Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Dallin sighting

For those loyal fans of Dallin. 
We have been waiting to hear from Dallin, and wanted to know why we hadn't heard from him up until now. This email from an elder who knows Dallin to Mom cleared it up.
Hello Sister Murphy,
So...your son is quite the smart kid so he was moved up from the Beginners Spanish class to the Intermediate Spanish class. The unfortunate news is that he moved out of our District and our Zone into a new room and building.  His new unit is 164 and his P-Day is Friday.  He wanted me to tell you this so that you didn't worry about him.  He is a great guy.  I'm sorry you have to wait for another 3 days.  Best wishes.
Elder Merkley

Yay for Dallin being smart! His high school Spanish teachers would be proud.

We also received this picture from Jonathan Shumway, the other cousin in the M.T.C. right now. Jonathan went into the M.T.C. at the end of June, and is going to Australia speaking Vietnamese.

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