Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wow- April 9, 2014

It was just too great of a weekend. We had more people in church than I had ever had, AND it was general conference. 9 INVESTIGATORS CAME and 3 LESS ACTIVES TOO. Wow. I was just so thrilled, I can't thank the Lord enough. First a sister named Dolores came with her son Carlos, who we have been teaching for a little while. Then also a couple named Nelky and Manuela, who have a baptismal date for the 24th of May. They are really cool, and Nelky doesnt know how to read so it was good for him to hear and watch conference. Then Gladis and Brayanli came! They are progressing very well, they are really excited. Then also a girl came with them that came last week too, Yanni. Also GEOVANNY CAPELLAN and his wife Biandy came. Geovany has a baptismal date for 24 of May as well. They all came and they said they enjoyed it! A less active mother with 2 adult sons came, Angelita and her sons  Javier and Chi-chi.
General conference was really awesome. I loved all of the talks, but I loved some of them more than others. (also I watched it in Spanish, which was not as good for me, but people came so it is ok.) The one that I loved more than anything was Dallin H. Oaks on the priesthood. But also the talk given by Robert B Hales was awesome. When he said ¨We should be so obedient that if God were to present us to people, he would say ´this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased´¨ that really opened my eyes. Really I need to be like that. God doesn't look at sin with even the littlest bit of acceptance, so we have got to focus on that. I liked the talk on Gratitude also, President Uchtdorf always is awesome. David A Bednar talking about how BURDENS ARE NECESSARY to be able to progress in life. To move forward we need that. I love it. The Atonement of Christ is here so that every one of us takes advantage of it, but we need to , as Benjamin said, become as a little child, meek humble and willing to submit to the will of the father. 

This week was a great week too. We are seeing good progression on all sides, the Lord is really blessing us. We have a LOT of people with baptismal dates, and they all are reading and trying to get to church. It will happen. But on Friday we were there just working it up and no one was home. So, we went walking down to a house that we usually had visited, when I suddenly decided to turn and take a different route. Elder Salgado asked why, and I told him that maybe there was someone over there. Then we turned once again and I saw a man standing outside of his upstairs apartment. I said to Elder Salgado ¨háblele¨ then he did. Turns out that this man, Junior, and his wife, Morena, were taking the lessons from missionaries in the South stake like 2 years ago and almost got baptized, then moved. They want to start the lessons again. I was thinking WOW IS THIS REAL LIFE?? That was just an awesome thing. They are going to be a success. I am hoping that they really pull through this time and are able to make this covenant with the Lord. 

But yeah, its an awesome thing out here that's happening. I cant explain how gracious the Lord has been with us. I am really happy, I am enjoying it all. 

Good work on all the good old missionary work out there, the Lord needs EVERY MEMBER AS A MISSIONARY. I can testify to that.  

Elder Dallin Blake Murphy
p.s. I am almost 19! It feels like the other day I went to I HOP with my friends, but that was a quick year. This whole mission is passing by WAYYYY too fast, I am enjoying it a lot but I am almost 9 months done... dang

 PUPUSAS!!!!!!!! With elder vasquez

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