Monday, November 25, 2013

The life- November 20, 2013

The Zone conference was really good! President Douglas has a way to speak so quietly and smoothly without raising his voice that makes you realize his authority and how he knows what he is talking about. MAN he is a great guy. ALL that was talked about during the zone conference was obedience, obedience, obedience. And priorities of whats more important, Christ or your family, your girlfriend, a personal cell phone, video games, sports, or anything. It went down hard, everyone (i hope) came out loving it and learning how to rededicate ourselves to the work.
My new companion is named Elder Villanueva! It was sad to see Elder Cannon go... he is a great elder and I learned a lot from him. But thats the mission, and I am excited for change. He is from Tiajuana Mexico, but knows a lot of English. I kind of wanted to have someone who knew no english... I need to work a lot on my spanish. I feel confident speaking, but I was hoping to HAVE IT DOWN asap but President knows whats best, I am excited. 

Nene and Miguel, from the branch, are both thinking about starting their mission papers to go out! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! That is the last conversation we had with them before Elder Cannon left, they are really good guys and theyll be good missionaries. They are the ones that go out with us the most in the branch, and I feel like puting elders in the area really helped get these guys excited to go out and serve. 

Yesterday also we said goodbye to Basilio... That was really sad. He really loves Elder Cannon and I, and we gave him a blessing before we left and took pictures, but after all that and we were about to leave, he began to cry. He is probably the most pure hearted soul I have ever met in my life. He is about 30 years old, and with this illness he has, he is so suprisingly positive and happy and just tries to do what is right all the time. He lives about a 20 minute walk from the church and still walks and does all he can to follow christ. 

Oh yeah, Diego, a baseball player in the branch, is getting looked at by a few colleges in the USA, can you give me the contact info of the BYU sports or Baseball team? that would be awesome. He is like 22 and throws 93ish. 

Oh yeah, can somebody send me the pic of the cover photo of my facebook event of my farewell? We have a really poor area that looks so familiar... It may be the same picture. we will see!

I am realizing now how important it is just to work, work, work and be as obedient as possible. That is what is most important. Life is hard as a missionary, but the best life I could ever ask for. 

I hope all is well out there in the VINE, it is nice and cool here during the night, I am actually getting a little bit dry on my hands and my face. The winter here rocks. 

I am excited to hear from you all on Christmas! But one thing is that I am not sure what we will do... Since it is skyping. uhh but yeah or it is calling. We will let you know as we get closer! 

Love you all! 

Bethany and cole and everyone else... YOUD BETTER BE READING YOUR SCRIPTURES DAILY it makes all the difference.
 Gigantic Dominican moth.

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