Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Momma knows best- September 18, 2013

Pretty tame week, I must say. Basically, nothing happened. Why? Somebody got Dengue. That person felt really weak for a whole week, and he and his companion stayed in the hospital from thursday night to tuesday morning. It was nice for them to be in the air conditioning, but that was basically the only good part. For him, he had a fever, was weak, had a headache and his bowel movements were far from normal. For his companion, it was awful. Elder Cannon was the one with Dengue HAHA I was the companion. So I think that the Lord is telling me something...  GO AND USE BUGSPRAY. So from now on  I am going to use it 2 to 3 times a day. And then Mom, you cant get mad because then I will have done all that I can. But I got plenty of reading done in my Book of Mormon. I was in 1 Nephi 4 and then got to 2 Nephi 4! 2nd Nephi Chapter 4 is too great, I love the emotion Nephi uses. He gets so frustrated with the little things, he is trying to be the best he can be but there are so many things that come up and hold him back, basically being the instincts of the Natural man instead of someone being a follower of Christ. I have a lot of those sort of feelings a lot. It is frustrating but what more can we do than try to be better day by day.
That is so hard to hear about Ryan Conley. I did not know him too well, but anyone that is worthy to be a part of that Gates family is probably 10 times the person that I am. I send my humble condolences to them and hope that they do alright, but I know that they are so firm in the faith and know that they know what there is besides this life. 

Also, I am now praying for Wes. He is such a warrior. I think about him all the time when I am out here, because he was so amazing  with the Nicaraguan people. I want to be as awesome as he is and friends with these people as he was with those people when he lived there for about a year. 

CHARLIE MY MAN You´re in the MTC!!! AHH thats crazy. Seeing that I am now a seasoned veteran, I invite you to email me with any questions. haha just kidding, but I am sure he did so good with his talk and his eagle court of honor. Good to see all the friends back together for one last time without their stout cornerstone who is here only looking at some nice pictures of the good looking people back from Irvine. 

So we have a branch. Our branch consists of More or less 600 members with 35 to 40 coming to church weekly, so that is a lot of fun. we work a lot with less actives, but we are trying our best to do all we can to be positive and love them. Which we are. 

We teach 3 to 6 lessons a day, so that probably evens out to 20 to 25 a week. It is just so spaced out, we could probably get more in but it takes like 30 minutes to walk to the closest investigator. 

In Santiago there are these things called Ruta´s, which are little taxis that just go on a route in the city, They pack in people, in their little corrollas, so there is a max of 7 and they just go and honk and stuff and they drive crazy. They dont really have traffic laws except stay on the road and stop at red lights. When we need to get to Santiago we take a bus, and those also they PACK so it is a lot of great fun in public transportation. But we walk around Villa Gonzalez. 

We eat every sunday at a member´s house, and it is a bunch of rice mixed with beans called MORO it is sooooo gooooooooodddd I LOVE IT I eat so much!. They also eat fruit, they eat a lot of basically chicken. They also love spagetti! This is the best food I have ever had besides mom´s food, but I love it. Like I probable 2 full mounds filling the plates full at home when we make it and when we go to a house. I love it. 

Anyways, not much else.  I love you all and trust that you are still the same, wonderful friends and family I have always had. 

Stay lovely,


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