Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hato Mayor Week 1- February 19, 2014

The first week in Hato Mayor was pretty interesting. First off, it is a pretty big ward. They´ve got good leadership, a lot of active men, and there are cars in the parking lot. It is rather different, and the Area isnt even that big. But it is pretty compact, with LOTS of houses. So what are we doing? We are tracting. I came in and there was about 1 investigator, which was a little hard since in Villa Gonzalez we had like 12 or 15 when I left, so why not go and look for them? and we have made up a great way to enjoy it more... We go up to people and say a random name ¨Julio Vasquez?¨ then they usually say ¨no, mi nombre es ______¨ then we start talking to them. It makes it fun because we have a competition. So far I have guessed a first name and a different time a last name.
But yeah, we have found some good people and had some funny experiences. One inactive member we found beating a chicken and a few guys who wanted to argue about which books are inspired and which ones arent in the Bible, but also we have really gotten some real miracles. People who LOVED sharing with the missionaries but they just didnt continue for different reasons so now they want to get back on the train! It is pretty fun. That is what happens when you talk with the majority of people here. 

Also, there are a lot of part member families here, so we are going to work with them too. And we are already seeing success! It is amazing how far a simple invitation can go. 

But I am asking myself - what is it that I can do to help this ward progress? It is already strong... So I am looking back at what the Northwood Ward did out there at home. Bring a friend to church day, and different things like that. 

Elder Salgado is from small town Peru. He is shorter than Elder Villanueva, which is pretty funny, and he is a good guy. He is a quiet but funny spiritual guy. He really tries to listen to people and to the spirit so that he can help the people. 

I am glad that the funerals went well. The Grow and Bollard families are both in my prayers, and I am so greatful that they have the hope that comes from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can look forward in this time. 

Love you all! Thanks for all you do.

Elder Dallin Murphy

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