Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the Weekly- October 23, 2013

So the weather heated back up. I dont think it is that hot, it is just pretty hot and I sweat but its not unbearable, but I laugh because all the Dominicans say that its SO HOT and they cant survive! haha I am sitting there and wondering how they can think that it is so hot. They forget what a month and a half ago felt like. IVE BEEN HERE FOR 2 MONTHS! Isnt that crazy? I love it. 
On Friday we continued digging a hole for someone's outhouse, but this time an investigator of ours who does the digging for a living came to help us. We basically doubled the depth which was just great. He is just a man of a man, he is a very strong. And a really cool guy!

So we started an english class, and the first two weeks we had 2 people each week. On Saturday we had one last lesson set up with Rafaelito, who lives way up a big hill like a mile up then we got there and guess who was there! NOT HIM so then we had to go down and walk about a half hour to the chapel and we walked in and the sister missionaries said ¨theres a lot of people upstairs¨ and I wasnt too sure what to think of a lot of people because a lot of people at things here is like 7 or 8. We walk in and there was 17! Our main man Fellito broght 5 haitian brothers with him and then there were a couple people from the branch then a few more who I had no idea who they were. It was so funny. During the lesson, I was sitting next to Fellito and Nene, our branch mission leader. Nene could not figure out how to say ¨speak¨but what saying ¨ehh speak¨ so fellito and I were trying to help him. He just couldnt get it! So Fellito placed his hand on the back of Nene´s head, and told him to just go "ssssssssssssssss" then was like ¨ahora peak!¨ and nene did it! It was so funny how excited they got. We gave fist bumps and congratulations all around to the 3 of us, these people are SO FUNNY. 

Basilio, a 30 year old less active came to church. That was all we had, but he is so great. He has elephantitis in his leg so it is huge, and it is hard to walk and he is embarrassed by it often. We met him on our first day here, and he is just a good friend. He always has good questions for us like ¨hey whats your favorite animal¨ and things like that. Someday a picture willl come with him because he is just a really great friend and we got a special connectoin. 

It is hard to say what else... not much else happened this week. But it is crazy to hear about the Northwood Girls Volleyball breaking news and I hope they know they got a thug waiting for them to come take over the world on JV named B├ęthany. I am glad Wes is home, he's a fighter and just keeps working hard. NOTHING LETS HIM DOWN. 

Life here is good. It is hard, we sweat a lot, and make a lot of rice, but man it is good. Today I had a thing called Yaroa, which is fries, meat, ketchup, mayonnese, and cheese. I had 2 big ones HAH! I am eating so much but maintaining my weight of 185. I just burn everything off. And mom, I don't eat the fruit because I actually have to wash it and stuff and that takes too long. We make smoothies kind of, like fruit, milk, sugar, a little bit of vanilla, and ice. that stuffs good. And we had a spagetti version the other day YUMMM spagetti batida. 

Love you all, talk to you soon. 


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