Saturday, February 8, 2014

We work hard- February 5, 2014

This week was probably the fastest week we have had so far... I feel like it was just last week that I was writing you... I have some GREAT pictures for you all, but the camera isnt working with this computer so yeah maybe next week! Its just me with tobaco but theyre pretty great.
So Ambioris is just doing AWESOME but still his wife doesnt want to get married, so it is a little problem. She likes him a lot and doesnt want to leave him, just doesnt want to get together formally marriage wise. Yesterday we had a wonderful lesson with him. We asked him how his reading was going and he said ¨buenisimo¨ (that means really good) and sometimes he says ¨perfecto¨ and he is just stoked. He reads and comes to church without us even telling him to! It is just his wife. But, if its the Lords will, it will happen. 

Brian, Wilson and Brittany (14, 12, 10) are all preparing to get baptized in March, and we really want their dad to be able to do it but he works every sunday. Their mom was inactive for a while then we shared with her and she began telling me how she wants her kids baptized and to go on missions then she hasnt missed a beat since that time! And also, their dad´s younger brother (14) named Oliver wants to get baptized with them too. Wow! It is just pretty crazy how the Lord works. He just puts people in our paths! 

Ignacia couldnt come to church because she was with her daughter who was going to give birth: She didnt give birth, but she will soon if everything goes to plan. Ignacia is just really prepared as well, she has a brother that was baptized and she told us ¨ever since then I have said I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED¨ so yeah! She is stoked. Her husband isnt as stoked but he really wants to change. Miguel is his name, and is really trying to improve. He went to jail and was just not in the right group of people, but hes the nephew of the 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency so we have support there. 

Wes called! He is coming tomorrow to Villa Gonzalez to have lunch. He is so awesome, I cannot believe how well he has just come along. THE MAN!!!

Um, yeah we are just working hard and I am doing everything to be the best companion I can be. Although at times I get frustrated with myself because I can always improve, I am doing all I can. But I can and will do more. as always. 

Love you all, I hope you have a great week! BETHANY KEEP DOING WORK OUT THERE! and cole too!

Elder Murphy

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