Sunday, March 15, 2015


I love the mission! I feel like those last 7 days that past by right now were the fastest 7 days ever! I feel like I was just emailing! But it was a great week. We taught a lot of people and we could see people changing things. Not too many people came to church, but one of them, Reynaldo Cabas, who is a less active 23 year old, is really excited to get back into things. He wants to make things right with the Lord. Also, he brought his friend and gave him to us as a referral so that we can go visit him tomorrow! But in the branch this week like 50 or 60 come weekly, but we are working on that. (Elder Mendez says that things are going well in Bella Vista, and that Roberto is progressing a lot. We will see later how the others are doing)
Also, we have an investigator that has come almost every week for a really long time named Alfonzo Cruz. He has been an investigator for a long time and knows a lot, but says that he wants to get baptized when he understands everything. We have explained to him that AFTER BAPTISM and when he has the gift of the Holy Ghost is when he will understand a lot more, but we will see. He has a date for March 28th, and he is a pretty fast paced guy in the lessons, asking like 40 questions a lesson. So, we have decided to go to his house and answer all the questions he has about everything! He asks really specific and exact questions, and pays a lot of attention to every word. But, we just need to work with him and he said that lately we have been helping him with a lot of doubts he had about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the Plan of Salvation etc.
Just as I did a lot in Villa Gonzalez, I have been looking for less actives with my companion from the directory, and we have found a few people that are really excited. We found one family named Waldy and Michel, and we are going to see if we can help them with their relationship. We just need to get Christ in their family and things will get better!
Yesterday we had a meeting with A LOT of members in it. It was our weekly mission coorelation meeting, and they were really excited. Seems like the people here are going to work hard, and we are going to plan a few activities next week to be able to help the members know how to work in the Lords vineyard so that it becomes more comfortable for them.
I am just so happy! I have nothing to complain about. We are walking A LOT and thats just good stuff, its the mission. My time is slowly running out and its really really sad, but we just have got to work work work and leave all we got on the table. God is great and we are his instruments in this carnal state, doing all we can to win this life long battle. I feel great!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. Elder Bartholomew and I working to clean out a property of one of the sisters of the ward!

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