Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a World- September 25, 2013

So today was a little bit sad. WE woke up to go play basketball and we played with an inactive 17 year old from the ward in the court outside the chapel. WE were playing and I was SOOO BAD and I have turned into a nonathletic slob. I could barely touch the rim and my shots were all over the place. Maybe it is the humidity because that was some awful times. But it was fun! And afterwards Elder Cannon and I saw a guy with a sledge hammer pounding a roof into dust so we went up to help him! He said they were going to redo the roof, so we got to go onto the top and fire away. It was pretty fun, but hot!

So last Friday we ended up going with Fellito to the office to find out about his ¨celula¨which is kind of like the social security number needed to do anything here, and they said it would be really almost impossible. BUT they said he only needs a passport to be married. WHICH IS AWESOME except for the fact that it costs 2000 pesos to get a passport, 10000 for a non-Dominican and a Dominican to get married, and then 500 for each of their three kids. So 13500 pesos for a Haitian without a set job? that will take years. but he seems excited and we are hoping he keeps working for it because a few years of working is worth the infinity with your family in the kingdom of God. Also, we went today with a friend of Elder Cannon from his previous area to see about them getting married. He is a return missionary and isn't married to this sister and has been inactive for a few years. BUT elder cannon taught his soon to be wife, and they are both in it to get sealed in the temple. They have a sad story though, they were in an accident with their house where they made it out but their house burned down... and their three kids didn't make it out. They were heart broken but it made them realize even more the importance of families. I can see the happiness they have, and Elder Cannon and I get to be there wen they are married In villa Gonzalez on Friday. WOOT WOOT.

ON Sunday we ran into some crazy guy, and that was a little frustrating. He first didn't let us start with a prayer,  but we decided to try and have a nice lesson on the plan of salvation. He immediately started pulling scriptures out of his bible and was arguing concepts that didn't even pertain to the lesson and the scriptures didn't pertain to the arguments. But I decided I would only ask him to read the BOOK of Mormon then testify of its truthfulness. As I began speaking, he started talking and I got mad and said ¨'hey puedo hablar!?!?¨and i realized there that there was no hope. SO we just parted ways nicely and went off to the rest of Villa Gonzalez where I enjoy talking to the people.
One cool thought that I had was this. When we were teaching a cousin  of a newly baptized member, we began talking about the fall of Adam. I realized this. If the fall hadn't happened, why would we need Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ´s atonement did two things... the first being made it possible for all men to be resurrected, and the other was that we could be forgiven of all of our sins if we repented. So if the fall didn't happen, we wouldn't have had death or sin in the world... so Jesus wouldn't have needed to come. But he was chosen from the beginning to come and do that, even before Adam and Eve, so the fall was a necessary piece of the plan of God. The perfect plan.

Sorry about the weird typing, this keyboard stinks. I love hearing from you all, I am working my self as hard as I can and I am loving every minute. I am hoping that everyone who is thinking about serving a mission decides to do so because this is the very best ever. I am just continually happy and working. Stick to the work til it sticks to you, for beginners are many and finishers few. Mom I just made that up isn't that pretty good?
But really, thanks for your prayers and help, Love you all

Dallin Murphy, Elder

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