Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweaty Rain- September 11, 2013

So I got my first wonderful taste of Dominican rain. On thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, it POUNDED rain down on us! It is pretty fun. I thought it was raining hard, and that was just the beginning because I am just used to good old Irvine rain. It just never stops once it starts here, but it gets so hot that it is a nice thing. Also, it has been mostly raining in the afternoon and night time, so it cools down since there is absolutely no Air Conditioning here. But rain will not slow us down, we keep working and walking and walking. 
We walk a lot. the other day we walked to an area for a straight hour, and then taught 2 families, then walked an hour back. It takes 15 minutes at a minimum to walk anywhere, like the closest places we go, from our apartment, but no complaints. it just takes a long time. When I am walking I always get really wet. Either it is HOT and HUMID and I sweat up a storm, or it is nice and cool, with rain pounding down, or both. My shoes are getting a little gray, but I am learning to shine my shoes so that is a good thing. 

I stopped reading my scriptures in spanish. I was going to finish my reading of the Book of Mormon in English, but it was just taking way too long. Also, it is sad when I open up my scriptures and see a blank set of scriputres since I have no annotated my Spanish ones really at all. But I am going to get there. 

On sunday, we didnt have any investigators to church... but 4 less active members came! It was awesome to see all of them there. One was Fellito, my man, then there was a guy named Gregorio and his son, and Aries, a lady we have worked with a decent amount in our time here. Fellito is working to get his citezinship number (I cant spell anymore haha) because he seems to want to get married. We are going to go with him and work with the place here in Villa Gonzalez that can help him with that. Gregorio is a man with great faith, but has been going to a church that skewed a few of his perceptions of Doctrine in the scriptures. But, we are working with him a lot on the importance of ordinances and authority ALONG with faith and the spirit. Aries has a daughter on a mission, and has a daughter who is really active. But she came and seemed to really enjoy herself. 

We taught a good amount to less actives, and it seemed to always go back to the importance of the Sacrement. The importance of always keeping/renewing the covenants of baptism every week at church. We have the opportunity to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with us always, but we have to be worthy and show we are willing to submit to God's will in the way we live our lives. 

This place is wonderful. I am loving the people, the food, the fruit, and everything else. The people have a culture of drinking lots, and it seems that every single drunk guy speaks english. We were teaching a family, and the dad was very intoxicated and was talking and stuff the whole lesson. but it turned out well. He cussed me out in English though! Pretty impressive.

We are continually working as hard as we can to invite others to come unto Christ day by day, minute by minute. 

Charlie, have fun in the MTC. Email me! But yeah I hope you've been prepping and focusing on this because it is exhausting and so humbling. I feel like I know nothing and am nothing, but God makes up the difference when we are trying to work the best we can. 

Dane, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you my man. Don't get too yolked while i'm gone. 

With love,

Elder Murphy

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