Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Fast and the Furious- June 24, 2015

So I feel like it was yesterday that I wrote you! This is unreal, I cannot believe how much is happening. RICARDO AND FIOR ARE GETTING MARRIED ON FRIDAY!! We have worked so much with them, knowing that there are SO MANY BLESSINGS waiting on them, and finally they took the step to get married! On July 4th, she will get married. One of my beloved older sisters told me that I would baptize a family in the 2 weeks that I got extended, and that will not happen, but a family will be completed!! What a miracle. They have taken like 4 years to make this decision. God is great. 

Also, Yerlin is progressing a lot, along with a few new people. A man named Juan Disla came to church for the first time, and also another 26 year old man named Jose Eduardo. People really want what we have, and they may not be prepared RIGHT NOW to take upon themselves what will be requiered of them, but they will do it some day if they really try. NO ONE IS PREDESTINED TO HAVE ANYTHING LESS THAN WHAT THE FATHER HAS. We only impede ourselves.

Today I went to Villa Gonzalez. God is great. I saw Lin and Veri, Nene's Mom and brother. My goodness, they are so cool. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! They have been so blessed, and talking to them is like talking to my literal family. She says that she has 2 sons on the mission, and 1 started recently and the other, me, is ending in a few weeks. 

I just love the mission. We had a final dinner yesterday with President Douglas as the last group, and he gave us some keys to being an active member forever:

1. READ YOUR SCRIPTURES IN THE MORNING. Your mind is fresh, energetic and is a lot more able to recieve revelation. 
2. PRAY IN THEM MORNING. So simple but imperative for the start of our day. 
3. Always pay a full tithe. Sacrifice promises us so many blessings, and the Lord will test us. When we pass, he will crown us. 
4. Be busy in good things. He said that we cannot waste time like we used to before the mission. 

I will miss the Douglas Family, they have helped us a lot. But, I will see them around. 

Dont worry about me, I am feeling good. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

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