Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Water and Fire- January 29, 2014

helo and Juan Luis got baptized this week! Wow what an experience! I baptized them both as Elder Villanueva had the opportunity to confirm them both. WOW theyre so great! People talked a lot about the fact that missionaries find those Golden investigators who are just ready to change their lifes, and they were two of them that were just ready to go. They´ve become two of my best friends, I am so glad they had the opportunity to come closer to Christ. (yes mom, chelo is haitian but he was born here and speaks spanish way better than creole. and juan luis is dominican). But juan luis moved the sunday after church... MAN! He was going to help out a lot here, but he is going to help in the ward he lives in now.

In church we had Ambioris, Wilson, Brittani, a man named Leonardo (picture) and this really nice lady named Ignacia and her husband Miguel! The Lord has really put some prepared people in our way. The only thing holding Ambioris back from being baptized is that his wife doesnt want to get married. Hes 48 and shes 25, but hes such a good guy! JUST DO IT! ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!! Leonardo came then on monday we had a lesson with him that just really was rather weird... creepy and sketchy. I dont think we are going back. For a more detailed story on that, youll have to wait. Ignacia is a rather poor lady who just has great faith. She has 9 kids, and she wants to change and help her kids grow in the gospel. The only thing is that shes not too sure if her husband, miguel, wants to get married. BUT WE PRAY FOR MIRACLES.

I have been really tested in my pride at times, and have learned that I have a lot to learn in my patience. I need to understand more of where others are coming from. I have a vision and I want to do it! But at times people on the sides are more important than whats ahead of me at the moment. The Good Samaritan had a good excuse to keep going forward but paused to help someone in need. I need to get better at that. I need to be more patient. I see in my studies that that is one great example of Christ, the patience. People fall, and we are here to  help them back up.

I love reading about Alma and Amulek in the Book of Mormon, what great missionaries they were. They had it clicking!

Is there yuca out there? its a root food that is really popular out here.

love you all, thanks for the prayers!

Elder Dallin

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Through the fire and the flames- January 22, 2014

Heres the answers to the questions you had mom!
1. we still do English class! Not so much people come, but it is all good because I feel like the weak ones got filtered out from my hard core style of teaching HAHA just kidding, its good though. like 8 to 10 come, all haitians!
2. We have a baptism this saturday of Chelo and Juan Luis! They are such studs, they are working so so so hard to succeed and come closer to Christ, it is amazing. Chelo went to a young single adult activity with diego, miguel, and Nene and he had a lot of fun. But he kept saying ¨todavia me falta murphy!¨ which means that its all good there, but wheres his boy Elder Murphy? HAHA i love that guy.
3. Elder Rincon´s dad did die, which was hard. But he went home for 2 days, and was able to do some good work out there. He gave a pamphlet and a book of mormon to his Uncle and now his uncle is baptised. Its really amazing, I talked to him and he said it was hard but he is glad to be out here and just loves the work. hes a good example to me. 

But yeah, its been an AWESOME week. We had 76 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT??? I have never been so grinny in my life. It was the most ever seen in Villa Gonzalez. We had 7 investigators, Chelo, Juan Luis, Ambioris, Nene´s friend Carlito, and the children of Rosi, brian, wilson and Brittani. WOW! And 4 less active members who we work with too! AHH I WAS SO HAPPY it was so fun! Really I love it. Nene was saying ¨murphy this is your hard work!¨ which I would like to agree with but really its all just the blessings the Lord sees fit to give me. 

Mom, I know you said that you would like to come back to visit with me someday. I made the promise to Miguel and Nene that I wouldnt come back and visit until they returned from their missions. I hope youre okay with that, they leave soon and I wouldnt want to come back without seeing them. Theyre going to be awesome missionaries, nene goes out with us literally whenever we ask, which is like 3 or 4 days of the week. He always says ¨the biggest rule to the smallest, I am going to keep them. And if my companion doesnt agree, we are going to have problems¨ hes going to be THE MAN out there. 

But yeah, its been a real special time here. We are helping people out and I feel so much like a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My life is this work, and I wouldnt change it for anything. I want so bad to help these people! They are so great. I have never been so happy, and it is a little sad to think that I am already a fourth of the way done. i have to use my time wisely!

Love you all, thanks for your prayers. 

Elder Murphy

p.s. I remembered it was Mallory Mortensen´s bday on the 20th, I hope shes finishing up these papers because THIS ARMY OF 80000 MISSIONARIES NEEDS HER TOO!

Another week of the good life- January 15, 2014

HAHA I never knew you were so funny at home, reading all the emails I get just makes me realize that maybe I should have given you all more credit for your sense of humor. 
It was a pretty regular week, nothing too crazy happened. The work is pretty similar every day, but I love it!

I´ll start with the questions my mom asked:

1. How is your branch doing? - Man its great. We are just seeing a lot of help from a lot of members. We had about 60 people in sacrament meeting last week, 5 less actives and 4 investigators. People are stoked about the gospel! I sometimes act here as Elders Quorum President, and sometimes as Branch President because people just dont finish their job at times here. but we work hard and we do well!  Nene and Miguel are almost done with their papers, and it is just a good way to see things go. One thing though about Villa Gonzalez is at times people dont see the importance of fidelity, and it really kills the spirit at times. But why do we fall? to learn to pick ourselves back up.

2. Investigators?- Chelo and Juan Luis have baptismal dates for next saturday, and it all looks pretty good. We are hoping that the Lord provides, but really it is too great. We are setting a lot of baptismal dates on people, and we are seeing a good response! People want to make the covenants with the Lord, and that is just an inspired way to help them with that. 
Zone Conferences? we have them every other transfer, and I am pretty sure I have told you about them! But our zone was split, and now it is just 16 missionaries. And we have a 4 missionary district, the 4 missionaries in Villa Gonzalez. 

But yeah, we really are just living life and loving our time here in Villa Gonzalez. I have to really work hard and keep at it, and as it says in Preach My Gospel, Diligence is to work hard, especially when youre tired and not too excited. i have realized really a few things in personal study, but especially the words of Jacob in Jacob 1:19, which talks about how if we don't work hard enough, the blood of the sins of others stain OUR garments in the last day. If we don't do all we can in our short time here, we are just bringing more condemnation upon ourselves. (Moroni 9:6) But it really is the funnest time of my life and I have never really enjoyed 6 months so quickly. Oh yeah, happy 6 months!

Thanks for all you do. I love you all, and hope you keep working hard!

Dallin Murphy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 1 of 2014- January 8, 2014

MAN the Lord is way too nice to us. I will explain why I say that in a second. But wow austin DOING WORK IN THE FREEZE what a guy. I hope people realize what he does for this work. But for those people who told my mom that I looked burnt in the picutures, thanks... now I am going to get the sunscreen talk AGAIN. HAHA just kidding, but really I dont get sunburnt. Ive gotten burnt like 2 times here, I am just a nice dark version of what you all know. Just turning into a true Dominican!
IF WES CAME TO SANTIAGO THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! I hope that would mean I would be near Santiago, you never know with these transfer things. I am just taking advantage of the good time I have in Villa Gonzalez. We had the branch council meeting, and the Branch President said ¨look everyone, I know that there were many people here on their knees PRAYING that Elder Murphy would stay. Take advantage of it! work with the missionaries!¨ and that made me feel good to know that they think of me that way.

But man, the Lord helped us A LOT. We found Ambioris, an AWESOME guy, once again after not finding him for 6 weeks. He came to church, hes reading a lot in the Book of Mormon, he is really working hard to come closer to Christ. Also, Juan Luis came to church, and also Lin. But one AWESOME thing was when I was up to give my testimony, this less active lady and her son came in, Rosy and Wilson. I WAS SO HAPPY I almost couldnt control breaking out in a HUGE smile. And I kind of did. And she liked it a lot, and now wants her kids to get baptized! Wow! and they want to too! The Lord really places people in our way. 

Chelo didnt come to church, so we had to reschedule his baptism until the 25th. It is ok, he is fine with that. He really rocks, and is really ready. We wont postpone again. 

Monday, we went out at 10am to get to work. A lot of missionaries dont even go out at 10 because in the morning it is hard to find people. But we do what the Lord says and we went out. We stopped at a 3 way intersection and I asked Elder Villanueva which way we should go. He said left. We walked up a street we had tracted on like 6 times, and just began walking. I saw a guy sitting in his seat, and we passed his house. I said ¨Lets go back¨ so we talked to him. LESS ACTIVE MEMBER! He expressed his real desire to change and put forward a plea for help. We are going to do all we can. But yeah, it was a cool little miracle. 

But, it was a great week. I enjoy every minute and my testimony is growing so much. Villa Gonzalez is great. 

Love you all, keep it up!

Elder Murphy

p.s. If anyone wants to see the cutest christmas card, look at Alyse and Tommy Leininger´s. I now have that in my scriptures to show people because MY GOODNESS HOW CAYUTE!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Me!- January 2, 2014

WES THE BIG MAN! Way to go! What an example to the rest of us of how to take advantage of what time we have. 

It was a lot of fun to talk to the family on last wednesday. Sorry to all my anxious followers of every email I send, I didnt have time to email last week. And yesterday was New Years, and literally zero people work on those days so we couldnt find an internet center open. But now I am here!

The Noche buena was a magical event, it is the big food day on the 24th of december. Wow I ate a lot. Moro de guandules, ensalada rusa, puerco asado, pollo asado, ensalada verde, uvas, manzanas MMMMMM! It was so good. I am gaining weight but I still look fine.  

Transfers came and went, and Elder Villanueva and I are still together in Villa Gonzalez! Now since I am here still, there is a chance I will be here for even longer and Elder Villanueva leaves after this one. But we will see. 

Chelo didnt feel quite ready for baptism this last saturday, so we changed his date to the 11th of January. He is stoked now and everything looks good! But on Saturday I had the opportunity of baptizing 2 kids, Anny and Oscar UreƱa, who were taught by  the sisters. It was a lot of fun, a really awesome experience, and the spirit was felt. I had the other grand opportunity of confirming them the next day in church, and it was just a great spiritual weekend for me. 

Chelo was at church, like usual, but also a man named Juan Luis was there. He was a reference from Cien Fuegos, another ward in our stake, and we never were able to visit him. But we called him and he came to church! He is a really great guy, hungry to learn and get closer to his Heavenly Father. I feel so blessed that the Lord puts such prepared people in our paths, and trusts us to teach them and help them realize their potential as His children. Also, Nene (no knee knee mom..) ´s mom came to church! She was a really strong member back in the day, like 6 years ago, she went through the temple and all. But she has lost her way a little, but she is improving a lot and she likes me a lot HAHA when I told her I may be leaving she said ¨no! It is going to be Villanueva! I know it!¨ but its all good, she came and she is trying to make changes necessary to her life once again to return to where she was before.

That was basically the week. We are working really hard and we are going to have a really successful transfer together here in Villa Gonzalez, if this is my last here I am going to go out with a bang. If now, I am going to only top this transfer with the next. 

The scriptures are too good, I feel so blessed to have them in my life in which I can learn more and more how to become like Christ. Obedience creates disciples. Nothing else. 

Thanks for all you do!