Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another week older, another week wiser.- January 21 2015

So, this week was pretty normal... But it was cool to see a few of the people progress a little bit more. There is a boy named Edwin, who is 15, that is really interested and really excited about what we do. He went to church on Sunday and is just as excited as he could be! He talks a lot about how he feels like he needs to dedicate himself a little bit more to the spiritual things in the world and we are really excited with him. Also, Gabriela and her little sister that lives with her and Henry went to church as well! Gabriela has already been to church before, a while ago, and she is used to going to church for all 3 hours! How great is that! So, we are just hoping that everything keeps going well with those two. 

As well, we have Jose and Mayi, and Ignacio and Yani who we are HOPING can get a little bit more serious about this things. We cannot decide how fast these people "ripe", in the spiritual prepared sense, but we are just here to harvest the fruits of the Lord's preparation. So, we are HOPING to help them out enough, but we will see what happens. They are really awesome. They want to follow Christ. But still their priorities need a little bit of help. THATS WHY WE ARE HERE!

SO we are just working really hard. I had an interview with President Douglas and he really really loves my companion, and said that during transfers he had us changed, but at the last second decided not to! Why? I dont know. But he said that he felt that Elder Mendez and I needed to be together for some more time to help more people. I take that as a compliment, since Elder Mendez is a real example to all of us, and President sees me as one that can be with him and together we can be a lethal combination (in the most spiritual sense possible). 

Also, President told me that it's sometimes hard to see the change that we have gone through as missionaries since we go day by day, but if I were to take a picture of when I started and now I would be able to see how much I have really changed. I really am thankful that he can see it in me, and I just hope to keep working and keep progressing spiritually. But, all who think about being missionaries, you have to realize that the biggest way to improve yourself is FORGETTING ABOUT YOURSELF and helping others with all you heart! The mission is 100% dedicated to other people and more than anyone to the Lord. Therefore, we cannot worry about how we are doing but more how are the others doing. Pride is the most dangerous spiritual sickness that one can have in this great, wonderful mission work. Watch out for pride!

Love you all! You all are great. I have a lot to improve, but I love the mission! I have never felt better!

Elder Dallin Murphy

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