Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh La Vega, La Vega- May 27, 2015

All is moving forward. It never really stops moving we just need to always keep ourselves moving with the work. This Sunday was the first Sunday that Conani, in its history, had Sacrament Meeting as the 1st hour (it was always the 3rd), but we had a pretty good turn out. We were pretty happy when a lot of people came, even though a lot of times people used to come at 10 or 10:30 to just make it to the Sacrament Meeting. We had a few investigators come to church. Sadly, Robinson Payano, one investigator of ours, came but found the doors closed because the Sacrament was being passed. There are windows on the door, and he tried to open it, but the member at the door told him to wait. Thinking that is was some confidencial meeting, he decided to leave. It kind of broke our hearts when we heard that, but he understood really well when we explained it to him so we are fine with that. But, he is progressing really well.
One thing that Robinson doesn't really understand is the whole stand of our church on Alcohol, tabacco, coffee, and tattoos and ear rings for men. But, he is accepting the things that he needs to for the doctrine and we see that he has great potencial to progress. He even said that he is going to keep going to church, now that he understands what happened.
We are seeing how the Lord works. One of the leaders of this Branch, who had moved in not too long ago, moved back to his old branch for work reasons. It is kind of sad because the Branch had plenty of plans to do great things, because of his great experience and knowledge. But maybe it is like Zion's Camp, in the times of Joseph Smith, were God just wanted His men to learn a lesson and grow. Sometimes things do not make 100% sense to us. Sometimes we feel inspired to do somethings, and it doesnt turn out how we think. BUT GOD KNOWS IT ALL and those who doubt are the ones who will be left behind.
My feelings are mixed as i think about how fast time is moving by! I feel really thankful for EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS HERE ON THE MISSION, it is just hard to think that the mission isnt forever. As human beings, we can only see the present, and I love it all here and now. I just hope that God gives me the chance to help these people in the best way that HE KNOWS that I can.
GOD IS GREAT. There is no greater testimony that I can give. I know that I have said it so many times but maybe, some day, I will be able to really understand what I say when I say it. God is great.
Elder Dallin Murphy

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