Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hablar con todos- February 26, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WOW! What a boss!! It is so exciting to hear that tomorrow he will be 13 big years old. I feel like just yesterday he was turning 11 and Alyse admitted her pregnancy of Dane!! HAHA but yeah that was so fun. I think that tomorrow Camille will have a special little thing to tell cole XD
But I love Cole for so many reasons... He is just a good looking, tall, blonde heck of a guy. I really look up to him and his humility, he thinks Austin and I are WAY too good of examples and all of that. He really tries to learn a lot and just wants to succeed and will work to get it. He is my example. 

But this week in Hato Mayor was pretty fun. But Mom had questions on a few things, so first off our apartment is a little old, but pretty big. I have my own bathroom, it is just 2 of us, Elder Salgado and I. My shower head is a pipe sticking out of the wall, and it is still cold showers EVERY DAY! We live on a second floor and can see the momument from our house. Umm We have another companionship in our ward, Elder Mendoza from Peru and Elder Vasquez from El Salvador. He is going to teach me the magic of Pupusas soon, so Dad, get pumped. We see them every so often, a few times a week. 

But this week was talking with EVERYONE! We really are just super excited and talk with as many people as we can. We focus a lot on talking with men, because all the women will talk with us but we have a rule that we cannot teach lessons without a man present, so we teach men and try to involve their families. We are finding really awesome people. The first week we found a guy named Del Fin Mont├íz and his sons, Sandy and Randelfin. They were super stoked, and they just sick everything in. They are super cool guys so hopefully they keep reading and we will involve Del Fin´s wife the next time we go by. Everything just makes so much good sense to them!

It is just so cool to be able to talk with people whenever you want, whoever you want. People here are really open. President Douglas has set it as a goal that we talk with everyone, at least yelling out ¨Saludos!!!¨ Or something like that to make someone´s day. It is pretty fun. And Elder Salgado likes to do it too, so we just do straight WORK. 

My spanish is feeling really good. I almost speak no english, and it will be that way for a while. But my grammar is basically down, but i just want to become a native dominican tigre with my spanish. That means that I am just flowing words like no other. I am just loving the life of a missionary for the Lord´s church. He blesses us day by day with life and energy to serve him. I feel like James, who said in James 4:14 that the life is like a vapour, it just comes and goes. THE MISSION IS GOING TOO FAST!!

Love you all, keep up the good work. I hope to hear good news next week. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

p.s. can someone tell me how northwood vball does? thats the only team I care about haha, the heat dont matter but former Brian Hughes show is something else


1. Elder Salgado and I in front of a sweet painting on the wall of the Book of Mormon and the Bible in front of the Chapel.


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