Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dominican Republic- October 30, 2013

This week was a pretty fun one. We had 18 people this time in English Class! It is so fun. We see the students around every once in a while and say hi and try and have a little conversation in English. It is so fun. Theres this one neighborhood that people say is really sketchy, especially at night. It may be because people here are a little racist and this neighborhood is basically all hatians, but I can see a little bit that it may be dangerous. BUT we have students in there! So we dont have to worry ahahha.

Mom, I have been taking your advice on the fruit thing. On thursday, friday, and saturday we had Batidas (those things with fruit, milk, SUGAR and ice) and we had a papaya batida, then the next day we got a Guanabana from our good friend Ezequiel, then we had a mango one. Man this place ROCKS. Then we went on a hike today to the hills behind our house. We walked for so far and found some fruit trees! We went with a friend of ours, Miguel, who is a 19 year old kid thinking about going on a mission. He talks so fast and I cannot understand him a lot of the time but hes a great guy and we had a good time. And I brought water. Dont worry mama

On sunday we had a good showing at church! We had Gregorio (less active) and his 2 kids who are progressing towards baptism, then also Basilio, the man, and then 2 sisters who are less active we have worked with and their kids! The sisters were such a suprise! We didnt even think we reminded them about church, but they just walked in and I was so happy! Its kind of hard that more people that say they will go dont, but the little blessings are what keeps me going. I was so happy when all of them walked in,  that was a good day. 

Monday Night we were planning for the next day when the sister missionaries from the branch called. Hermana Manarang said that they have been teaching a 9 year old boy, Oscar, and they asked him who he wanted to baptize him. He said me!!I was so honored and humbled by the fact that a little boy first knows who I am and trusts me to do such a thing. I was pretty happy with that. 

What else happened... there wasnt much. OH YEAH there are a few families that we have been working so hard with, or that are active in the branch, that want to get split up for various reasons. That was so hard to sit there and listen to them accuse and yell and one of them I stopped and told them that they are under convenant with the Lord and if they want to fix things they know where to go. I showed 3 Nephi 19 27 (or wherever it is on contention) and how it is of the devil. We are going to work, but man that was hard to see. Just when we feel like we are figuring things out, BAM life gives us another run for your money. We just are going to keep working. 
Love you all


p.s. AUSTIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE YOU LOVE IT I think that I love you most because of your example to me and the fact that I can always look to you for the path I should follow. Cole is lucky to have you as an older brother, and I am trying to become an example to him as you are right now. Thanks brah for everything
1st pic Nene the branch mission leader and his nephew Isaias, the cutest little baby. 

2. That was on the hike today


4. Miguel and I on the hike

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