Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What a Week!- April 29, 2014

Wow, it has been a pretty solid week. We have seen some great progress in a lot of people and we are really happy to be with the Lord here in Conani, and I love it here. I want him to bless us not for us, but for the people. So, we just have got to WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK and OBEY OBEY OBEY. So I will talk really quick about a few people that have helped us.
Papi Payano was considered a less active but now is considered active! The way that we count it is by callings, most of the the time, and this weekend he was called as 1st counselor in the Sunday School Presidency! He is really really excited to be here. Yesterday he went out with us for 3 hours so that we could go visit a few of his friends and so that we could go with him to other less actives' house. What a great thing! He is great.
Junior and Laura are a family that we have been teaching. He has not been able to take his family to church still because he is working a lot on sundays, but when he has time (and he always intends to every sunday), he will come to church! WITH THE FAM! We put a baptismal date down with them this week and we hope to go on friday to visit them with the Branch President and talk about what is needed to reach and complete with the goal of the baptismal date.
Ricardo and Fior are still moving along, we are just hoping that sooner than later they get the things they need to get married so that Fior can get baptized and Ricardo can be an active member of the church once again like before.
Junior is a less active kid that is 22 and told us this week that he wants to serve a mission! He is going to get better about doing things, and he went with us to make visits on sunday for 3 hours and it was really awesome to see how excited he is to get back! He is on his way.
I dont know if you remember Gabriela and Henry from Bella Vista? THEY ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED!! WOO WOO!! How great is that?? And the other day Elder Mendez called me and told me that they want me to be the best man! How fun is that. I love seeing that the Lord helps people when they help themselves!
It is so great to work here in the Lord's vineyard. I LOVE IT! I really have felt good and am still learning a lot every day! It is crazy to think that SOON I will be there but its reality and it only makes me want to work more and more and more.
GOD IS GREAT! I hope that you all are reading scriptures and loving life. 
It has been really really hot here lately. But, that is all good because its more fun that way. Also we painted a barber shop and it turned out pretty good! We painted it and BAM BAM BAM it wasnt turning out too good. So, i thought that because there were a lot of imperfections, we decided to use the AUSTIN MURPHY PAINTING tecnique. We decided to make those splatter things on the walls and now people come in and say to the member who we helped "who did this? this is so cool!" AHHAHA also we went to golf today and DAD-- GUESS WHO GOT A CHIP IN!! I DID! from 39 feet, i counted my steps just to tell you. I went with Elder Fagersten (a senior couple missionary), my companion, Elder Orrellana and Elder Stanisclaus. It was really fun. I didn't win, but it was good to be back on the green.
Elder Dallin Murphy

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