Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another week of the good life- January 15, 2014

HAHA I never knew you were so funny at home, reading all the emails I get just makes me realize that maybe I should have given you all more credit for your sense of humor. 
It was a pretty regular week, nothing too crazy happened. The work is pretty similar every day, but I love it!

I´ll start with the questions my mom asked:

1. How is your branch doing? - Man its great. We are just seeing a lot of help from a lot of members. We had about 60 people in sacrament meeting last week, 5 less actives and 4 investigators. People are stoked about the gospel! I sometimes act here as Elders Quorum President, and sometimes as Branch President because people just dont finish their job at times here. but we work hard and we do well!  Nene and Miguel are almost done with their papers, and it is just a good way to see things go. One thing though about Villa Gonzalez is at times people dont see the importance of fidelity, and it really kills the spirit at times. But why do we fall? to learn to pick ourselves back up.

2. Investigators?- Chelo and Juan Luis have baptismal dates for next saturday, and it all looks pretty good. We are hoping that the Lord provides, but really it is too great. We are setting a lot of baptismal dates on people, and we are seeing a good response! People want to make the covenants with the Lord, and that is just an inspired way to help them with that. 
Zone Conferences? we have them every other transfer, and I am pretty sure I have told you about them! But our zone was split, and now it is just 16 missionaries. And we have a 4 missionary district, the 4 missionaries in Villa Gonzalez. 

But yeah, we really are just living life and loving our time here in Villa Gonzalez. I have to really work hard and keep at it, and as it says in Preach My Gospel, Diligence is to work hard, especially when youre tired and not too excited. i have realized really a few things in personal study, but especially the words of Jacob in Jacob 1:19, which talks about how if we don't work hard enough, the blood of the sins of others stain OUR garments in the last day. If we don't do all we can in our short time here, we are just bringing more condemnation upon ourselves. (Moroni 9:6) But it really is the funnest time of my life and I have never really enjoyed 6 months so quickly. Oh yeah, happy 6 months!

Thanks for all you do. I love you all, and hope you keep working hard!

Dallin Murphy

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