Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tuesday is Pday today!!- March 18, 2014

So today I am writing because tomorrow we have a zone conference with Elder Civic of the Seventy!! WOO! That guy is super cool. So for those who thought that they would write me today or tomorrow, sorry about that. I forgot to mention in last week!! But hey, look at  the blessings... YOU GET TO HEAR FROM ME 2 TIMES IN A WEEK.
But this week was stake conference here in the Santiago East stake. It was pretty cool. The saturday night session was A member of the stake presidency, then a nice lady from the stake, then President Douglas, then the Temple President President Almonte, then Sister Civic and then Elder Civic. That was awesome! Something awesome that said the first speaker was that parents are too often worried more about  helping their kids survive (food, water, light, medication) and they forget too often about whats most important! TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. That is the most important duty of a parent. Spiritually feed them. Then the sister said that the mission work is Keeping your covenants and helping others make and keep covenants with the Lord as well. That was an awesome thing to hear. 

 Then on sunday it was The stake president, then Sister Douglas , the President Douglas, then Sister Almonte, then President Almonte, then  Sister Civic, then Elder Civic. IT WAS A PACKED SESSION! But yeah it was so cool. One funny thing that the stake president said was he said that on his mission he was there with his companion one time when 2 men came up and said "hey! We want to fight you guys with only the bible" talking about bible bashing. Then the stake president said "ok!!" and hit the guy in the face with his bible HAHAHAHAH then the guy got mad and the stake president said "why would you  use the hold Word of God to cause contention?? that is the opposite of the use it has. we are here to share and invite people to learn more. Nothing more."  That was an awesome thing that he said.  Before the mission people tried to argue and I was there LETS GO but now  I am here and I hate when people want to argue. I know my bible, I can do it, but it is just a fat waste of time. There are missionaries who waste their study time trying to prepare to argue with different specific religions, but I just feel like the Devil is winning in that one. 3 Nephi 11 talks about how contention is not of God, but of the Devil. And I am not here to help the work of Satan progress.

But I am here to help the work of God progress here in Hato  Mayor! Daily I am walking, getting tanner and thinking "wow! I am actually here. I am actually a missionary and I am in the Dominican republic, speaking fluent spanish just living the life. there is nothing better than this" then the next day it is the same. It feels like yesterday I was too worried about things that now seem like nothing. Although it was fun, THERE IS NO GREATER JOY THAN WHEN YOU SEE THE DESIRE IN THE EYES OF SOMEONE TO CHANGE AND COME CLOSER TO CHRIST. There is nothing better. I told one of my companions once that the life I lived before the mission has been lived, and I dont want to return back to that. I want to get back home as a changed servant of the Lord, I want to be better and stronger. I want to be able to say that I was a missionary and I gave it all I had, 150% of what I had. The Lord doesnt respect more than our obedience, diligence, humility and faith. Thats what I am trying to do. 

That is awesome to see that Mom and Dad could have enjoyed the magical last moments of my fathers young life. Youre a big boy now dad! HAHA but seriously, that is just crazy. I feel like it was just yesterday and I was thinking about how Dad was going to have a sweet party at 50... that was before the age change HAHA!! But I love you dad, and Mom!! Youre awesome!

I also did something that would make Dad so proud. I participated in what Dad loves most after the gospel.. PUPUSAS. I would send you pictures but I cant find the chord at the moment. BUT SERIOUSLY DAD I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE IT AND YOU ARE GOING TO JUST LOVE IT WHEN I GET BACK. I am going to teach you all how to cook all that I know now, it is so fun. 

But hey, I hope all is well.  I hope Bethany is good, shes pretty busy.  I pray for you all on the daily, and I hope you are all reading your scriptures!!

Have a good week,  I will email on next wednesday! (p.s. it is like 99%  for sure I am going to be with Elder Salgado another transfer. He is finishing and President Douglas  told me that my responsibility is to help him finish well. SO THATS WHAT I WILL DO!)

Love you all, GOODNESS I LOVE YOU ALL haha oh austin.

Elder Murphy

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