Thursday, January 23, 2014

Through the fire and the flames- January 22, 2014

Heres the answers to the questions you had mom!
1. we still do English class! Not so much people come, but it is all good because I feel like the weak ones got filtered out from my hard core style of teaching HAHA just kidding, its good though. like 8 to 10 come, all haitians!
2. We have a baptism this saturday of Chelo and Juan Luis! They are such studs, they are working so so so hard to succeed and come closer to Christ, it is amazing. Chelo went to a young single adult activity with diego, miguel, and Nene and he had a lot of fun. But he kept saying ¨todavia me falta murphy!¨ which means that its all good there, but wheres his boy Elder Murphy? HAHA i love that guy.
3. Elder Rincon´s dad did die, which was hard. But he went home for 2 days, and was able to do some good work out there. He gave a pamphlet and a book of mormon to his Uncle and now his uncle is baptised. Its really amazing, I talked to him and he said it was hard but he is glad to be out here and just loves the work. hes a good example to me. 

But yeah, its been an AWESOME week. We had 76 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT??? I have never been so grinny in my life. It was the most ever seen in Villa Gonzalez. We had 7 investigators, Chelo, Juan Luis, Ambioris, Nene´s friend Carlito, and the children of Rosi, brian, wilson and Brittani. WOW! And 4 less active members who we work with too! AHH I WAS SO HAPPY it was so fun! Really I love it. Nene was saying ¨murphy this is your hard work!¨ which I would like to agree with but really its all just the blessings the Lord sees fit to give me. 

Mom, I know you said that you would like to come back to visit with me someday. I made the promise to Miguel and Nene that I wouldnt come back and visit until they returned from their missions. I hope youre okay with that, they leave soon and I wouldnt want to come back without seeing them. Theyre going to be awesome missionaries, nene goes out with us literally whenever we ask, which is like 3 or 4 days of the week. He always says ¨the biggest rule to the smallest, I am going to keep them. And if my companion doesnt agree, we are going to have problems¨ hes going to be THE MAN out there. 

But yeah, its been a real special time here. We are helping people out and I feel so much like a servant of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My life is this work, and I wouldnt change it for anything. I want so bad to help these people! They are so great. I have never been so happy, and it is a little sad to think that I am already a fourth of the way done. i have to use my time wisely!

Love you all, thanks for your prayers. 

Elder Murphy

p.s. I remembered it was Mallory Mortensen´s bday on the 20th, I hope shes finishing up these papers because THIS ARMY OF 80000 MISSIONARIES NEEDS HER TOO!

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