Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Always looking UP- October 2, 2013

Sorry about last week to those who emailed me, my computer was so slow that I could only write 2 emails in an hour... so lame! but its all good, as long as you know i am alive and I am LOVING IT here. The DR is the greatest thing.
On Friday, we dug a hole. we tried to dig a bathroom hole, i am not sure what it is called haha but it is what they dig underneath the outhouses. but that was the hardest thing, we were sweating our faces off. It was for a newly baptized member of the church, and we got about 2 feet down. it is supposed to go about 10! but we are going to go back and hopefully finish within the time that my mission is over. 

We are seeing all sort of miracles all around. First, we are teaching 2 kids of a less active, gregorio, and it is helping him get back into his good old groove like before. He loves the Gospel, and we are hoping that he can get ready to baptize his kids when the time comes that they are ready for that. also, we were in this really promising investigators house, Ingry, and her brother was there so we were thinking ¨we get to share a message¨ since she is never there with her brother or any men, but then he left... we were already sitting in the house, and she said to wait and she was going to try and find a neighbor or something, she went out and I prayed for her brother who lives with her to come, since we had shared with those two before. she came back and nothing had improved. but she asked us a question about a scripture in the Bible, then who walked in? JODEMI her brother. God answers prayers. Also, we were walking in the rain and then some guy yelled out ¨dont get wet!¨ in english, but we usually dont go when they say that. We went though, and who was visiting that house? another less active, sealed in the temple member. God still works today, showing his love through miracles and blessings every moment. 

Can you buy platanos in irvine? if so, I am stoked and I will make you some good good ones. I love them

We paintballed today, and I got destroyed in my finger. It looks like I got in a fight with some Tigres (Dominican Gangsters) and got the best of them. Which happens on the daily haha just kidding, but yeah it was super fun. Elder Cannons first trainee is one of the District leaders in the Zone, Elder Fabian, he is the man. Just a big buff Dominican elder. 

Oh yeah I missed Eric Banta´s birthday. Love you man, I hope it was a magical day. Keep working

Well, it was a pretty fun week but nothing too crazy. I guess we live in a sketchy neighborhood, but I think that it is calm and nice. I think that my appearance is just too similar to the hatians and dominicans that they think I am just a nice mormon. Just kidding, but these people rock. Except for coming to church, we had zero less actives and zero investigators there. BUT we are working and they have their ability to choose. 

Love you all, keep getting better Wes!!

Elder Murphy the Handsomer one

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