Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I GOT THE PACKAGE- December 4, 2013

I got the christmas package, it was just what I needed.. I LOVED IT! Especially the pictures. I am showing these pictures of dane and the fam to the people of Villa and they LOVE him. He is great.
So this week was alright. I was a little sick, with the cold. I am not sure how I got that, it was either because at night it is like 65 or 60 and now that is cold for me, or because everyone in the DR gets sick with this and here you need to shake hands with every person you talk to for more that 7 seconds. But theres nothing better than this! We are working hard, teaching a lot, and loving everything here. 

On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference, and it was pretty great. and ALL 3 of our investigators with a baptismal date this month came! CHELO CAME he is such a great guy. We went from the chapel, and then rented a bus to take us about 30 minutes to santiago at the stake center. It was a party. it was packed haha but so fun. Chelo is really a prepared soul of the Lord, he has the desire and does the stuff. He has a date for the 28th. we may have to move Jean Carlos and Lucia to the 28th as well because they learn  slowly and we may have to give them some more lessons. That would make 5 baptisms that day (the hermanas have 2 on that day as well) and Villa Gonzalez would be very happy. 

Something funny and iffy was during a lesson with JC and Lucia. We went back over the Word of Wisdom, and they remembered!! But then Lucia, the 11 year old girl she is, said 'oh yeah! hah! I drink coffee!' WHAT so then we had to give them a talk and make sure that they stop drinking that coffee. Forever. Then they said 'ok!' so its all good. But elder villanueva wasnt too happy. But now its ok.

One thing I am excited for is LA NOCHE BUENA which is the 24th. Basically, they feast and feast on pork, chicken, moro, rice, chofaun, all the goods. I am going to gain so much weight. Then turn it into muscle. but really I love the food here so much I am so excited to show it to the world over irvine some day. 

Love you all! Thanks for everything, I think about you a lot but I dont miss you because that makes a missionary TRUNKY and thats not in my vocabulary.


1 and 2 the view from LA PIEDRA
3 this is at the zoo today HAAH

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