Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Transfers without changes- January 14, 2015

So in this mission, we have a different form of announcing transfers. We get an email with all of the changes in the mission, and we print it out and go to do a zone meeting with the zone and we announce it! Yesterday we printed out the transfers and... there were only 2 changes!! And both of them were in the same branch, La Herradura. So the rest of the zone got changed. But it was all good. That means that I have at least 6 more weeks here in the wonderful world of Bella Vista with my great companion!

In the zone meeting yesterday I got to talk about the atonement. There is an example that President Muir once did, with donuts and pushups. You all can look up the donuts and pushups on youtube if you want to understand it more, i think its there. but I loved it and Elder Santacruz from Arizona did a bunch of pushups in order for every missionary to have a cookie. A good cookie. Then I compared it to the atonement in D&C 19:16-17 and it really makes a lot of sense. He gives us the chance. He did his part. Now it depends on us! we have to quit complaining and just work! How are we going to tell Him to his face when we go before him and he asks why we didnt do everything we could? The mission is great, and I love it. It is just sad to see a lot of missionaries who just waste their time! Who simply do 50% of what they can. I need to be more humble and love them more, but I am also here to help motivate and help them to become the best servants of the Lord possible. 

This week we didnt have too many people in church, but WOW people are going well. Especially Henry and Gabriela (see last email). Gabriela is taking notes every single lesson with a notebook on her Book of Mormon reading and says that she really likes it! We are working with them to get married and her to get baptized on the 28th of February!

Life is good here. Not much is happening, just that we are happy and working hard. It is crazy to see how fast time runs but we just need to walk faster and work harder because this is the only time life will be so centered on the Savior. 

Love you all!!

Elder Murphy!

Look at the lunch my companion and I made for us two! RICE SPAGETTI AND GUANDULES GUISADOS

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