Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 1 of 2014- January 8, 2014

MAN the Lord is way too nice to us. I will explain why I say that in a second. But wow austin DOING WORK IN THE FREEZE what a guy. I hope people realize what he does for this work. But for those people who told my mom that I looked burnt in the picutures, thanks... now I am going to get the sunscreen talk AGAIN. HAHA just kidding, but really I dont get sunburnt. Ive gotten burnt like 2 times here, I am just a nice dark version of what you all know. Just turning into a true Dominican!
IF WES CAME TO SANTIAGO THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! I hope that would mean I would be near Santiago, you never know with these transfer things. I am just taking advantage of the good time I have in Villa Gonzalez. We had the branch council meeting, and the Branch President said ¨look everyone, I know that there were many people here on their knees PRAYING that Elder Murphy would stay. Take advantage of it! work with the missionaries!¨ and that made me feel good to know that they think of me that way.

But man, the Lord helped us A LOT. We found Ambioris, an AWESOME guy, once again after not finding him for 6 weeks. He came to church, hes reading a lot in the Book of Mormon, he is really working hard to come closer to Christ. Also, Juan Luis came to church, and also Lin. But one AWESOME thing was when I was up to give my testimony, this less active lady and her son came in, Rosy and Wilson. I WAS SO HAPPY I almost couldnt control breaking out in a HUGE smile. And I kind of did. And she liked it a lot, and now wants her kids to get baptized! Wow! and they want to too! The Lord really places people in our way. 

Chelo didnt come to church, so we had to reschedule his baptism until the 25th. It is ok, he is fine with that. He really rocks, and is really ready. We wont postpone again. 

Monday, we went out at 10am to get to work. A lot of missionaries dont even go out at 10 because in the morning it is hard to find people. But we do what the Lord says and we went out. We stopped at a 3 way intersection and I asked Elder Villanueva which way we should go. He said left. We walked up a street we had tracted on like 6 times, and just began walking. I saw a guy sitting in his seat, and we passed his house. I said ¨Lets go back¨ so we talked to him. LESS ACTIVE MEMBER! He expressed his real desire to change and put forward a plea for help. We are going to do all we can. But yeah, it was a cool little miracle. 

But, it was a great week. I enjoy every minute and my testimony is growing so much. Villa Gonzalez is great. 

Love you all, keep it up!

Elder Murphy

p.s. If anyone wants to see the cutest christmas card, look at Alyse and Tommy Leininger´s. I now have that in my scriptures to show people because MY GOODNESS HOW CAYUTE!!

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