Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!- March 12, 2014

Dad, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You're 50 years old my big man!! HAHA wow youre almost old! But I love dad because really he is just a straight up example. The way he lives such a moderate, humble life, keeping the most important things first. He was my bishop in my growing years, and I woulnt have had it any other way! It amazes me how great of a guy he is, and if I can be like him one day I will be pretty content. AND i love him for his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on hot dog buns. 
Wow, that is really hard to hear about Julie... She was one of my favorite people ever, seriously. First of all, she GAVE us Murphy, the greatest dog in the whole entire world. She always was so happy and willing to talk to me about whatever I was doing in life. She let me hold her baby that one day, I remember, when her baby, Gavin, was blessed . I sat there and sat there and sat there, ate some good tacos and had a great conversation with her. I really owe her a lot, and I will never be able to forget her. My prayers are with you Lanny and Barbara, you raised her to be a wonderful woman and daughter of God. They'll all be together again, with Joel and Julie. 

But this week was pretty good. Although ZERO people came to church that we have been teaching, the only thing we do is keep working like there is not tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, we do it once again. I had an exchange with Elder Morales, one of our Zone Leaders, and it was a pretty good time. 

I feel like that week was just too fast, I am not sure what to tell you guys.  We are just working and I really cannot explain how happy I am. The mission will be the greatest thing I ever do, and I will never regret one minute. I really can testify of the things I teach, in the spanish I have learned until now, and it is an honor and a priviledge to carry 2 names on my plaque. First the name of Jesus Christ, who I represent and who I love and who I try to follow in every breath I take. The second is the Murphy name. Although dominicans only know of Eddie Murphy and laugh because he is black and I am white, I work to make my mom, dad, grandparents, siblings and all other family members proud of Elder Dallin Murphy.

Love you all, 

Elder Daliln Murphy

1. This is our district, Elder Mendoza, Salgado, Vasquez, and Murphy

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