Friday, December 26, 2014

FELIZ NAVIDAD!- December 24, 2014

Hey MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! We are having a great time here. I just love walking around and saying SALUDOS!! Then they sometimes arent too excited and just wave or something, then I say FELIZ NAVIDAD!! Then almost all of them just cant resist and smile and say GRACIAS!! IGUAL!! HAHA it is so fun. Dominicans are usually stressed at this time since tonight is the biggest dinner of the year, and a lot of people spend more money than they can for Christmas. It was really cool going around and sharing the HE IS THE GIFT video with people and yesterday we went and sang and shared christmas messages to like 12 houses. IT WAS SO FUN! I dont know, I felt like it just made my feet lighter and I was flying all over the place yesterday, with Elder Mendez, Elder Herrera and Elder Coombs.
A lot of times we just think about the birth of Christ and not as much of what that really means! Its not just that he was born in a manger in a little farmer's shack (my english vocab is really getting kind of bad), or stable, but it was the beginning to his earthly ministry! The Word, the First Born of the Father, the great Jehovah took upon himself a physical, imperfect body to complete the prophesies! He was going to bring back the kingdom of God that had been lost for more than 500 years since the end of the Old Testament, he was going to take upon himself all the sins of the world, and was going to die for us. He was going to teach the gospel, teach by example and serve the people. He was going to be hated, spit upon and crucified for his sheep, and THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS!! Through Him we can be saved!! If he wouldnt have been born, he wouldnt have done any of these things, and we would be lost for time and all eternity!! BUT WE CELEBRATE THE BEGINNING TO THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE THAT HAS BEEN LIVED!! That is Christmas. We can live again with our Padre Celestial PARA SIEMPRE EN UN ESTADO DE INTERMINABLE FELICIDAD! We just need to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love you all. The investigators are ok, we are finding a few more and we are having to leave a few. But, we are just trying to help them recieve the blessings that the Lord wants to give them. Ignacio and Yani are super excited, Roberto, and a few more. Life is good. The zone needs help and we are doing all we can to help these 22 missionaries that we have been assigned to help!!
HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am coming upon 6 months left... I just need to turn it up because this is the best and funnest chance i have to serve the Lord. Its the best time of my life.
Elder Dallin Murphy
P.S.   WE FOUND EGGNOG!  So expensive but SO GOOD.
Picture:   The other big dominican christmas tree!! With my companion and Elder Coombs!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Casi la Navidad!!- December 17, 2014

Hey! Well everything is good with my new companion and the new zone this transfer. While it is interesting trying to help missionaries that sometimes dont want help, it is a good learning experience. My new companion is Elder Mendez, a dominican from Baraona, and  he is really cool. He plays baseball and suspended his career to come on the mission!! He is really a good example. We are trying to work a lot more efficiently. I am really excited to always be working hard and loving life!!
So yesterday we had our Christmas zone conference, and that was really good. I liked that a lot. President Douglas talked about a really important topic, which is "Becoming Peter", talking about the apostle of Christ. When you think about it, Peter was a really great man with great intentions before the resurrection of christ, but when he became the GREAT APOSTLE was after. He matured and  began to comprehend the reality and the importance of his calling. HE MAGNIFIED IT. A lot of times as missionaries and as members  of the church we just do stuff and obey, but at the most important moments we sink in the water or deny that we even know christ. But when we begin to mature spiritually is when we BECOME WHO WE CAN REALLY BE. 

The mission is great. I hope that all can have a great Christmas and really do all that they can to help someone else have the joy and feel God´s love. CHRIST IS THE GIFT!! ÉL ES LA DADIVA!! I love the work and I am really excited. 


Elder Dallin Murphy

1. All of the living companions of Elder Villanueva! Elder De la Cruz, Elder Murphy, Elder Mendez, and Elder Herrera!

2. Cleaning my shoes!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not much time!- December 10, 2014

This week 2 times we went to help a member in one of the branches here in the zone to fix his house. In that neighborhood,  9 houses burned down because the electical wires blew up so the houses burned down. It was really hard to see it, but I loved seeing how the people just got together to help and how God at least protected his whole family. 

Elder Mendez (squatting with the shovels in the picture) is my new companion and he is awesome and i will talk more about him later!!
This week was pretty good. We have been working a lot with He is the Gift and we have pass along cards that we are giving to a lot of people. It is a really good way of helping people understand WHY we  celebrate LA NAVIDAD. Here it is a time to spend money, party, and get together with the family. It is a lot like the United States, but being a missionary, one sees it a little bit more. 

We brought 2 kids, 9 and 8 years old, to church, since the rest of the family couldnt go. It was really fun being with them and they said that they didnt want to ever miss another sunday! Their names are really dominicanized and hard to say, and a lot of the times i forget, but its like Wimely and (they call him) Tito. 

BUT I AM SO SORRY i am going to have to stop there, theres not much time. This is the christmas time and it is really a great time of the year. I would be missing the family a lot if I were not here, because I LOVE THE MISSION. I have given 2 years of my life to the Lord and I need to think of a good gift to give him this year. I hope that you all can think of what gift the Lord wants from each one of you!!

Love you all, see you soon!!

Elder Murphy

Monday, December 8, 2014

TRANSFER NUMBER 12 BEGINS- December 3, 2014

Wow, we had transfers today and that marks the beginning of my 12th transfer!! I am like one of those REALLY old missionaries now! My companion got transfered out... to the other room of the house! President Douglas decided to open up a Bella Vista C area and now Elder Herrera is training in the other part of the ward!! My companion now is Elder Mendez... A dominican! Finally!! Also, he is the first companion that I have had that is bigger than me! He is a really good guy. He was in my first zone, and this zone my first transfer here! So we already know eachother and he is really excited to work. A little sad to leave his last area, but really excited. He has 1 transfer more than me.

That was awesome to read about all of the fun trips that the family had for thanksgiving!! You all are great! I loved ESPECIALLY the story of Dad being able to get in contact of his FAMILY from the mission. There is nothing better than see your fruits of your labors. Finally, 30 years later!! That is too cool. I hope that later I can look at the people and say "I helped that person out so that they could accept the gospel". Congrats Dad, youre the man!

This week was a little funky, I had the opportunity to baptize one of the sons of Vives and he was really excited. He is named Rafaelito. So on Saturday we went out there and really loved seeing them so happy, especially their parents. 

Also, we were invited to dinner at Robertos house, where his wife made Mangú!! And fried cheese and CHICHARRONES!! That means that the wife is beginning to really open up to us and we are hoping that that means that she can start to think about following Robertos footsteps. 

We have been working with Julia, a less active, the wife of Mario, an active member. I really love working with them, and they are super excited. She hadnt come to church for like 7 years, and hadnt even thought about it, but the Lord had been preparing her and we had the chance to help her at the precise moment that she needed. She came to church and was SO excited, saying that she would never give up going to church and everything. 

We are really excited for this transfer that is coming up and we know that the Lord will bless us for hard work and obedience. WOW time is flying, and we are just hoping that the Lord keeps preparing these people. 

On Thursday and on Monday we had REALLY great lessons with Ignacio and Yani, about the family and the Law of Chastity, and they really are at that point where they are just about the take that next step. We are really hoping that we can get the inspiration to know how to get them over this little hump of going to church, but it will happen. I know that the Lord wants it more than we do. He is going to help us!!

Thanks for all you do!! Read your scriptures, pray a lot, and never forget that God is everything we need in our lives to be successful. 


Elder Dallin Murphy

Saturday, November 29, 2014

¡Maravillas Maravillosas!- November 26, 2014

Wow, what a week! Every week we are doing activities as a ward to prepare for christmas, and a tradition here in Santiago is Ginger Tea, or something like that, which is made by boiling ginger, lemon grass (I think its called that) and adding sugar to make it taste good. It is a really good experience and an awesome experience for investigators!! We had Denny and his kids come, and Ignacio and Yani (an awesome AWESOME family that are really progressing a lot, and it was a big step to come to church, even though it was only a little activity), and Roberto and Papito came as well!! It was a cool thing and we really are trying to do all we can to get people excited about the gospel and feel comfortable enough to take steps like go to church and such. The kids love it, and the adults love the Ginger Tea, so we are all happy!!

This week no one came to church, (just one less active that is almost coming every week now!) which was a little bit hard, but we went by the houses of those that we expected to come and we found out why, they were sick or busy and stuff. But its ok!! Sunday passed and now we are going to do work for this next week!

On Monday, Nene called me and said "Hey! Murphy! Me voy! Voy para la capital, y mañana temprano voy para la CCM en Guatemala!" (hey, murphy I am leaving! I am going to the capital, then early tomorrow I am going to the MTC in Guatemala!!) And I was just out of words! Maybe I haven't had the most baptisms or the best numbers in the mission, but I know that I have worked as hard as I can and now I can see that I could AT LEAST help out Nene so that he would go on the mission. With Elder Cannon, he was super reluctant and didnt want to go AT ALL! But now he is out there, Elder Sosa, and I am super proud of him. He will be awesome and will help a lot of people. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!! Wow, Tommy is finishing out his twenties!! YOU ROCK MAN!! I remember the first time that we met, I thought to my self "Wow, that guy is buff" HAHAHA i am serious but then we played ping pong and I feel like I rocked him! I dont really remember but we just played and that was cool. Since then I have looked up to him as a great example of Charity, the pure love of Christ. I felt like he just wanted to play ping pong with me! And he just wanted to get to know me, and who would have known! He is now my brother in law!! Youre super funny man and just a sincere, loving, powerful priesthood holder that I am so thankful to have in the family. Also, youre DANES DAD!!

Love you all!! I hope that Thanksgiving goes well and you enjoy everything and all the food. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back on Track- November 19, 2014

Well, it has been a solid week. One of the best feelings is when an investigator that was progressing a lot, but then had stopped progressing, comes back and says that they want to keep going and they feel bad for not having kept at it. Nelly and Peralta (remember them?) were super excited, then slowed down a lot since Nelly was afraid of a big change in her life. But after talking to Peralta and reading the Book of Mormon, she realized that she WANTS to do these things and, even though it may be hard, it will be worth it. They came to church with her sister in law on Sunday for the first 2 hours, and they felt well. 

Roberto is also doing really well, and is ready to just get into all he needs to get into. He is a little bit reserved, which is a little hard, but we have been talking to the ward so that they reach out a little bit more to be his friend! He is a really humble happy guy that wants to just be happy spiritually and feels like this is the way to do it. 

Also we had 3 more investigators come, that were pretty excited to be there. 2, Emmanuel and Denny, who are neighbors, came in after the sacrament and then they stood up for the rest hymn. Then for the final hymn they stood up too HAHA but I ran over to help them read the music and helped them sit down as fast as possible. They were really good sports about it. 

Today I got to see Nene from Villa Gonzalez for the final time before his mission to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Wow, he has changed so much. I worked so hard so that he would get excited for the mission and go, then finally when I was finishing my time out there, he decided to start his papers. Miguel out there is also doing his papers, and they said that the branch is progressing a lot. Last week they had 93 people he said in sacrament meeting, and I think that that is more than here! He is awesome and is going to be an awesome missionary. I told him that he just needs to work hard and obey and love everyone, and he would be the best missionary possible. I cannot wait to hear of the success that the Lord has in store for him. 

Thank you for all you do!! I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving and that you all go and count your blessings, because WE HAVE GOT A LOT OF BLESSINGS!! THe lord is too good to us sometimes. But, we have just got to keep going forward with firmness and unbreakable faith!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

1. WIth ELder Polanco in an INTERCAMBIO, checking out the DOminican decorations

2. WIth Nene! and Sister Ruiz (she was in VG with me), and our companions.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vista tan Bellísima- November 12, 2014

Some ask me why it is called "Bella Vista", or beautiful view here in Bella Vista, but maybe its because you can see all of Santiago!! In all of my areas you can see the monumento (the building with the steeple thing on it), and every time I get transfered I get closer and closer. It is pretty fun! You look at it and it is super cool, I love this city. It is pretty crazy to think that I have been in this city and only this city for almost a year and three months, but hey, I love it. There is so much work to do here, but I love this city. They call it "La Ciudad de Corazón", or City of Heart or something I am not sure how it translates into english HAHA I dont know if you can see how bad my english has become, but its not too good. When I get together with english speaking missionaries, its so tough to speak correctly.

This week went okay, we were hoping to have more people in church, but little by little we are on our way. We had just 1 investigator, Jose Guzmán. Roberto couldn't come because he was at his mom's house, she still isnt doing too good after the death of her husband. It is understandable, and he also told us that he wont be missing anymore church from here on out. 

But yeah, this week wasnt that exciting. One thing that I have been doing as part of my personal study has been reading the Book of Mormon and marking every single time it mentions Jesus Christ or God the Father, and it is pretty amazing. From the title page to the end of 1st Nephi, I found 450 references. How incredible is that?? Now, there are some that doubt that the book's origen is true, and that is fine. We tell them to read the book and to pray about it! But if someone tells me that its not something Christian or something that talks about what the bible talks about, they havent touched the book because its incredible. As long as the people read it, theyll see. 

I hope all is well and thank you for all the prayers and support!!

Elder Dallin Blake Murphy

Thursday, November 6, 2014

¡AGUACERO!- November 5, 2014

AUSTIN HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY I LOVE YOU MAN!!! Wow, i feel like in the year that we were both missionaries we grow so close together, even though we just wrote back and forth every week. I am proud to say that my older brother was a missionary just like I am now and that I look up to him. Now with his new fancy carrito and celular, he is being blessed temporally just as he is blessed spiritually!

This week has been raining SO HARD. IT was pretty fun, on Monday we had an intercambio and I went to this place called Hato del Yaque to go with Elder Montero. Elder Montero is a good kid and the trainee of one of my best buds, Elder Stegelmeier. It just got raining SO MUCH and this little town has just dirt roads and so much mud and all of the roads turn into rivers. So, we went WHITE WATER RAFTING!!! Just kidding, but we did get really really wet. I like getting wet on the mission, but i got too wet. Luckily, in the last house that we visited, they gave us hot chocolate and it was just a great time!! 

I hear that at home there are a few people with health complications, and I just hope that all goes well. Let them all know that they are in my prayers and that I love them! God is too great and loving to do something that is not for our good. All that we know is that Isaiah 55:8-9 is true: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. It is too true!!

Also, I hope that President Rassmussen is able to come here to this mission to be mission president!! The best mission in the world needs the best stake president there is, and seeing that he opened this city to mission work with a few others, it would be really great. But, the Lord is the one that knows. 

The recent converts are doing well, kind of. In the family that we baptized, there are a few problems but they say that they know the solution but it wont threaten their activity in the church, they say. So, we are just going to be there to help them and we hope that everything goes fine. 

Roberto is back on track, even though his father died so it has been hard to keep up with him. He was diagnosed a month or 2 ago with Parkinsons and Alzheimers, so it was just hard for him. But we saw him come to a house that we were sharing at (his best friend) and he talked a little with us. He said that this week he was going to begin once again and said "Dont worry CALIFORNIA, this is my church." And we were pretty content. 

But yeah, we have more people but we are working little by little. I hope all is well over there and that youre all reading your scriptures!!

Elder Dallin Murphy

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Viva la Vida!!- October 29, 2014

Wow, its been a pretty great week. Not the best sunday ever (zero investigators and 1 unexpected less active young woman came, so it was a little bit sad) but it was still a good week. Today I was able to play basketball with some of the zone, and I am getting a little bit better, which is good news!

Emmanuel Blanco is the 17 year old kid that is really excited to do all of this stuff. We had been sharing a lot with him, but at times I felt like he wasn't really getting all of the importance of it. Until we talked about the Gospel of Christ! Then we were able to explain a little bit about faith, repentance, baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was really understanding more and more and he said that he is going to begin to pray and read more to know what he needs to do. One thing that helped him is when we explained to need of repentance BEFORE baptism, and he realized that a lot of times it isn't required in different parts of the world in some churches. But he believes and is working hard. 

Nelly and Peralta are looking a little bit FLOJO, or wishy washy, but we need to talk with them to see exactly what is going on. 

The other people are coming along slowly!! SLOWLY BUT SURELYYY!!!

But we are all working hard here! Today I had a good conversation with Elder Santacruz from Arizona, and I was able to realize, while I talked, a few of my desires as a missionary. Sometimes it is so hard to be so UNpowerful (I'm not sure than is the right word) in the mission, because we cannot really force them to see the truth. We are the preachers and the Spirit is the teacher. Even though we have the purest desires in the world, we cannot make anyone accept it. Christ even went to cities and couldn't heal people because of the lack of faith. I want to help so many people but there are only a select few that will accept what I have RIGHT NOW. God helpes them  and we just pick the fruits. 

God is great and Christ is His son and our Savior and helps us ONLY IF WE TAKE HIS YOKE UPON US!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

Friday, October 24, 2014

Transfers... October 22, 2014

So today was transfers... and I am staying here in Bella Vista!! And so is my companion Elder Herrera!! So we have got 6 more weeks together to do a lot of work here in Bella Vista. Elder Torres and Elder Dickson (the other missionaries in the ward) have been taken out of here (Elder Torres to his house in Mexico and Elder Dickson to another area right here in Santiago) and they put sisters here in Bella Vista! Hermana Enriquez and Hermana Malabi are going to be working hard with us. It will be a real blast!!

So we had stake conference this weekend, which was good. While we had no investigators, we had the great chance of seeing Vives, the 106 year old convert, get called by the stake president to share a testimony in front of the whole stake! He is so great, even though he cant see. He got up there really slow, but he speaks really strong and has a great testimony. 

After stake conference, President Douglas went over to my good friend Elder Stegelmeier and asked him how he was doing, then told him he had a special job for him. He paused, then said "I want you to be one of my assistants" and Elder Stegelmeier just was stunned! But when somebody here thinks about it, they know he is the right choice. I have been on a few exchanges with him and he is just a super positive, happy, humble person. 

We have a few families that are starting to progress pretty well. We have been utilizing pretty well the employment center with people and some of them are actually seeing how helpful that is and when they see that, they realize how organized everything is in the church. One is Denny, who we are sharing with with his family, and he has gone a few times in order to get his name out there because he wants to change his job. They are progressing pretty well!! We just want them to start to go to church and theyll be good. 

But yeah this has been a pretty good week. I am thankful  for everything that the Lord gives me, all the blessings and all the trials. It is SO FUN TO BE A MISSIONARY!! There is nothing better than this. 

Love you all!! Keep working hard, reading your scriptures and doing your family home evening. Bethany, i hope youre getting ready to go on a mission in 2.5 years!! WOOOOO!!! and Cole you too!!

CAMILLE AND ALYSE ARE PREGNANT WOOOOAHHHHHHH NO WAYYY!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! I was totally hoping to have 2 more nieces or nephews before I got home and its true!! DREAMS DO COME TRUEEEE!!!!

Elder Murphy

1. With my good friend Elder Torres. He went out with me the first day of the mission with his companion and another missionary in my group to go give out "Book of Mormon"s!!!
2. My man Elder Stegelmeier

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Pretty Special Weekend- October 15, 2014

On Saturday we had a pretty awesome day, we had 6 baptisms. The other Elders in Bella Vista had 1 (one of them fell, the girl went out of town but we will see when it gets done). So, it was a pretty special weekend for Bella Vista and the ward. Tania, Wandy, Yalinet, Yuderlis, Vives and Mercedita were in all white on Saturday, along with Rosa (the other Elders' baptism) and also Elder Alvarado (the missionary I replaced), Elder Herrera, Elder Torres, Bishop Disla, Hermano Alberto Lugo, and me. We sang a special musical number (Abide with me tis even tide) with the sister missionaries from the ward right next to ours, Sister Douglas came with her violin to do the prelude and the postlude (is that what its called? HAHA), and it was just a really special time. So many people came that we had to do it in the sacrament meeting room, then go over to the baptismal font to baptize them. 

The next day we had the primary program, and we had 4 investigators come. Jose Guzman, one of the guys we have been teaching for a long time came for the 2nd week in a row and he was really excited. Also, a boy named Emmanuel came. He is 17 years old and one day, I KNOW IT, will go on a mission. He is really excited about everything and we gave him a baptismal date for the 22nd of November. Also, Nelly came, without Peralta because he had to work, but she also did well. WHAT A WEEK! We were pretty content. 

Also, on Sunday afternoon we went and visited Elvis and Luz. They have been pretty lame for a while because they always say that they are excited to go to church and NEVER GO!! Well, they arent lame, but they are just a little unmotivated. So we went and decided to share a little message with them. I opened up my bible and turned to Matthew 11:28 to 30. Wow, just talking about it made me realize so much more about the importance of it. What he is inviting us to do isnt to let him help us... because really he doesnt say "Give me your yolk and ill help you with that" but he says "Take MY yolk upon you"! He is inviting us to basically leave our way of doing things because we are trying to go alone and do the stuff by ourselves. Going with him means 2 things: He will be right there to help us AND HIS BURDEN IS LIGHT AND HIS BURDEN IS EASY!!! It will be way better. We just have to do it his way, not our way. I love that scripture. So, I made them a contract  and asked them what they wanted to do in order to take HIS yolk upon him. They told us a few things (read, pray, GET MARRIED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (elvis is a member but luz isnt, hes legally married with someone else) and go to church), and it was a way that we were able to hopefully help them. 

Everything is going well, and I am happy here. Next week is transfers, we will see what happens!!

Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, October 9, 2014

General Conference- October 8, 2014

General Conference was pretty awesome. Since I have another americna elder in my ward with me, I was able to watch with him in the secretary's office and it was a great! We had air conditioning!! (The rest of the chapel doesn't have air conditioning). It was a really good conference. I cannot explain how much it just helped me realize that the leaders of the church KNOW that opposition is coming BIG TIME and it is just really really important to get our own testimonies. We need to know what we are doing. 

My favorite talks (not in order) were: Elder Chistofferson, Elder Anderson, Elder Oaks, Elder Jorg Klebingat, Elder Uchtdorf in both!, Elder Bednar, Elder Holland and the rest! Wow as I think about it I just love it! It was just the main topic. WE HAVE GOT TO KNOW THESE THINGS FOR OURSELVES!! I really know that Satan knows that the end is coming, and he wants to give his last effort to take down as many of the chosen ones as possible. We are here as members of the Church of Jesus Christ as foot soldiers against his army. And the missionaries do the dirtiest work. That is why I love it so much!!
This saturday we have 8 baptisms in the ward, and 6 different people are going to be baptizing. So there will be a lot of white!! I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be here in the time where people are able to complete with this little path and begin a new, more important one. Tania, Wandy, Yalinet, Yudelis, Vives and Mercedity are all planned to get baptized from our side!! It is just such a wonderful work. 

Keep up the work, you are all in my prayers. Read and pray and you will know. 

Thanks for all you do!!

Elder Dallin Murphy

1. Wandy and I at his wedding!

2. Elder Herrera and I with Tania and Wandy

Saturday, October 4, 2014

La Buena Vista- October 1, 2014

So yes, this has been a really good week. We were able to work more with the members and invite them to go out with us to a couple lessons, which was a good way of helping the investigators out. Also, we did 2 intercambios with the district leaders in the zone, which was a really cool experience too. I went out with Elder Stegelmeier from my group and with Elder Orrellana. Elder Stegelmeier has a nickname by basically the whole mission, or not a nick name but he is just a "maquina" or machine. We went out and taught a bunch of super awesome lessons here in Bella Vista. With Elder Orrellana I went to his area while his companion came to Bella Vista and we enjoyed La Yaguita del Pastor. 

We had Tania and Wandy get married yesterday!!! I would like to send pictures but I forgot my chord in the house so it is kind of impossible right now. But it was a super cool experience to see, I loved seeing people take these steps to keeping the commandments and showing more and more love to the Lord. They are going to get married, with 2 of Tanias daughters on the 11th. Also, 2 of our awesome investigators (Vives and Mercedita) are with the date for the 11th as well. How fun is that!! I feel like I didnt do much to help, since they were pretty ready when I got there. But they are really excited and I cannot complain. Sometimes it is just a real pleasure to be able to participate in these kind of things. I am so lucky!! As a missionary, youre just a little instrument in the Lord's hands. He does the work, he just tells you what to do. And if we do it, the work will get done AS HE WANTS IT TO GET DONE not the way that we want it to get done. 

In church, Roberto got up and shared his testimony. It was a really great experience. He just said that he is so happy to be taking seriously the things of the Lord now, because the Lord had given him chances before and now he is taking advantage. He said "Then Elder Herrera and........ I call him California but his name is... Murphy came and helped me out to keep things going!" HAHA but it was good. Also Vives (he is 106 years old) got up to share his testimony and just testified that this is where he needs to be. How great is that!!

Oh yeah, turns out that Eddy is a less active member. I knew that it was too good to be true, as an investigator. But we will help him out! He had an accident and said that he doesn't remember a lot of things before that accident, but now he is getting back to the fold. That is why we are here. We aren't here to give something new to these people, this is the Oldest truth that has existed... We are just here to remind people of what they already know, as we know from the Plan of Salvation. 

Well, I am so glad for all that you do and thanks for all your prayers!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Milagros Milagros Milagros- September 24, 2014

Wow, it was a really awesome week. We have seen a lot of progress in a lot of our investigators. We have been teaching this family, and the parents are named Victor and Cristina, the best friends of the family of our ward mission leader. (their houses are connected). So when we started sharing with them, Jorge, the ward mission leader, told us that he doubted that it would go well and stuff and he wasnt too sure because Victor is a doubter. And has a lot of prior thoughts about the church, so we would have to help him a lot. BUT THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! How awesome is that??? (Well, if you all dont really understand, being here in the Dominican Republic it is really hard to get someone OUT OF BED and INTO CHURCH on Sunday mornings.) But they came, stayed all 3 hours and loved it!! They seem pretty excited. Their kids went this morning to a youth activity too, so we are hoping all keeps going well. But about his DOUBTS, theyre basically about Joseph Smith, seeing that people really talk bad about that name. He asked what we believed about him and what sort of powers or authority we believe that he had, and we explained about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the priesthood and prophets and it seems like they are doing well!!

We also had other investigators, which was great. It was just a killer sunday!! The family of Tania and Wandy are now going to get baptizedon October 11th because they couldnt get married before this saturday. BUT they are super excited, they know everything, it is just good stuff. We are just getting work done here!! Working hard in Bella Vista. 

For the 2nd week in a row we had Roberto and Papito in church, which was just great. They love it there, and Roberto is just going really well. They are like best friends, and we share with both of them but sometimes Papito isnt there (papito isnt his real name). But Roberto says that he is reading the Book of Mormon to finish it and love it! He is the man. 

Also we found this guy named Eddy after a week of going by his house and not finding him. He was really excited to see us again (it was our 2nd visit with him), and I wasnt too sure why. He pulled out the pamphlet of the Restoration and explained to us EVERYTHING. PERFECTLY!! It was really awesome. He even answered the questions behind!! So, we asked how he felt about it and he said that he prayed and really believes that is was necessary call these prophets in the Americas and in these Latter Days to help us! I hope that it isnt too good to be true, but it is a real miracle.
Good week, love you all!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bella Vista- the Family Area- September 17, 2014

I love this area! While I still miss Hato Mayor and Villa Gonzalez, there is something about this area that makes a missionary just happy. Especially when the majority of your contacts are families and you get to teach more families than not. We have found a few that, while they need some clarifying on a few doubts that they have, but that is why we are here!! People have a LOT of questions about Joseph Smith, so I have been able to strengthen my testimony of his calling as prophet of the restoration, because it just makes so much sense!! Let me tell you why:

A lot of people ask why the other churches dont talk about him, why they dont recognize him as a prophet. I compare the situation to the restoration before him, the restoration of the gospel through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! He got there and there were all these doubters that had their doctrine and had their doubts (pharisees and saudusees and scribes) and they never accepted him because they couldnt leave their church. They were stuck in the effects of the apostasy!! But those who followed Christ got the blessings and true baptism. Then the church got lost again, because of the hardness of the people (as Christ prophesied in Matthew 21:43). Then the people got into all these different religions. So when the truth came again, the people were and are still so blinded from this confusion that they sometimes cannot see the light!! It is sad, but we know that people can come to know through reading, pondering, and praying! AND THAT IS OUR INVITATION!!

It is really cool, I still think about it all the time. I am A MISSIONARY!! I speak fluent spanish, I am here and I just love the life here. It still hasnt hit me 100% that I am a missionary, which is just insane. Life is great!!

Brandon, as ward mission leader, dont stress. Just be the bridge between the elders and the ward. Dont do the Missionaries' responsibilities, and dont do the ward's responsibility!! You might have to do a little at a time but being a good LIDER MISIONAL is being the sturdy and big bridge between the ward and the missionaries, not being the ward and the missionaries. ERES LO MEJOR Y QUISIERA QUE FUERAS MI LIDER MISIONAL MUCHACHO!!!!

Love you my friends!!

Elder Murphy

1. The view from the bridge that connects Santiago to Bella Vista!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another Transfer without changes! September 10, 2014

So today was transfer day, and I am still here in Bella Vista with Elder Herrera!! We are working really hard here and loving the work in Bella Vista, even though we are different people we work together to make the best of what we have. Yesterday we were able to go out and help some of the new missionaries go and give out Book of Mormons, and I went with Elder Dickson from Logan, UT. It was a lot of fun, and pretty crazy to see how he is brand new and already sees me as an old missionary. Something pretty cool is that today when Elder Torres, who lives in our same house, recieved his new companion that we will train, it was Elder Dickson!! What a good guy. 

Wow, what a week. The Lord is blessing us much more than we deserve, he is just leading us and doing all that he can so that the work progresses in Bella Vista. While we can always improve, I am loving life and little by little I know we will improve. 

There is this less active member named Yudi, who is the wife of the Sunday School President in the ward, and she has a really sad story. She has a lot of doubts about a lot of things, and it can be owed like 80% to her father, who is also a less active member. He talks super bad about the church now, goes to another church, and just does EVERYTHING possible to tear down the testimony of his daughter. He went to the temple, has the priesthood, and just is confused about a lot of stuff. But we have shared with her a few times and really she just needs to learn to defend herself spiritually. We talked about Ephesians 6 and how in life, to defend our testimony, we need to defend ourselves against 2 forces. The people who talk bad, and Satan who reminds us and puts stuff in all places about the church. It was a neat experience, seeing that I had never thought of this before but it just came out. I explained about the armour of God and how there are 5 things that we need to put on to defend and 1 to attack. The sword of THE SPIRIT!! And then we learned together that the way to draw the spirit of truth to a conversation is through Testifying. So then we were able to talk about HOW to testify to these 2 groups of advesaries. 1. We just have to be willing to talk! We cannot just sit back. Now, we dont argue, or bash, but we can defend and testify then leave them to argue with themselves. That one is a lot easier. But the 2nd group, or Satan, is a little bit harder. Satan works hard, and the way that we can testify to him is through our works. We need to ALWAYS pray, always read the scriptures, and ALWAYS GO TO CHURCH EVERY WEEK TO TAKE THE SACRAMENT!! It is the only way to testify to him with the spirit. There are other ways, but those are the 3 most important. If we do it, he cannot deny our testimony. He wont quit, but we cant either!

It is something hard to see. The willingness of some people to TEAR down what people love. What they say confuses us in the head but if we have recieved our answer in our hearts, we will be good. We have to remember that moment!

I love you all. I know that this church is true and that CHRIST LIVES!!

Elder Dallin Murphy

1. Last Pday, we went to a waterfall! This is the river on the way, with Elder Herrera and Elder Stegelmeier (from Tuella, Utah)

2. Elder Hardy! Elder Madsen Murphy´s best bud!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

WHAT A WEEK!- September 3, 2014

Hey so I don't have much time this week, but it was a good one. With a family named Tania, Wandy, Yalinet, and Yudelis, we were able to put down a baptismal date for the 27th of September, which was awesome. They have gone to church since January, but the thing is that they have had problems with getting married, mostly with their birth certificates, but now we are on our way. We need to teach the daughters all the lessons in 4 weeks, but they want to and know a lot already, so we are going to do that. 

That is basically the most exciting thing that happened in this week, I don't know much else to say. I feel like the Lord is really testing us a lot. We were able to talk about Job in church, which was a cool class, and it made me realize how great of a man he was. Perfect=complete in the scriptures, which makes us really just need to be obedient and recieve the grace from Christ, through his atonement, so that he can perfect us ever day. And the real test of obedience are the trials, and the temptations. In the house with our family we usually aren't tempted to do anything bad, but when the bad situations come, we have got to be ready. THAT is how he got perfected. Perfected in Christ!!

I feel like the Lord is testing me a lot right now in the mission, especially in diligence and patience. And faith. Like it says in Alma 32, the way to partake of the fruit of the tree of life is through FAITH, DILIGENCE, and PATIENCE. We have just got to maintain it. 

Love you all! 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hello!!- August 27, 2014

Well, another week in Bella Vista. We have been working, and it has been pretty interesting. Sometimes as missionaries we need to go and get to know a part of our area which we havent ever touched, and it ends up being really impossible to do mission work... and it gets pretty interesting when you spend a few hours there. But yeah, took upon us another part, and we have spent a couple days trying to work there and there wasnt much. It is pretty interesting to see the same people within 5 or 10 minutes walking distance, that just are so different in their opinions about things. The poorer people let us in no matter what, like 90 percent of the time, and the rich let us in like 15 percent of the time. So my companion and I were asking if there would really be much importance in going over to this new area, but we will see how it goes since people need the gospel, we will see. 

But there are a few families that have problems to get baptized. There is 1, Tania and Wandy, who are just waiting on a Birth Certificate error (theyve gone to church for 8 months already), then Vives and Mercedita, who need a lot of preparation (knowledge wise), and then a less active and his wife, Winnifer, who need to get divorced and then married. And divorce is really expensive here! So those are a few of the things I found in arriving to Bella Vista, but that is how life is. 

We had a meeting as all the leaders in the mission with President Douglas to talk about why we arent having the success that we really should have. I feel like it is a lack of maturity in a lot of missionaries. Not really maturity in personality, because I cannot criticize others in that sense. I am up there in those immatures. But sometimes I have seen in the mission that we dont have our things straightened out. We need to disobey to have fun. WHY ARE WE HERE IF WE DONT WANT TO KEEP THE RULES?? I sometimes wonder that. If we enjoy the things of the world MORE than the things of the mission, WHY ARE WE HERE?? And these are things that we need to figure out, everyone for himself. But the hard things is helping everyone have that same goal. We talk a lot about unity, but we dont practice it much. It all begins with the individual. 

Thanks so much for all the support! We are working hard out here, and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this week!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!!! I love Camille because she loves me so much. Even though I may not be the best brother, she worries about me and always makes sure that I am ok. She has written me every week for more than 13 months, and it amazes me to think that she does it all out of a love unfeigned. 

Love you all!!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Work- August 20, 2014

I love work. I don't know if mom believes it completely, but when I love to do something, I do it a lot. That's why before the mission I always thought about volleyball, or basketball, or different not so important things. I found the most important thing for me in the world, which is sharing the gospel, and I love it. I have spent almost 1 year here in this beautiful country and I have been working so hard here, I love it. Those who know me know I wasn't the most serious school student and I wasn't the most dedicated person to some things.' But the Gospel was always number 1. So now, the Gospel IS my life. Everything is NUMBER 1 So I am a pretty serious guy when it comes to this. BUT I LOVE THIS! I thank the Lord every day for letting me be a missionary. I am so happy. 

Bella Vista is good. It has a pretty bad reputation of tigres, or gangsters, but it is a lot more calm than it was before, there was wars and dangerous stuff for a while but now they all died or got old and tired, so it is a good place. Now, there is a bunch of music, alchohol, and stuff, but I LOVE IT I FEEL SO DOMINICAN!! (Today we went to this Costco owned place called PriceMart and I ate 3 pieces of pizza and I feel like junk. Also, if I eat fast food, I feel the same. My stomach is only content when I eat a good rice, beans, meat, and salad. That is when I feel good. I am DOMINICANO) But we are finding a lot of people and they are really great here, I am so thankful that President Douglas chose me to be here. 

We have found some pretty cool people here, but we will let you know what happens later because right now we are all just starting. 

Also, I was able to attend the baptism of the Polanco Family, and WOW i felt so happy. Those are the moments that a missionary is able to taste a little bit of how God´s love is for us. You just feel happy because they are happy. You just want the best for them and you want to be there every step of the way. But, it was all good. I feel so great. 

I am working hard and loving life. We are already at the half way point of this transfer, which is crazy, but I am loving this area and everything. We are working and trying to focus on the needs of every person so that they can recieve the help that they SPECIFICALLY need. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful time in NEW YORK CITY, and I am glad you got to try the DOMINICAN FLAVOR. Now I just invite you to try the bandera : arroz, habichuelas, carne. 

Love you all!! 

Elder Dallin Murphy

The picture:   The Polanco Family's baptism. I was able to baptize the mom and the daughter, which made me super happy. I got really close to the mom and the dad. They gave us a ride to Bella Vista after the baptism, and I was able to have a super fun time speaking about all of the stuff that had happened since the first time we met. They are in it to win it. Roduel, the dad, said happy birthday, mom, and the family is excited to meet you when we come back and visit some day. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Me está gustando Bella Vista- August 13, 2014

I am enjoying Bella Vista so far! After our pretty interesting week last week, we have started once again and we are getting to work. I arrived to this area and there were a few really good investigators, but investigators with issues with marriage. They want to but everything is getting difficult. But, The Lord will provide. We are finding some good people now together, and this is an area in which there are a lot of families that are willing to listen to you. It is a lot of fun.
The priesthood here is kind of weak, that means that not that many men go to church or are active members. But we are working on that so that this ward can get a lot stronger. We are doing all that we can to be able to help spark them so that they get working and so that they can really receive all the blessings that God wants them to have. 

Really, we don't have all that much to report, since I am kind of new and not all that much is happening. We had 11 investigators in church, but they were are people that had come before and have been coming for a while! So we are looking for new people so that our work load gets a little bit bigger. It is challenging when we dont have a lot of people to teach, because I can get frustrated thinking about only a few people. I like to go teach and teach and serve and work and get to know people, because when I am moving and getting stuff done, I feel like a legitimate missionary. But, we are doing well and doing work. 

I got news that this Saturday the Polanco Family from Hato Mayor is going to get baptized!!! That makes me super happy. I am going to do all I can to get over there, since its like 15 minutes away. President Douglas told me I can, so I am just going to need to see what happens with all the plans we have for that day. HOW EXCITING!!!

I am so glad that you are all my family and friends, I cannot thank you enough for your support and your love. Keep praying for me, the Lord needs to do a lot of work on me still, I have got a lot to improve. Pero, estamos en esto. 

Muchísimas gracias, y Mamá!!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS EL DOMINGO USTED ES LA MEJOR!!! You are the best Mom, thanks for all you do. I cannot believe that you are already the mother of these six good kids, but that is not because of what we have done but more its what you and Dad were able to do with us. I love you and I cannot wait to give you a big great hug !! 

Elder Dallin Blake Murphy


Hey- August 8, 2014

Sorry for not writing on Wednesday, and I don't have time today either. It was probably the craziest week of the mission, and you can all know why when I get home. All you will have to do to is ask about Elder ______________ in Bella Vista. Thanks!!
Answers to your questions:
1. I had broncitis in June, but yeah its all good now!! I am fine and now DON'T WORRY!!
2. There is a lot of Chikungunya here in the DR, but I have not got it  and we are doing all we can so that we can avoid it. A lot of missionaries have had it, and that is just the way some things go. 
3. Bella Vista is like 9 minutes from Hato Mayor, but it is a little bit different but I like it a lot. There are more hills and more wealthy people but also more poor people. Hato Mayor doesn't have poor or rich, just in the middle-class. I LOVE IT!!! The ward isnt as strong as Hato Mayor, but we are here to help them strengthen. We have a lot of LONG TIME investigators that have problems with marriage, like the papers, but that will all be figured out. 
4. I am now Zone Leader here in Bella Vista, which is a really humbling but a good opportunity to grow and love the missionaries. I am excited to be able to help out the people, and I have a lot to learn. 
5. My companion is Elder Herrera from Columbia, he is really awesome! I love being able to learn from him and learn with him. I am with 2 other missionaries here in the house, which is fun, but there has been  a little change in the missionaries here in the house. But that can be told later too. 

Love you all!!

Elder Murphy

Thursday, July 31, 2014


So yeah, I was transfered from Hato Mayor... You all have no idea how that was, but I feel like also I was ready to go. It was a little bit strange, but Elder Morgan is going to replace me and work super hard! Elder Simonis is a great, prepared missionary that will keep it all going like we left off. Now I am in Bella Vista, with a new leadership assignment here in the same lovely city, Santiago. Now I can say that I have been a part of all 3 stakes of Santiago, which is super cool. I like Santiago a lot, and I am really excited to do all this good old missionary work here. My companion is Elder Herrera, an elder from Columbia, which is going to be really cool. He is a good missionary, he has about 1 year and 4 months on the mission. 

It was a little bit sad to have to say good bye to so many good people. Hato Mayor was my home for almost 6 months, and I loved every second. One of the saddest moments is when I passed by the house of Pedro Julio and he... wasnt... there. And then I passed by later and he... wasnt... there. I didnt have the opportunity to say goodbye, but life is like that sometimes! Also I said goodbye to a few members, and the Polanco Family. The Polanco Family last weekend went to Puerto Plata, so that is why they didnt get to go to church. But in my last lesson with them I was able to help them recommit to going to church for all 3 hours for the next 3 sundays before their baptismal date, and they were very willing. Man, I love that family. (abajo pueden ver la foto)

But, in the last week of church, we had a family come! Joel, and his wife Yeimi (jaime) and their 8 year old daughter Yeiri (jayree). They only were able to come for the first hour, but they said that they will keep coming and seemed pretty content. Also, Julio Mosquea (with whom we had been working SO LONG) came!! And he stayed and he seemed to like it. He is super awesome, I just hope he keeps going. Then Kerinson Amengual, a less active young guy who works a lot but came for the first time. One of the happiest moments was when he walked in, and then when I went by later and his mom told me "He came home with SUCH a big smile!! And just gave us all hugs, which he never does, and said 'I am going every week over there now!'". In my long time there I had worked A LOT with him to go and read and he is coming along. 

But yeah, it was a good week. I loved it. It is always hard to say goodbye to so many good friends that become a part of you, but it is something you have to do. Then you sit there and have to promise them that you will come back and they just look so sad. But, I have never been happier. 


Elder Dallin Murphy


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Work Goes On- July 23, 2014

Another week, another email. This is so much fun! This week went pretty fast and pretty well. We now have 7 people with baptismal dates in August, which is really awesome, and it is a real honor to be a missionary here in Hato Mayor. But, next wednesday is transfer day and it is possible that this is my last email from this place. I cant say what I want to happen, but I am just so excited to have another week as a missionary!! 

On Sunday Vitiko, PEDRO JULIO, and this guy named Edward Polanco (less active member) came to church. The Polanco family couldnt come, but theyre still going good. Pedro Julio, the man, came and only could stay for the first hour, but that is okay he is on his way. Edward is a barber that is like the height of my father and has dread locks the length of Camille. AHAHA no, but he came and he really liked it. He is the brother of Roduel, the father of the Polanco Family, but they dont talk much. But it was super cool to see that he came. 

But yeah this week was just a super good missionary week. We taught a lot, found some new people, and just kept pushing this work forward. Elder Simonis is a super good elder, a hard working guy that is just doing all he can to help out these people. I was reading in Preach my Gospel about something that I had read like 100 times, but it got me once again. It talks about what is a successful missionary. Really, the success of a missionary cannot be measured by man. It is the commitment of one to preach the gospel and help the people around him. Commitment means that he will be willing to put off or sacrifice whatever he needs to be able to help the people. Especially the life before the mission. Or his worldly desires. I am not a perfect missionary, but I am trying to commit myself more and more every day. Everyone, at times, thinks about the numbers and different things like that, but that isnt that important. What really matters, simply enough, is the efforts that the Lord sees. He doesnt look at numbers, he looks at our actions and desires and THAT is how he will judge us in the last day. 

We watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie with the Polanco Family and it was a super good experience. I didnt get my testimony from him, but from God. However, he was the instrument in the hands of God to restore the gospel that had been lost from the earth. They asked WHY WERE THESE PEOPLE SO HARD ON THE CHURCH?? and all I could tell them was that when God betters his forces, Satan tries to follow the trend. He gets stronger and works harder. But he just cant win. 
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? - Romans 8:31

To the family at the family reunion: I hope that all that are there are reading their scriptures EVERY DAY. That is how I was able to assure myself that I was in the truth, and that is what every single one of you need to do. Going to church and prayers are so important, but when someone focuses on the words of Christ, they will tell him or her EVERYTHING that they must do. So, if you are reading, keep it up. If you arent, GET ON IT!! 

But yeah, I love you all, sorry if this letter was kind of boring, you are all great. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!

Elder Dallin Murphy