Thursday, June 18, 2015

Firmeza- June 17, 2015

The mission is great! I am so happy. I love the scriptures, the people and all the things that we can learn being in the service of our God. I love to think about the things I have learned from study, from work, and from the people around me, and I know that the mission has changed me more than I have changed anyone else. 

Once, Jesus Christ was being followed by a lot of people that he had given food among the 5000 that he fed with a little bit of bread and fish. The people thought that he was just going to be the best friend ever, being able to give them food all the time from the nothing, and began to follow him. He knew their intentions, and even though they werent terrible, they didnt understand what "follow him" meant. He then explained to them that they should not be working for the food that goes bad and that only fills us for just a few moments. He said to work for the bread of life, the food that would make them never hunger again. The people didnt understand that all that much, then he told them that HE WAS THE BREAD OF LIFE, and that we much participate of HIM to be able to be filled forever. The things of this earth are important, but not nearly as important as the things that he was teaching. He spoke a little bit directly and clearly to them, then most in that moment stopped following him. Then he looked at his apostles and asked "Will you leave as well?" and Peter, as usual, spoke, saying, "Who will we go to? You are the one with the words for eternal life". Peter and his fellow disciples probably werent too sure about the directness of the Lord's words, but they had experienced so many things that they knew that what he said was true. We, as followers of Christ, need to search for those strong, spiritual experiences that will guide us to know in a way that GOD has led us up until this point and this is the path we need to follow. Many people in this church and out of it try to follow God but say that no, it is too hard. Or that the life of a Christian is to restricting. God is not one to change his values to our comfort level. He loves us SO MUCH that he does not have plans to make us much bigger and greater than we are right now. We just need to be sure, and the way to do that is by reading, praying, fasting, and looking for those impacting spiritual experiences that will edify us and make us into a firm, well founded disciple of Christ. 

God is great. Ricardo and Fior are doing everything that they can to put down their appointment to get married. Robinson has some work to do with some of the commandments, but is stopping drinking and even payed tithing to the branch president this weekend at church. Yerlin is beginning to speak and act as a member of the church, even though she hasnt been baptized yet. God is working with these people a lot, and we are seeing that they are trying to change. 

Sometimes I ask myself what the whole purpose is as missionaries, but I am figuring it out little by little. We are here to help God do what he wants to do. We are here, helping giving people happiness. Helping them be more and more happy every day.

I love the mission, I hope that it never ends! But thats not true, I am just going to work work work until I faint.

Love you all!

Elder Murphy

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