Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey- August 8, 2014

Sorry for not writing on Wednesday, and I don't have time today either. It was probably the craziest week of the mission, and you can all know why when I get home. All you will have to do to is ask about Elder ______________ in Bella Vista. Thanks!!
Answers to your questions:
1. I had broncitis in June, but yeah its all good now!! I am fine and now DON'T WORRY!!
2. There is a lot of Chikungunya here in the DR, but I have not got it  and we are doing all we can so that we can avoid it. A lot of missionaries have had it, and that is just the way some things go. 
3. Bella Vista is like 9 minutes from Hato Mayor, but it is a little bit different but I like it a lot. There are more hills and more wealthy people but also more poor people. Hato Mayor doesn't have poor or rich, just in the middle-class. I LOVE IT!!! The ward isnt as strong as Hato Mayor, but we are here to help them strengthen. We have a lot of LONG TIME investigators that have problems with marriage, like the papers, but that will all be figured out. 
4. I am now Zone Leader here in Bella Vista, which is a really humbling but a good opportunity to grow and love the missionaries. I am excited to be able to help out the people, and I have a lot to learn. 
5. My companion is Elder Herrera from Columbia, he is really awesome! I love being able to learn from him and learn with him. I am with 2 other missionaries here in the house, which is fun, but there has been  a little change in the missionaries here in the house. But that can be told later too. 

Love you all!!

Elder Murphy

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