Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Water and Fire- January 29, 2014

helo and Juan Luis got baptized this week! Wow what an experience! I baptized them both as Elder Villanueva had the opportunity to confirm them both. WOW theyre so great! People talked a lot about the fact that missionaries find those Golden investigators who are just ready to change their lifes, and they were two of them that were just ready to go. They´ve become two of my best friends, I am so glad they had the opportunity to come closer to Christ. (yes mom, chelo is haitian but he was born here and speaks spanish way better than creole. and juan luis is dominican). But juan luis moved the sunday after church... MAN! He was going to help out a lot here, but he is going to help in the ward he lives in now.

In church we had Ambioris, Wilson, Brittani, a man named Leonardo (picture) and this really nice lady named Ignacia and her husband Miguel! The Lord has really put some prepared people in our way. The only thing holding Ambioris back from being baptized is that his wife doesnt want to get married. Hes 48 and shes 25, but hes such a good guy! JUST DO IT! ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!! Leonardo came then on monday we had a lesson with him that just really was rather weird... creepy and sketchy. I dont think we are going back. For a more detailed story on that, youll have to wait. Ignacia is a rather poor lady who just has great faith. She has 9 kids, and she wants to change and help her kids grow in the gospel. The only thing is that shes not too sure if her husband, miguel, wants to get married. BUT WE PRAY FOR MIRACLES.

I have been really tested in my pride at times, and have learned that I have a lot to learn in my patience. I need to understand more of where others are coming from. I have a vision and I want to do it! But at times people on the sides are more important than whats ahead of me at the moment. The Good Samaritan had a good excuse to keep going forward but paused to help someone in need. I need to get better at that. I need to be more patient. I see in my studies that that is one great example of Christ, the patience. People fall, and we are here to  help them back up.

I love reading about Alma and Amulek in the Book of Mormon, what great missionaries they were. They had it clicking!

Is there yuca out there? its a root food that is really popular out here.

love you all, thanks for the prayers!

Elder Dallin

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