Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SEMANA RAPIDÍSIMA!!- March 18, 2015

Wow that week was SO FAST! I felt like last week was really fast, but I am just seeing how these weeks are going like the sand in my hand, you just cannot hold onto it! WOW its just amazing how I am just so happy and loving working in Conani. We are really focusing a lot on less active men, and less active families. This used to be a WARD in a STAKE with 130 to 150 people attending church every week, and now it is a branch in a district with 60ish people attending church every week. SO there is a lot of work to do. There is a man that moved in from Santiago a few months ago that is now the elders quorum president named LORENZO INFANTE. He is awesome! He was branch president out there, and he called as his counselors and secretary 2 former bishops and 1 former branch president. It is just going really well right now.
We taught a lot of lessons to less active this week, but also we tried to focus a little on other investigators. Especially Alfonzo, who is waiting for a new job to get baptized... he is a baseball announcer that supposedly works a lot of Sundays so we will see! He is a man with great faith and we are doing everything. But yeah, we are really excited. I cannot believe that the Lord is so great with us and has helped us so much! we just need to help these people get all that they need in order to get this branch back on its feet.
I don't know what to say... I am just happy family and friends! I love being a missionary! I love everything that we have here. I cannot believe that it is going so fast. WOW I LOVE THIS!!!
Today we went to the firefighters station and got a tour and a class and stuff, it was really fun. Austin was right, those little different things are the best that we can do, I felt really good! THANKS FOR THE TIP!
Dad, happy birthday yesterday. You're just hitting your peak my man, and I love you because YOU ARE THE BEST! I think about how you and Mom helped us so much to become real servants of Christ and how we have testimonies. I know that you were chosen to be a leader in Zion in these last days BEFORE this world was formed, and I know that if I can just try and follow the example that you have set before me, all will be well.
I love this work, I love the Lord. Thanks for everything!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. Helping someone move! DOMINICAN STYLE!!

2. With Elder Orrellana in the Fire Truck!!

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