Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Luscious Living- April 23, 2014

This week was Semana Santa, which is the week that mainly the Catholic Church celebrates to comemorate Christ for the sacrifice he made. We only have really celebrations on sunday, but it was an awesome time. It means that no one works and no one does anything from friday to sunday, just drink, go on vacation out of the city and listen to music. BUT it was super fun. Although we didnt join in on the fun, we really were able to work well.
They do this thing called Habichuelas con Dulce, which was super good! We ate it in like 6 houses in 3 days HAHA and it was just too much food. I feel like Dad would really love it, so I was asking a lot to be able to learn how to make it. HAHA wow they are such cool people. I love the food here, there is nothing better than a good 2 years where 9 of every 10 days you eat a fat pile of rice. But i have just made it part of my life! I love it.
But this week also was a good progress. We have a couple named Jose and Christy, with whom we have been sharing since my first Sunday here. But they have been progressing slowly and THEY CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK!! It was a really cool thing. They really liked it too, the members here welcomed them and they enjoyed everything. Gladis was there too, but Brayanli couldnt come since his dad came and took him to the beach. 

But yesterday we had a really cool lesson with Marcia and Alex (if you remember them, they came to church). They are super cool and i love talking with them. We talked about Mosiah 2, about the blessing that come with obedience. a while ago we talked with Alex alone and he was without work and just frustrated with God because he was praying and not recieving. He needed work to do so many things. So we told him that if he begins to take seriously what we teach, the blessings will come.  He began to read his Book of Mormon every day in the morning and pray every day. Within like 2 weeks he had a job. He wasnt even searching for one and he got called. Its not the best job in the world, but its a job. We talked about that yesterday and he recognized that really he is doing it to improve then asked if he could start to read from the beginning. WELL YEAH!! He is married with another woman, which is hard, since divorce is EXPENSIVE HERE. But, he wants to do it. They just really progress a lot. 

Other great things happened, but I dont have 10 hours to explain it. I am so glad all is well over there. Brandon, youre a best. Now that you are like 40, HAHA just kidding 27?? I dont know. But te quiero muchisimo porque eres tan mansito y tranquilo, me entiendes y legalmente te voy a hablar en espanol para que retengamos el idioma de los cielos. No puedo explicar el amor que tengo, pero ya tu sabes, estoy aqui hasta el fin contigo. 

HAHA that was a good dominican message, so it may not make much sense in real spanish, but brandon will get it, 


Elder Murphy
Pupusas with Elder Ramirez

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