Thursday, August 28, 2014

Work- August 20, 2014

I love work. I don't know if mom believes it completely, but when I love to do something, I do it a lot. That's why before the mission I always thought about volleyball, or basketball, or different not so important things. I found the most important thing for me in the world, which is sharing the gospel, and I love it. I have spent almost 1 year here in this beautiful country and I have been working so hard here, I love it. Those who know me know I wasn't the most serious school student and I wasn't the most dedicated person to some things.' But the Gospel was always number 1. So now, the Gospel IS my life. Everything is NUMBER 1 So I am a pretty serious guy when it comes to this. BUT I LOVE THIS! I thank the Lord every day for letting me be a missionary. I am so happy. 

Bella Vista is good. It has a pretty bad reputation of tigres, or gangsters, but it is a lot more calm than it was before, there was wars and dangerous stuff for a while but now they all died or got old and tired, so it is a good place. Now, there is a bunch of music, alchohol, and stuff, but I LOVE IT I FEEL SO DOMINICAN!! (Today we went to this Costco owned place called PriceMart and I ate 3 pieces of pizza and I feel like junk. Also, if I eat fast food, I feel the same. My stomach is only content when I eat a good rice, beans, meat, and salad. That is when I feel good. I am DOMINICANO) But we are finding a lot of people and they are really great here, I am so thankful that President Douglas chose me to be here. 

We have found some pretty cool people here, but we will let you know what happens later because right now we are all just starting. 

Also, I was able to attend the baptism of the Polanco Family, and WOW i felt so happy. Those are the moments that a missionary is able to taste a little bit of how God´s love is for us. You just feel happy because they are happy. You just want the best for them and you want to be there every step of the way. But, it was all good. I feel so great. 

I am working hard and loving life. We are already at the half way point of this transfer, which is crazy, but I am loving this area and everything. We are working and trying to focus on the needs of every person so that they can recieve the help that they SPECIFICALLY need. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful time in NEW YORK CITY, and I am glad you got to try the DOMINICAN FLAVOR. Now I just invite you to try the bandera : arroz, habichuelas, carne. 

Love you all!! 

Elder Dallin Murphy

The picture:   The Polanco Family's baptism. I was able to baptize the mom and the daughter, which made me super happy. I got really close to the mom and the dad. They gave us a ride to Bella Vista after the baptism, and I was able to have a super fun time speaking about all of the stuff that had happened since the first time we met. They are in it to win it. Roduel, the dad, said happy birthday, mom, and the family is excited to meet you when we come back and visit some day. 

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