Friday, May 23, 2014

Another week in the wonderous world- May 21, 2014

Hey fam! Whats Up?? I Hope All Is Well Out There In The United States. It Was Cool To See Pictures And Hear About Big Brandon Running A Half Marathon And All. Way To Go Bud!!
Umm this organization that I am not in charge of is called Accion Callejera. Which is like this place that street kids go to so that they dont have to go to another worse place. I am not sure, but it sounds good. There are a few events that Sister Douglas has set up to be able to have her friends come and do medical and dentistry things, so they called me... To keep the relationship well mantained with them and keep contact. That means like 1 time a week I am going to go to do service with my companion and the other 2 missionaries in the district of Hato Mayor. I am not sure why she called me... But I guess I have to do it. I dont even live that close, but its ok. I am down!

But this week was pretty good. Gladis and Brayanli and Luis Vasquez came to church this week, which was really cool. I am always SUPER stoked when people come to church. We are working hard with these people and a lot of them didn't compete with their promises, which were that they would come to church, but I don't get suprised anymore. Just disappointed. That's all. But Gladis and Brayanli are going to see when they want to get baptized, since they are in a sticky situation. But It will happen soon, I really know it. Luis has had a few doubts, which are really little things like about Joseph Smith and why his name isnt in the Bible. But its ok, we help them understand that they only way to know these things is read the Book of Mormon and pray. If they do it, they will be able to get an answer. And until they do it, they cant tell us we are wrong because they havent experienced anything, just heard and believe. We want them to FEEL that it is true. Galatians 5:22-23 or something like that really explains how they can know IF it is true. We are willing to learn all of the things we preach on the Book Of Mormon. 

It is a pretty wonderful life out here. It is a little different teaching with someone that hasn't taught before, but he is coming along well and I am really excited to keep seeing him progress. I am not the funnest, coolest, or funniest companion he could have had, but he is going to work and work and work. I don't know... it is kind of weird. A lot of missionaries say that they want to get out of the routine. But I love the routine!! My life is get up, write in my journal or work out, shower, get ready with my white shirt and tie, study, study with my companion, go out or go to a meeting with other missionaries, go home, eat, do something for like an hour then go out to work for 7 hours then we get home at 9:30 and then plan, write my journal or eat or something then we go to sleep. Then I get up again at 6:30 and it is the same. THIS IS THE LIFE!! AND IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS. I don't have time to change it up! But its ok, he loves the work too. It is a pretty intense lifestyle but pretty fun. 

But yeah this week I had an exchange with my zone leader, Elder Saucedo and for the first time in a while the people were IN their house. We taught 7 good lessons, and it was super cool. But its raining a lot, and the umbrella I have is still in the little bag that it was bought in in my luggage. Oops! HAHAHA

Love you all, and I cant wait to hear about the wonderful miracles you guys make in the mission work in this next week!

Elder Murphy,  2nd

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