Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Real Quick- May 6, 2015

I dont have a lot of time, but its been a good week.
Thanks for all you all wrote me! BETHANY IS LEAGUE CHAMP WUT WUTT!!! HAHA that is awesome bethany! Keep it up. Also,  good work COLE. But yeah its all going well here in Conani. We have seen a great progress in Junior and Laura. We had a really powerful lesson on Monday with them, where really we could feel that they WANT to follow Christ. Now it isnt just a gospel conversation for them, it is the possibility to become something new. Junior talked about how much he wants to leave the life he has lived until now and how he has been doing all that he can with that, but we promised him that IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO DO IT 100% WITHOUT CHRIST. And for the first time, he was not talking much. He was just thinking, pondering. We specifically talked about the Law of Chastity and a Baptismal plan, and we felt a real desire that they had to do these things, but are going to talk later.
God is great. We are really seeing that a less active man, Juan Reynoso, is getting exciting. He decided that he wanted to go to church in a shirt and tie and everything, which was new. He had been a counselor to a bishop and everything, but now we are helping him get back on track. We talked a little aboout the unity of a couple in the Gospel and he expressed desires to get better and do things better as a husband and as a member of the church.
I am reading in 3rd Nephi, which is incredible. God is so fair all the time! These people would be so great then God would bless them! Then they went the other way, as did He. I really imagine the experiences that the Nephites had in meeting the same Savior of the world, and WOW it would just be unreal to see what they saw. When he prayed then they cried then he blessed the children and all those unbelievable things happened made me think of his LOVE. LOVE is what he has and is what He uses to help us. Love is everything, and it really made him obedient and diligent. All of what he did sprouted out of his charity, and when we really really really have charity, we wont just help others but we will always obey WITH EXACTNESS and be diligent in the work that God wants us to do.
Thanks for everything! Next time I write, i will be 20!
Elder Murphy

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