Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventure is out there!- April 22, 2015

Wow! What a change to the stake back home. I am really excited for that new stake presidency, I am sure they will be great. Until coming on the mission and getting to know the rolesof these people did I realize HOW big their responsibility is and how much they are needed. 

Also, Wow! Cora Faye Giullian! What a great name for my new favorite niece. There is nothing better than that, seeing that the Lord is allowing great families to take care of his precious children. I am really thankful for families here in the mission. I was able to give a few trainings this week in the district meeting about HOW we can build up the kingdom of God! And, according to Paul, it is through the perfecting of the saints. We need to build up this kingdom, and the best way to do it is that. And the Lord has revealed unto us 2 ways that that is done in HIS plan. First, through the families. they are the best place in the whole entire world that we can teach the principles and doctrines of this Gospel! It is the most impacting teaching because everything starts in the HOME. Second, is through the leaders of the church. Through the organization of this great and marvelous church. Prophets, apostles, bishops, seventy, teachers, and everything else in between has been given to us to perfect HIS saints! We, as missionaries, must concentrate on that. FAMILIES AND LEADERS. That is what we need to find. Families to help and leaders that can help us. In that, we will be able to make this work go so much faster. Satan is also accelerating his work!! We need to keep ourselves way in front of him. 
We had district conference this weekend and it was a great experience. I loved what Sister Douglas talked about. She spoke about being the Lords hands. With that, we are able to do what he used to do! That is the promise we make to Him as disciples. We need to do what he did, act how he did, and love people how he loves them. 

This is so awesome. I love this work and I am happy to be here in La Vega. IT HAS BEEN REALLY HOT LATELY and its not too fun with that, but that is just the work that must be done. 

Love you all, and I hope that you all keep feasting upon the words of Christ. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elder Moses!!- April 15, 2015

Elder Moses is great. He knows a lot of spanish! Seeing that his mom is Mexican, he has a background with the language. But he still has to learn some things! But he didnt go to Bingham, he went to Copper Hills. But he really is so excited and has great strength when he teaches. You can see it in his eyes, the desire is there. Hopefully I can help him enough to be able to form him into a great missionary and servant of the Lord. 

Man! We are just being very blessed. There are a lot of less actives that just Need to be helped a little bit more and this branch will be a lot better in no time! I feel great seeing people progress. One, who isnamed Papi Payano, or we call him that. He has gone to church 4 weeks in a row and just loves it! He used to be a strong leader in the church, and we just hope that soon he will have a calling. President Roso, the branch president said that he would take care of that soon. Others like Franndy, Junior, Reynaldo and others are on the way. A lot of them are young single adults, and just need a little push to get excited. 

I have been reading A LOT of heleman, and I love in chapter 3 where he says that we can LAY HAND UPON THE WORD or something like that. I love how it focuses on the importance of reading and HOW we can be carried by the Word to be on the right hand of God. That is why Satan works so hard so that we do not read the scriptures! It is just incredible how God allows us to have these tools... we just need to take advantage. 

Sorry, this letter isnt that long, the keyboard kind of stinks. LOVE YOU ALL!! The Gospel is true, and this is the Lord's work. GOD IS GREAT. 


Elder Murphy

1. TODAY we went to clean a peluqueria or barber shop and it was pretty fun doing the dominican style cleaning. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

YES!!!- April 8, 2015

GRAHAM BLAKE LEININGER!! WHAT A HANDSOME NAME!! WOW I AM NOW UNCLE OF 2! WOOO Wow that makes me so happy! I hope that they are happy as well, I love you a lot Graham and I will meet you one day! I love you Alyse and Tommy as well, you are both the best parents of my 2 nephews ever! Thanks for everything!
I got a son today! Elder John Moses, from South Jordan, Utah, is just going to be a great companion. I am excited to work with him and teach him what I know. He already knows a good amount of spanish, so he is pretty ready, and has a REALLY strong testimony. I see that he has come from a background that has prepared him, spiritually and emotionally, to be a great defender of the gospel. I love seeing how God prepares these young men to become His very same soldiers.
A TEMPLE IN HAITI!! I called Elder Simonis after the session to congradulate him, and in his always happy and humble voice he just said it was a great blessing. I am so happy! The saints in Haiti are amazing and they have been working hard for this. The 2nd temple in the Carribean, which is awesome, but WOW what great news.
I loved loved loved conference! It gave me so much hope for the rest of my mission and how I can help Conani. I loved Elder Dallin H Oaks's talk and also Elder Kevin Pearsons talk. WOW I loved how he said 2 times "WE MUST READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY!" BETHANY AND COLE what have I been telling you! It is so great. Also, Elders Ballard and Nelsons talks were great as well. We have been focusing a lot on the sabbath day, and WOW the blessings are so great and we just want people to recieve those blessings as well. They talked a lot about the family, and marriage. I liked President Boyd K Packers talk as well.
This easter was really special. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and HE LIVES!! What greater news is there?! He lives and loves us! He has given us the opportunity to come to this life and be redeemed, only if we repent and follow His gospel! And that is why we are here. To outgrow ourselves. HE gave us that opportunity. HE did it all. WE are nothing without him and we are just so lucky to be part of this gospel.
I love everything about this mission. God is great and He is sending angels to minister unto men. These are glorious times, and we must get ready.
Love you all!!
Elder Dallin Murphy

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I am going to have another son!- April 1, 2015

I was called on Monday night by our Mission President and he asked me if I would be willing to train again! I am so willing! I am going to have another "son" as they say in the mission, and it will be in this next week! Just like Camille and Alyse ARE STILL WAITING to have their sweet children, maybe we will all get ours on the same day! But I am really happy. Elder Bartholomew is great, and it is a bummer that I will not be able to work much more with him, but the Lord has big expectations for him and more assignments for him to grow and become a great servant of the Lord.
This week was great! We had 9 less actives in church! WOW the Lord is just doing His thing and I love seeing how He is helping us so much. This is a pick me up that we have really needed for Conani, and we are seeing great progress. Payano, Reynaldo, and others continue to show their faith! We had a less active named Junior, who is like 22, come and after church the Branch President went and told him and Payano to go and visit a few less actives that didnt show up to church! AND THEY WENT. How great is that? That is just amazing. The Lord has these people that just need a little bit of an emotional push and then He keeps helping them out.
There is a family, Ricardo and Fior, that is really excited as well. Ricardo Moya is a return missionary, but he is not married to Fior. She is really great and REALLY wants to get baptized, and he is just waiting for someone to pay him back in this week or the next in order to get married and for her to get baptized! They come to church every week and shes just waiting little by little to do this.
The Lord is great. I have been reading a lot of the Teachings of the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson, and he said something really important. He said that there are 4 keys to the missionary work. 1. Always seek the guide of the Spirit. 2. Be Humble. 3. LOVE EVERYONE. and 4. WORK HARD! I love it! it is too true. With those 4 things, all will go well. I love this work and I love all that happens in this work. The Church is true and the Lord is helping us edify his kingdom.
Love you all!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. I said goodbye to Elder Herrera. He goes home next week and he came to La Vega to say goodbye to some people. He is so cool!