Saturday, February 15, 2014

Changes- February 12, 2014

First off, I would like to say a few things about a very special person to me. Sister Cristy Bollard passed away today, and it is really hard to imagine. Wow, I hope that really all is well in Irvine, I know that the Bollard family has the strength and fortified faith to get through this hard time. I remember the last time I had the chance to talk to her, it was quite a special moment for me. I know she is well, I preach hope and I need to live what I preach. Although it is hard and I will never be able to say anthing like its ok, we know that she is okay on the other side. She isnt sick anymore, she is just now cheering Charlie and I and the other missionaries on as she hopes that we can go help save people in this work. The Lord and his mercy are the most real things in my life right now, I can feel her presence and love always.
But I got transfered! Now I am in Hato Mayor, a part of Santiago out in the East part. It is pretty different here, theres cars and streets and no tabaco. Although I was a little sad when I found out that I was leaving, I know that really I am supposed to be here. I entered into a branch 6 months ago in Villa that needed a lot of help. The  mission work was next to dead. But now it really is moving quickly, and the Lord wants me to wake up another ward that is in a deep sleep, mission work wise.  My companion is a little peruvian guy named Elder Salgado, I am excited to work with him. MAN! We are going to do work. I will probably be with him for 2 transfers since he finishes in 2, then I will keep working here. So I am going to be here for a good amount of time. 

It was hard to say goodbye to a few of the people I have really learned to love out in Villa, although I knew it was a good thing I JUST WANT TO HELP THEM! One of the families we have worked with a lot just had a big step back, and I was like NOOO PLEASE NOO!! He relapsed to drinking and the wife is ready to leave. But! The Lord knows I have got to do what I got to do. 

I am excited for this change.  It was awesome to see uncle wes, He is the man. i got to hear the real story from his point of view, and MAN what a chain of miracles! The Lord wants him to do something in this life, and he will keep doing it. 

Love you all, stay strong. The faith we have is all we really have in these times, so I just say  KEEP WORKING HARD because that is the only way. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

1. Goodbye tobacco. Goodbye my love

2. This was our district, I still got those hoppy hops!
PS, this was when Uncle Wes came to town.

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