Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dominican Republic- November 13, 2013

So this week has been really exciting. First, thursday we had a GREAT activity with about 60 people at the church building playing games like musical chairs and human knot, and the people just loved it. We got some good less active members there, so that was too great. Everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. That day, we visited with a less active man, Frank. He is pretty amazing, he is on the SWAT. But we challenged him to read the Book Of Mormon, cover to cover, before he got back on work (since he really messed up his wrist or hand) and he is doing it. YEAH
Then Saturday we had a baptism! The sisters have been teaching Fatima for a long time. She is the daughter of a man in the ward, and Nene, the ward mission leader, baptized her. It was a cool experience for him since he became a priest the sunday before, so he was nervous and freaking out the whole time. But I assured him he would do great. When he was doing it, Elder Kunzler and I were the witnesses. (Elder Cannnon went to the baptism of the lady who got married a few weeks ago that he taught in his previous area) and I really felt the spirit. You could feel and see the room fill with the Spirit of the Lord and it burned in us. It was a really cool experience. 

Oh yeah the office elder, Elder Astacio, brought Elder Cannon back along with those really big bottles and we filled up about 15 with water from the church to wash clothes and to bathe. Then we got water the next day. Its all in a tank underneath the house, and the pump to carry it to the top of the house into another tank is broken, so we are stilll using the water in the bottles. We had clean water, we just drink bottled water in the big bottles, but yeah we were just lacking water to do all other things. 

I heard there was a meteor up there! That is pretty crazy.

It was my half birthday, thanks for remembering. 

BETHANY KEEP DOING WORK SISTER! And yeah that was sad to hear about Boys and Girls Club Basketball. Dad, Brent and I worked hard to keep it afloat, but theres not much you can do sometimes. Some things are just meant to fall. THAT MEANS COLE CAN NOW PLAY VOLLEYBALL!! YEAHHH!!

And then yesterday we saw one of our english class students, and we shared a lesson with him. He was pretty dang interested, I am excited. He is really smart, hatian, and speaks like 3.5 languages. He is really excited to read the book of mormon. His name is Chelo, lets hope he keeps it up.

Thanks for everything, and thats awesome to hear about Ben Jafek!! When does he report!? I want to email him when he is in.


Ward activity.
Fried yucca and mac and cheese
Christmas tree in the DR

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