Friday, March 7, 2014

The Dream Lives On- March 5, 2014

So this was a pretty good week. First off though, Mom, I need to know my blood type. They told me that I had to find out and I don't want to get it tested, that is just a big fat waste of time, so if you could tell me I would be SO GRATEFUL!!
But yeah, we are coming along little by little here in Hato Mayor. We had 3 investigators in church, Francisco "Bocho", a lady named Noelia, and a guy named Norman. Noelia and Norman have been investigators for more than like 3 years, so it is going to be a test for me to try and get them to GET COMMITTED TO WHAT THE LORD WANTS THEM TO DO!! But Francisco is a newer guy. His kids and his wife are all members, and he is now wanted to get baptized. One thing though is that he thinks he knows everything and a lot of times he doesnt quite allow us to talk!! HAHA But it is pretty good stuff. He is hilarious, but just doesn't want a few "kids in terms of the things of God", in his own words, teaching  him. But we are all friends and he is coming along well. 

Also, there are a few people that are here that are just AWESOME. I don't understand, the missionaries that were here before really weren't trying very hard because there are so many people that are so prepared to recieve the gospel of Jesus Christ!! We are teaching A LOT and it is just so much fun. I love teaching, and we are just talking with nearly everybody here in Hato Mayor. That is a goal that President Douglas has for us, he wants us to TALK WITH EVERYONE and that is what we are doing. 

Yesterday we had a Specialized Training in the mission office (which is like 5 minutes in a Ruta from our house) and it was pretty good. They talked about how we can complete with our goals that we set, and President Douglas gave  us a good hard talk on obedience. He said  "there are some people who just think that they are smarter than the Lord. They say that they dont have to go out in the time slot of 10 to 12 in the morning because there is nothing to do, although the Lord says we need to. There are people that say that they can sleep until 7am instead of 6:30 because it doesnt do anything to sleep a little bit more, although the Lord says that we need to get up at 6:30. There are some people who say that it is ok to teach a girl without a man present because we are stronger than any temptation that confronts us, even though the Lord tells us what we need to do. We are not smarter than the Lord. Do what he says." GET EM PRESIDENT. I love that guy. 

Oh yeah one more thing! I got a package from Elder Bowles (from south Jordan Utah) because he is in Dajabon, the area closest to Haiti. There there is a market that sells ties for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and they are just sweet ties, so I am now excited. I told him I would pay him back but he sent me like 8 ties. Dad would love these ties. In the picture below, you will see a CLASSIC DR tie. FAT, striped and a cool pattern.

Love you all!! See you later

Elder Dallin Murphy

1. Check out that tie!

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