the first Sunday that Conani, in its history, had Sacrament Meeting as the 1st hour (it was always the 3rd), but we had a pretty good turn out. We were pretty happy when a lot of people came, even though a lot of times people used to come at 10 or 10:30 to just make it to the Sacrament Meeting. We had a few investigators come to church. Sadly, Robinson Payano, one investigator of ours, came but found the doors closed because the Sacrament was being passed. There are windows on the door, and he tried to open it, but the member at the door told him to wait. Thinking that is was some confidencial meeting, he decided to leave. It kind of broke our hearts when we heard that, but he understood really well when we explained it to him so we are fine with that. But, he is progressing really well.
One thing that Robinson doesn't really understand is the whole stand of our church on Alcohol, tabacco, coffee, and tattoos and ear rings for men. But, he is accepting the things that he needs to for the doctrine and we see that he has great potencial to progress. He even said that he is going to keep going to church, now that he understands what happened.
We are seeing how the Lord works. One of the leaders of this Branch, who had moved in not too long ago, moved back to his old branch for work reasons. It is kind of sad because the Branch had plenty of plans to do great things, because of his great experience and knowledge. But maybe it is like Zion's Camp, in the times of Joseph Smith, were God just wanted His men to learn a lesson and grow. Sometimes things do not make 100% sense to us. Sometimes we feel inspired to do somethings, and it doesnt turn out how we think. BUT GOD KNOWS IT ALL and those who doubt are the ones who will be left behind.
My feelings are mixed as i think about how fast time is moving by! I feel really thankful for EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS HERE ON THE MISSION, it is just hard to think that the mission isnt forever. As human beings, we can only see the present, and I love it all here and now. I just hope that God gives me the chance to help these people in the best way that HE KNOWS that I can.
GOD IS GREAT. There is no greater testimony that I can give. I know that I have said it so many times but maybe, some day, I will be able to really understand what I say when I say it. God is great.
Elder Dallin Murphy

Monday, May 25, 2015

Just gotta work faster than the time flies- May 20, 2015

WOW That was a fast week! I hope that it isn't like that in the next few weeks because I am loving the mission SO MUCH! We are really trying to find people and help people, but some people just cannot be found and do not want to be helped! But the Lord always ALWAYS provides for those who work hard and obey to carry on his work. We are seeing people FEEL the spirit, WANT to do the things and almost do it but then Satan convinces them that their current lives are better than the one in the Gospel of Christ. I am reading that same thing in Mormon, where he is trying so hard but the men are just off the tracks. He knows that ALL THEY NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IS TO LIVE THE GOSPEL!! But then they just DON'T DO IT. They even recognize that they aren't doing good but they don't do the things that they NEED to do in order to have success! Mormon said:
 "16 For behold, the Spirit of the Lord hath already ceased to strive with their fathers; and they are without Christ and God in the world; and they are driven about as chaff before the wind.
 17 They were once a delightsome people, and they had Christ for their shepherd; yea, they were led even by God the Father.
 18 But now, behold, they are led about by Satan, even as chaff is driven before the wind, or as a vessel is tossed about upon the waves,without sail or anchor, or without anything wherewith to steer her; and even as she is, so are they.
 19 And behold, the Lord hath reserved their blessings..."
Now, it is not the same extent. I just sometimes feel like there are people that know what they need to do and if they don't do what they need to do now, the Lord will reserve the blessings. There are SO many blessings of peace, happiness, love, and hope that await us, and that is what all of us look for! But some just don't want it for now. But, the Lord is always willing to receive them in the time that they repent. We all receive the same invitation:
 "33 Behold, he sendeth an invitation unto all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them, and he saith: Repent, and I will receive you."
This gospel is incredible. We have a sister named Yerlin that is working with us that is great! We found her on a bus to Santiago like 4 weeks ago and she says that since she has been sharing with us, she has changed SO MANY THINGS. She stopped going out so much, she stopped drinking and everything. She came to church and she says that she is for sure going to return. There are others that are progressing a lot, and God is really revealing that he can do ALL THINGS in His work! He blesses us too much. 
I have never been happier. I love this work and I feel like I am just starting! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dominican Dreams- May 13, 2015

I really felt good talking to the family on Mother's day, it was a real treat! Once again it felt like it came and passed really quickly, but it was a good moment. I hope that all keeps going well like it is now, our family is very blessed.
Mom, for Mother's day I couldnt tell you too straight up one thing I wanted to say. In these last few months I have really been realizing WHY I am here. People ask us why, and it is a good question. It is to help God complete with his plan! His plan that he has given us is called The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way that we can achieve the lasting happiness on this earth. In the life to come, all the blessings that we recieve will depend on how well we lived the Gospel! Now, I never had missionaries at my door to teach me about the Gospel. Why did God put me in that spot? Who knows? We can ask Him when we are with Him after this life why He put me where He put me. But he gave me 2 people, Blake and Dana, as my parents so that I could know what I know and do what I do. I havent been perfect and I havent really been the best at taking advantage of Mom and Dad's incredible desire to help, but WOW WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT THEM. Dad has been my example, my hero, and my leader. But having Mom in the house almost 24/7 has made me into what I am today. Thanks for everything! I see people that don't have the opportunity that I have had, but it is incredible to know that GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH THE BEST MOM (and DAD as well) IN THE WHOLE WORLD. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.
Now, this week was good. I have still been reading in 3 Nephi about the gathering of Israel, and WOW it is incredible how I am a part of this. We need to be righteous because just as easily as we have recieved this opportunity, we can lose it through stiff neckedness and other prideful patterns of our lives. I am so thankful to be a missionary!
Today I recieved the opportunity to pass through Santiago a little, and I saw my 3 families, Vives and Mercedita, Tania (Wandy was working), and Familia Polanco. WOW what a great think that that was. I was able to go with Elder Moses and we were able to see how their testimonies still burn stronger within them. God really has helped them a lot to keep strong, and I am so glad that I recieved the opportunity to work in order to help them and show them this Way. Vives is still going strong, and next month will turn 107!
My birthday was a good day, I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Stanisclaus. He is from Grenada, and it was really cool. We had a few good lessons, and he, even though he has a little bit of problems with spanish, HAS SUCH A STRONG SPIRIT. He loves people, and just tries his best to be the best. He has been a member for 1 year and 4 months and did not have a very pretty past, but now he is so cool. We really felt that the lessons that we taught helped the people so much! One was with a return missionary sister and her non member mother. We were just there to share with the sister, but I decided to involve the mother as well. And I asked her a question, "Hermana, usted cree que si fueran juzgados ahora mismo, usted y su hija estarían en los cielos juntas?" (sister, do you believe that if you were to be judged right now, you and your daughter would be together in heaven?) and she said that she wasnt sure after thinking a little bit. I told her that THAT is our purpose. NOT make her just MORMONA, that doesnt mean much in the end. But we do believe that she must do certain things, and those things are found in Christ's restored church, to be saved WITH HER DAUGHTER. Our goal is to help them be happy FOREVER AS A FAMILY. It was a really powerful moment, and God is just helping us so much.
Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Real Quick- May 6, 2015

I dont have a lot of time, but its been a good week.
Thanks for all you all wrote me! BETHANY IS LEAGUE CHAMP WUT WUTT!!! HAHA that is awesome bethany! Keep it up. Also,  good work COLE. But yeah its all going well here in Conani. We have seen a great progress in Junior and Laura. We had a really powerful lesson on Monday with them, where really we could feel that they WANT to follow Christ. Now it isnt just a gospel conversation for them, it is the possibility to become something new. Junior talked about how much he wants to leave the life he has lived until now and how he has been doing all that he can with that, but we promised him that IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO DO IT 100% WITHOUT CHRIST. And for the first time, he was not talking much. He was just thinking, pondering. We specifically talked about the Law of Chastity and a Baptismal plan, and we felt a real desire that they had to do these things, but are going to talk later.
God is great. We are really seeing that a less active man, Juan Reynoso, is getting exciting. He decided that he wanted to go to church in a shirt and tie and everything, which was new. He had been a counselor to a bishop and everything, but now we are helping him get back on track. We talked a little aboout the unity of a couple in the Gospel and he expressed desires to get better and do things better as a husband and as a member of the church.
I am reading in 3rd Nephi, which is incredible. God is so fair all the time! These people would be so great then God would bless them! Then they went the other way, as did He. I really imagine the experiences that the Nephites had in meeting the same Savior of the world, and WOW it would just be unreal to see what they saw. When he prayed then they cried then he blessed the children and all those unbelievable things happened made me think of his LOVE. LOVE is what he has and is what He uses to help us. Love is everything, and it really made him obedient and diligent. All of what he did sprouted out of his charity, and when we really really really have charity, we wont just help others but we will always obey WITH EXACTNESS and be diligent in the work that God wants us to do.
Thanks for everything! Next time I write, i will be 20!
Elder Murphy

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What a Week!- April 29, 2014

Wow, it has been a pretty solid week. We have seen some great progress in a lot of people and we are really happy to be with the Lord here in Conani, and I love it here. I want him to bless us not for us, but for the people. So, we just have got to WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK and OBEY OBEY OBEY. So I will talk really quick about a few people that have helped us.
Papi Payano was considered a less active but now is considered active! The way that we count it is by callings, most of the the time, and this weekend he was called as 1st counselor in the Sunday School Presidency! He is really really excited to be here. Yesterday he went out with us for 3 hours so that we could go visit a few of his friends and so that we could go with him to other less actives' house. What a great thing! He is great.
Junior and Laura are a family that we have been teaching. He has not been able to take his family to church still because he is working a lot on sundays, but when he has time (and he always intends to every sunday), he will come to church! WITH THE FAM! We put a baptismal date down with them this week and we hope to go on friday to visit them with the Branch President and talk about what is needed to reach and complete with the goal of the baptismal date.
Ricardo and Fior are still moving along, we are just hoping that sooner than later they get the things they need to get married so that Fior can get baptized and Ricardo can be an active member of the church once again like before.
Junior is a less active kid that is 22 and told us this week that he wants to serve a mission! He is going to get better about doing things, and he went with us to make visits on sunday for 3 hours and it was really awesome to see how excited he is to get back! He is on his way.
I dont know if you remember Gabriela and Henry from Bella Vista? THEY ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED!! WOO WOO!! How great is that?? And the other day Elder Mendez called me and told me that they want me to be the best man! How fun is that. I love seeing that the Lord helps people when they help themselves!
It is so great to work here in the Lord's vineyard. I LOVE IT! I really have felt good and am still learning a lot every day! It is crazy to think that SOON I will be there but its reality and it only makes me want to work more and more and more.
GOD IS GREAT! I hope that you all are reading scriptures and loving life. 
It has been really really hot here lately. But, that is all good because its more fun that way. Also we painted a barber shop and it turned out pretty good! We painted it and BAM BAM BAM it wasnt turning out too good. So, i thought that because there were a lot of imperfections, we decided to use the AUSTIN MURPHY PAINTING tecnique. We decided to make those splatter things on the walls and now people come in and say to the member who we helped "who did this? this is so cool!" AHHAHA also we went to golf today and DAD-- GUESS WHO GOT A CHIP IN!! I DID! from 39 feet, i counted my steps just to tell you. I went with Elder Fagersten (a senior couple missionary), my companion, Elder Orrellana and Elder Stanisclaus. It was really fun. I didn't win, but it was good to be back on the green.
Elder Dallin Murphy

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventure is out there!- April 22, 2015

Wow! What a change to the stake back home. I am really excited for that new stake presidency, I am sure they will be great. Until coming on the mission and getting to know the rolesof these people did I realize HOW big their responsibility is and how much they are needed. 

Also, Wow! Cora Faye Giullian! What a great name for my new favorite niece. There is nothing better than that, seeing that the Lord is allowing great families to take care of his precious children. I am really thankful for families here in the mission. I was able to give a few trainings this week in the district meeting about HOW we can build up the kingdom of God! And, according to Paul, it is through the perfecting of the saints. We need to build up this kingdom, and the best way to do it is that. And the Lord has revealed unto us 2 ways that that is done in HIS plan. First, through the families. they are the best place in the whole entire world that we can teach the principles and doctrines of this Gospel! It is the most impacting teaching because everything starts in the HOME. Second, is through the leaders of the church. Through the organization of this great and marvelous church. Prophets, apostles, bishops, seventy, teachers, and everything else in between has been given to us to perfect HIS saints! We, as missionaries, must concentrate on that. FAMILIES AND LEADERS. That is what we need to find. Families to help and leaders that can help us. In that, we will be able to make this work go so much faster. Satan is also accelerating his work!! We need to keep ourselves way in front of him. 
We had district conference this weekend and it was a great experience. I loved what Sister Douglas talked about. She spoke about being the Lords hands. With that, we are able to do what he used to do! That is the promise we make to Him as disciples. We need to do what he did, act how he did, and love people how he loves them. 

This is so awesome. I love this work and I am happy to be here in La Vega. IT HAS BEEN REALLY HOT LATELY and its not too fun with that, but that is just the work that must be done. 

Love you all, and I hope that you all keep feasting upon the words of Christ. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elder Moses!!- April 15, 2015

Elder Moses is great. He knows a lot of spanish! Seeing that his mom is Mexican, he has a background with the language. But he still has to learn some things! But he didnt go to Bingham, he went to Copper Hills. But he really is so excited and has great strength when he teaches. You can see it in his eyes, the desire is there. Hopefully I can help him enough to be able to form him into a great missionary and servant of the Lord. 

Man! We are just being very blessed. There are a lot of less actives that just Need to be helped a little bit more and this branch will be a lot better in no time! I feel great seeing people progress. One, who isnamed Papi Payano, or we call him that. He has gone to church 4 weeks in a row and just loves it! He used to be a strong leader in the church, and we just hope that soon he will have a calling. President Roso, the branch president said that he would take care of that soon. Others like Franndy, Junior, Reynaldo and others are on the way. A lot of them are young single adults, and just need a little push to get excited. 

I have been reading A LOT of heleman, and I love in chapter 3 where he says that we can LAY HAND UPON THE WORD or something like that. I love how it focuses on the importance of reading and HOW we can be carried by the Word to be on the right hand of God. That is why Satan works so hard so that we do not read the scriptures! It is just incredible how God allows us to have these tools... we just need to take advantage. 

Sorry, this letter isnt that long, the keyboard kind of stinks. LOVE YOU ALL!! The Gospel is true, and this is the Lord's work. GOD IS GREAT. 


Elder Murphy

1. TODAY we went to clean a peluqueria or barber shop and it was pretty fun doing the dominican style cleaning. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

YES!!!- April 8, 2015

GRAHAM BLAKE LEININGER!! WHAT A HANDSOME NAME!! WOW I AM NOW UNCLE OF 2! WOOO Wow that makes me so happy! I hope that they are happy as well, I love you a lot Graham and I will meet you one day! I love you Alyse and Tommy as well, you are both the best parents of my 2 nephews ever! Thanks for everything!
I got a son today! Elder John Moses, from South Jordan, Utah, is just going to be a great companion. I am excited to work with him and teach him what I know. He already knows a good amount of spanish, so he is pretty ready, and has a REALLY strong testimony. I see that he has come from a background that has prepared him, spiritually and emotionally, to be a great defender of the gospel. I love seeing how God prepares these young men to become His very same soldiers.
A TEMPLE IN HAITI!! I called Elder Simonis after the session to congradulate him, and in his always happy and humble voice he just said it was a great blessing. I am so happy! The saints in Haiti are amazing and they have been working hard for this. The 2nd temple in the Carribean, which is awesome, but WOW what great news.
I loved loved loved conference! It gave me so much hope for the rest of my mission and how I can help Conani. I loved Elder Dallin H Oaks's talk and also Elder Kevin Pearsons talk. WOW I loved how he said 2 times "WE MUST READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY!" BETHANY AND COLE what have I been telling you! It is so great. Also, Elders Ballard and Nelsons talks were great as well. We have been focusing a lot on the sabbath day, and WOW the blessings are so great and we just want people to recieve those blessings as well. They talked a lot about the family, and marriage. I liked President Boyd K Packers talk as well.
This easter was really special. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and HE LIVES!! What greater news is there?! He lives and loves us! He has given us the opportunity to come to this life and be redeemed, only if we repent and follow His gospel! And that is why we are here. To outgrow ourselves. HE gave us that opportunity. HE did it all. WE are nothing without him and we are just so lucky to be part of this gospel.
I love everything about this mission. God is great and He is sending angels to minister unto men. These are glorious times, and we must get ready.
Love you all!!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I am going to have another son!- April 1, 2015

I was called on Monday night by our Mission President and he asked me if I would be willing to train again! I am so willing! I am going to have another "son" as they say in the mission, and it will be in this next week! Just like Camille and Alyse ARE STILL WAITING to have their sweet children, maybe we will all get ours on the same day! But I am really happy. Elder Bartholomew is great, and it is a bummer that I will not be able to work much more with him, but the Lord has big expectations for him and more assignments for him to grow and become a great servant of the Lord.
This week was great! We had 9 less actives in church! WOW the Lord is just doing His thing and I love seeing how He is helping us so much. This is a pick me up that we have really needed for Conani, and we are seeing great progress. Payano, Reynaldo, and others continue to show their faith! We had a less active named Junior, who is like 22, come and after church the Branch President went and told him and Payano to go and visit a few less actives that didnt show up to church! AND THEY WENT. How great is that? That is just amazing. The Lord has these people that just need a little bit of an emotional push and then He keeps helping them out.
There is a family, Ricardo and Fior, that is really excited as well. Ricardo Moya is a return missionary, but he is not married to Fior. She is really great and REALLY wants to get baptized, and he is just waiting for someone to pay him back in this week or the next in order to get married and for her to get baptized! They come to church every week and shes just waiting little by little to do this.
The Lord is great. I have been reading a lot of the Teachings of the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson, and he said something really important. He said that there are 4 keys to the missionary work. 1. Always seek the guide of the Spirit. 2. Be Humble. 3. LOVE EVERYONE. and 4. WORK HARD! I love it! it is too true. With those 4 things, all will go well. I love this work and I love all that happens in this work. The Church is true and the Lord is helping us edify his kingdom.
Love you all!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. I said goodbye to Elder Herrera. He goes home next week and he came to La Vega to say goodbye to some people. He is so cool!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Estamos Progresando- March 25, 2015

Wow! What a week! I feel really good. The things that happen are just such big blessings that I love it! We had 6 investigators and 6 less actives come to church, which was just a wonderful sight. I feel like the Lord is just doing all the work because so many good things are happening! We are just trying to do all that we can in order to help these people and they are really happy. When people come to church and then tell you, "I am here to stay!" that is good news! 

2 are Papi Payano and Fernando, who had a good time without going to church and they are just really excited now. Payano used to be a strong leader here in Conani but he has been a little bit iffy right now, but we have worked with him and he seemed really really content in his shirt, tie, and his scriptures there for the 3 hours. Fernando is really excited, he asked to go out and do visits with us and also asked if he could serve a mission (he cannot now because he has a son, but we promised him that he can work here in the work and recieve the same blessings). Life is just moving forward.

We are having great mission coorelation meetings that are helping us a lot. Presidente Infante is just changing everything and he just LOVES THE WORK! He goes out with us for 3 or 4 hours 2 times a week every week! And we are working with now 27 less actives that just need to get loved and helped because at some point THEY FELT IT. But being so far for so long, one needs to remember. And sometimes it is hard. 

WELL!! Love you all. THAT WEEK WAS SO FAST!! Once again, the weeks are going by faster and faster and I really feel like it is too crazy. We are going to enter into Semana Santa and easter and everything. I challenge everyone to read about Christ and unnderstand more about him and just try to get the importance of the great and everlasting ATONEMENT!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SEMANA RAPIDÍSIMA!!- March 18, 2015

Wow that week was SO FAST! I felt like last week was really fast, but I am just seeing how these weeks are going like the sand in my hand, you just cannot hold onto it! WOW its just amazing how I am just so happy and loving working in Conani. We are really focusing a lot on less active men, and less active families. This used to be a WARD in a STAKE with 130 to 150 people attending church every week, and now it is a branch in a district with 60ish people attending church every week. SO there is a lot of work to do. There is a man that moved in from Santiago a few months ago that is now the elders quorum president named LORENZO INFANTE. He is awesome! He was branch president out there, and he called as his counselors and secretary 2 former bishops and 1 former branch president. It is just going really well right now.
We taught a lot of lessons to less active this week, but also we tried to focus a little on other investigators. Especially Alfonzo, who is waiting for a new job to get baptized... he is a baseball announcer that supposedly works a lot of Sundays so we will see! He is a man with great faith and we are doing everything. But yeah, we are really excited. I cannot believe that the Lord is so great with us and has helped us so much! we just need to help these people get all that they need in order to get this branch back on its feet.
I don't know what to say... I am just happy family and friends! I love being a missionary! I love everything that we have here. I cannot believe that it is going so fast. WOW I LOVE THIS!!!
Today we went to the firefighters station and got a tour and a class and stuff, it was really fun. Austin was right, those little different things are the best that we can do, I felt really good! THANKS FOR THE TIP!
Dad, happy birthday yesterday. You're just hitting your peak my man, and I love you because YOU ARE THE BEST! I think about how you and Mom helped us so much to become real servants of Christ and how we have testimonies. I know that you were chosen to be a leader in Zion in these last days BEFORE this world was formed, and I know that if I can just try and follow the example that you have set before me, all will be well.
I love this work, I love the Lord. Thanks for everything!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. Helping someone move! DOMINICAN STYLE!!

2. With Elder Orrellana in the Fire Truck!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


I love the mission! I feel like those last 7 days that past by right now were the fastest 7 days ever! I feel like I was just emailing! But it was a great week. We taught a lot of people and we could see people changing things. Not too many people came to church, but one of them, Reynaldo Cabas, who is a less active 23 year old, is really excited to get back into things. He wants to make things right with the Lord. Also, he brought his friend and gave him to us as a referral so that we can go visit him tomorrow! But in the branch this week like 50 or 60 come weekly, but we are working on that. (Elder Mendez says that things are going well in Bella Vista, and that Roberto is progressing a lot. We will see later how the others are doing)
Also, we have an investigator that has come almost every week for a really long time named Alfonzo Cruz. He has been an investigator for a long time and knows a lot, but says that he wants to get baptized when he understands everything. We have explained to him that AFTER BAPTISM and when he has the gift of the Holy Ghost is when he will understand a lot more, but we will see. He has a date for March 28th, and he is a pretty fast paced guy in the lessons, asking like 40 questions a lesson. So, we have decided to go to his house and answer all the questions he has about everything! He asks really specific and exact questions, and pays a lot of attention to every word. But, we just need to work with him and he said that lately we have been helping him with a lot of doubts he had about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the Plan of Salvation etc.
Just as I did a lot in Villa Gonzalez, I have been looking for less actives with my companion from the directory, and we have found a few people that are really excited. We found one family named Waldy and Michel, and we are going to see if we can help them with their relationship. We just need to get Christ in their family and things will get better!
Yesterday we had a meeting with A LOT of members in it. It was our weekly mission coorelation meeting, and they were really excited. Seems like the people here are going to work hard, and we are going to plan a few activities next week to be able to help the members know how to work in the Lords vineyard so that it becomes more comfortable for them.
I am just so happy! I have nothing to complain about. We are walking A LOT and thats just good stuff, its the mission. My time is slowly running out and its really really sad, but we just have got to work work work and leave all we got on the table. God is great and we are his instruments in this carnal state, doing all we can to win this life long battle. I feel great!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. Elder Bartholomew and I working to clean out a property of one of the sisters of the ward!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Oh Conani, Conani, Conani- March 4, 2015

It has been an interesting week. So here in Conani, in the district La Vega, this used to be a really strong ward, supposedly, and when the stake of La Vega was put in as a district, it seemed to drop down as a branch and now needs ANIMO or encouragement to be able to become a ward once again one day! That is the assignment that President decided to give me, help this branch become a strong enough unit to become a ward soon. That is how I was working in Villa Gonzalez before, so that is what we are going to once again! Not the exact same, but pretty similar.
We have been looking for a lot of less actives and we have contacted a little bit because in arriving here, there werent a great amount of investigators. There are 2 sides of our area, the rich side and the humbler side, which isnt poor but humbler, and President Rosso, the branch president, has asked us to work on the richer side, since it hasnt been worked on as much as the other part. We are going to do it then, because he is the boss out here. We are going to trust on the Lord because all is possible with His help!
Elder Bartholomew is from Fillmore, UT, and I am his 4th companion. He has about 10 months in the mission and is doing really well. We are going to see how long we are together because they are telling me that I may train my last 2 transfers, but we will see what happens. I am loving it and he is great!
I am really excited to be here. I am thankful for all of your prayers and all that you all do for me! This week in my personal studies I read Alma 33 and I just think about how simple things are in this gospel, and how we just need to take a decision! Moses made the brass serpent so that HE THAT LOOKED WOULD BE HEALED, and it is just as simple today. Just take the decision, look upon the Lord, and obey His commandments. If we think too much the natural man tries to let us know that THIS IS NOT WORTH IT or that WE DONT NEED TO DO THOSE LITTLE THINGS, but those little things are the bricks that build our mansion in heaven.
Love you all!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Saturday, February 28, 2015

LA VEGA- Rama Conani- February 27, 2014

Yeah, I got transfered. I am now in the city of La Vega, getting to know the good old Conani branch!! I am really excited. My companions name is Elder Bartholomew from Fillmore, UT. He has like 8 or 9 months in the mission, which is awesome! I feel like I havent ever been so excited! I am going to see what happens in this transfer, I am really excited. As you can tell, I am really excited. 

But yeah, THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! I feel like I am here to basically show the Lord and the world what I have really got. All that I have learned in the MTC, in Villa Gonzalez, Hato Mayor and Bella Vista are going to go into CONANI and I just cannot wait to help these people out. We were able to talk to the Branch President and he said that he wants to really work with the priesthood holders and stuff, so that is what we are going to do! Just build the kingdom of God here in La Vega, not just be here to waste time in here doing not the most efficient missionary activites. 

I feel really good! We had our PDAY changed to today for some reason, but we are going to go from today until middle of July to work 100% here in Conani. We have a couple investigators and stuff and we are going to just do some great stuff. 

It was a little bit hard to leave Bella Vista and Elder Mendez, but it was time. I had spent a good 5 transfers there and I have no regrets. Elder Hardy (Madsens good friend) replaced me over there!! So it was great and everything went well. 

Love you all! Thanks for all you do. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What a fast week!- February 18, 2015

This week was really really fast... I feel like it was just last week that we had Pday and everything... its pretty amazing how we are able to keep up the good work and work really hard (we had the week with most lessons in a long time together), but sometimes I say "if i dont want the time to go by so fast... i just dont need to work so hard!" HAHAHA just kidding, I dont think that would be good at all, if the Lord wants the days to be cut and shortened, thats what they need to do. Roberto, Gabriela, her sister, Gabrielas husband and also a reactivating less active Jorge all came to church!! We were all really excited. I feel like I am going to be leaving a happy area with my companion next week when I leave (or at least I am suspecting that I am going to leave). This is going to be the last week of the transfer, and we are going to do some big big work. 

Edwin didnt come to church, so we are going to postpone for a few week his baptism, which is sad but that is the way that the Lord wanted it. We are going to put dates for March 14th with Edwin, Gabriela, and Roberto... maybe. We want to focus a little bit on Edwin and Robertos families.. Sister Douglas talked pretty directly about that in our Zone Conference yesterday. It was really awesome, she is great. It is too true that we are here to do a few things, and one of those things is fortalecer a las familias!! STRENGTHEN THE FAMILIES!! What is the point in throwing people into a difficult situation with all that. ALL CONVERT would have liked to be baptized with their family. 

Also, yesterday President talked about the importance of using correctly the Book of Mormon. We went verse by verse trying to see what we could learn from 1 Nephi 1, and it was really great to see how much we can learn!! Also, he said that we need to use the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses, and Joseph Smiths that are in the beginning of the book. Even though people have their doubts, there are 12 people that have literal testimonies that the plates are real, not just 1 or 2. Even though a few fell away from the church and apostatized, they never ever ever denied their testimony of the Book of Mormon. WHOEVER READS IT will know, but those who arent hungry normally will not eat. 

The mission is awesome. I feel good. Thanks for your prayers. I took some nice pictures of a hike we went on today as a zone, but my camera cable decided to stay in the house. I hope that all keeps going well and I cannot wait to hear about Northwood Girls Basketball DESTROYING THAT TEAM THAT THEY ARE GOING TO PLAY IN CIF THIS WEEK!!!


Love you all,

Elder Dallin Murphy

ps. elder mendez got the scriptures. i told him to write you thankyou

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Animados- February 11, 2015

We are pretty excited here in Bella Vista. We have had an interesting week with a few problems in companionships in our zone, but all of that has been resolved and we are hoping to finish the transfer well. We were excited with Edwin Reyes and his baptism, but we were thinking about postponing it for the 28th. But on Saturday we had a lesson with him where we watched the video of the conversion of Wilford Woodruff, and he said that the 21st was his day. So we were pretty convinced, then in Sacrament Meeting he got up and shared his testimony about how he feels like his life has completely changed. He said that he always wanted to be an example in his life and now he has realized that the "Mormons" that arrived to his door have brought him what he has always needed. So, it looks like we will have a baptism on February 21st!

In sacrament meeting, I was able to share my testimony as well. (Dad challenged me to do it every fast sunday of my mission, and I am good so far) I had studied about Christs trip through Samaria where he goes and is by the well and he asks the woman for water. And he also talks about the water that HE could give HER. It is really interesting how James E Talmage talks about it in Jesus the Christ, and I also put my own twist on it. I feel like a lot of times as members of the church and as human beings we see something who is hungry or thirsty and we are not afraid to go help them. Someone gets hit by a car and the whole world goes and helps them. They dont have anything to feed their children, the whole world gives them food. That is not a bad thing, it is really a great thing. But I have learned that we can compare that to the example of where if we give a man a fish, we feed him for a day and if we teach him to fish we feed him for a life time. We give fish all the time to help them out and to comfort them. But that is a really temporary feeling, and something that doesnt last. When people need the LIVING WATERS and the BREAD OF LIFE, or the fruit of the tree of life in them, we get embarrassed or we get scared. We say that maybe another time we will talk about the blessing that we have recieved and invite them to enjoy the same happiness that we have. But that is what we need more than anything. Satan really wants us to give that out a lot less than food or water. We need to help others, but one thing is that TRUE CHARITY is shown when we give them what is most important to us and what we know that they need more than anything. 

The Gospel is true. God lives and He wants us to be happy. The one and only way to have an everlasting happiness is through His gospel. Thats why he gave it to us. Lets share it with everything else!! Then and only then will they and we be truly happy. 

I love the mission! I am so happy. Thanks for everything!!


Elder Murphy

1. We helped a family start their house and we had to transport cinderblocks. and help them mix cement and stuff. It was great!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Solid Week- February 4, 2015

Sometimes being assigned as a leader is kind of stressful, like this week, but everything turned out great. When the missionaries need your help, they go look for you, but when they dont want your help EVEN IF THEY NEED IT, they don't accept anything. A few missionaries this week have needed our help with things and we were afraid of the worst that could happen, but it's all good. Everything here in la Zona Bella Vista is all going well. 

So this weekend we had a Carribean Area conference which was AWESOME, and it was a great opportunity to restrengthen the testimony of how inspired the leaders of this church are. Elder Wilford Anderson, Sister Oscarson, Elder Jeffery R Holland and President Boyd K Packer all spoke, along with Presidente Bueno of the Santiago Sur Stake here before they began the broadcast. It was a really eye opener, and I loved a few things that President Bueno said to the stake. He said that if in our homes we want to begin a gospel based culture in the home, we need to keep the Sabbath day holy. If we don't, we can begin a church based culture, but that is completely different. It is a little bit sad to see the misunderstanding of a few commandments, but I am sure that the more that we keep the commandments, we will be blessed and God will make us prosper. Also, he said that if we do not arrive to church on time, it will be very difficult for us to feel a sincere spirit of revelation and adoration during the Sacrament. He is a really great man, like 32 or 35 years old, and he is helping a lot here in Santiago. 

But, we didn't have any investigators or any less actives there! It was a little sad but that is OK. Edwin said he didnt know if he felt really all that comfortable going without knowing people, and Gabriela's husbands little car was getting fixed in the perfect time where they needed to go. Roberto was going to go, and just never showed up! We are not too sure what was happening but my companion went by on Monday on an exchange and Roberto explained to him. 

I am trying my best to get an organized file of all my studies and my knowledge and stuff like that. Here on the mission it has been really really difficult to keep up a Study Journal. BUT we will see what happens, I got a binder and i am going to try and organize what I study and stuff like that. I think that it would be even better with an iPhone, iPad, or a computer, but I will have to use what I can for now. 

I HOPE THAT YOU ALL ARE READING YOUR SCRIPTURES!! Sometimes we say that we dont have time but, come on, it says that in them is ETERNAL LIFE!! Do we not want that? Is that 2nd or 3rd on our priority list?? To receive the eternal life we have got to get to know God and His Son, and how can we know them if we don't go out to read the very books that they inspired to be written ABOUT THEM?? We have got to read. Bethany!! Especially you. 

Love you all!! I hope that you can all keep working hard and doing the right thing. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Picture:  Teaching Javi from La Yaguita his english!!