Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's always sunny in VILLA GONZALEZ!- October 9, 2013

I´ve learned a few things on the mission so far... one of the biggest being that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are so good. My diet is literally just carbs 95 percent of the time, but peanut butter and jelly at 9:45 at night is one of the most relaxing parts of the day!
Also, mom, I got the book. THANKS it is so great. I look at the pictures and how good looking and fun family I come from, and I just give thanks over and over again. You all rock! Also, the picture of Chuck the Truck made me shed tears. Thanks

Yesterday we were walking, and we heard something that basically describes the spirit of Villa Gonzalez. We were walking down a street where no one was really out at 7:30 at night, and we hear a grown man proclaim in pure joy ¨llegó la luz!! WEEE HOOOOO!!!¨ which means ¨the light came!¨ I love it. We have light from 4 am to 10:30 am then it shuts off until 7:30ish then goes out again at 11:30. And those are approximates, its pretty iffy. But I love it!

General Conference was so great. First, D Todd Christofferson said he is from New Brunswick? did you know him dad? But that Sunday Morning session was just the greatest thing. I loved it! Elder Eyring, when he said that the way to be happy is keep the commandments, simple as that. That was so great. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS IS NOW OVER! We found it! Then my namesake, Elder Oaks, knocked it out of the Park as well. He is great, basically telling us how it is. If Gods not the top priority.. we have it all wrong. Then President Monson´s final talk was so great. I was a little bit saddened but it was chevere to see him show emotion, being able to connect with how so many people feel. We had one less active come... it was a little disappointing but I wont let that get me down. We are doing all we can! We just need to simply do more. 

On Monday we met with a man, Pedro Pablo, an old Less active thats like 50 with bad drinking, smoking and other Word of wisdom problems. Elder Cannon was talking for a long time so i thought ¨what can I say that will get his attention¨ then the spirit reminded me of DyC 89:21, where it says that when we keep the Word of Wisdom the Destroying Angel will pass over us, or basically that we will live until our time is up.  So I told him that. I was pretty straight forward about it... but I told him we are here to help him because at the moment he doesnt have that promise. He is dealing with some dangerous things, and I told him that he might die from it. But I told him we are here to help him recieve the blessings of the Word of Wisdom. He calmed down and was a little bit more focused after that.

Also, we have been teaching 2 men, Ramon and Santo. Santo is Ramons father, and Ramon was in a bad motorcycle accident so he is all messed up. But they read and understand and love our message. We are hoping that once Ramon can walk, he will come to church and feel the spirit there. He sees the importance of it, reads all the pamphlets, and just is so humble because of this crash. Santo reads the Book of Mormon like no other, and just loves it. He actually remembers everything too and gives us a good synopsis every time! I love these guys. They are some of my favorite people to teach because I can just feel that they WANT to learn and WANT the blessings. They dont have to say it, theyre just so humble and desire more in life. 

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSE!! LOVE YOU!! You are seriously the coolest sister ever AHAH top 3. I love you because you brought my twin Dane into the world and you and I have similar facial structure and stuff. People alwasys say we look EXACTLY the same when they see our pics. Thats good for me! Love you sis, keep working hard and loving my nephew. and Tommy, tell him I say HELLO

Well thats all I have today, stay lovely

Elder Murphy

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