Saturday, May 10, 2014

Training a HAITIAN!!- May 7, 2014

I am training a Haitian!! His name is Elder Simonis, a pretty good kid. He has lived here in the DR for 3 years with his family. His whole family is members, and he is a 21 year old guy, but it will be a good experience. He is a good example to me, a really humble guy that is just here to work. It will be a really good experience!! I am stoked out of my mind.
But this week was pretty good. We had 3 investigators in church, Gladis and Brayanli and Laura, a sister of an hermana in the ward that is 15. Luis had to work (he doesnt work much so when he has work he needs to go) and a lot of people just HAD to do stuff. And a bunch of people just talked big and didn't deliver. But our purpose isn't to accuse or criticize, but more to help them be complete with the Lord and his commandments. Gladis had an operation on her mouth, so for like 2 weeks she doesnt have her 4 front teeth. She wasn't going to go to church, but then Brayanli said he would'nt go without her so then she decided to go so that he would go! What a great lady. Her husband lives in NY and she wants to get married before baptism so that she can obey the law of chastity to the letter.

This week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy, but it was a good time. I was pretty happy to get the call to train, I have only had old missionaries as companions and now I have more responsibility, which is always a good time. Also he gave me the title of district leader, so I am going to have to get a lot of spiritual strength from the Lord to be able to complete TO THE LETTER with both of these responsibilities.
Well, we will have more miracles next week. Just this week we talked about a lot of marriage. A LOT of marriage. Really, it is a big problem in this country. Because it costs 3000 to get married and 18000 to get divorced. But we will make it work with these people, there are some good vibes between a few of these families and it will happen.

The Lord blesses us according to our obedience D&C 132:6( I think that is where it is) . It is the ONLY way that he blesses us. 

Love you all, thanks for everything! 5:15 on sunday I am going to be waiting. I am going to use that elderdallindr thing that you guys made for christmas! It is going to work and I am going to be excited! I hope you all are excited too! The next time that you all read from me I WILL BE 19! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Elder Dallin Murphy

 J-Piki, a good friend of ours. He talks about how he wants to get baptized, and we hope he will!

I love mom because:

Well how do I even start. Mom is the woman who gave birth to me and gave me everything I needed as I grew up into the man I am today. I feel so greatful for the firmness that she has in the true Gospel of Christ. I love my Mom because she loves me and she does everything for me. I love my mom because she worries about me even when she knows I am all good. I love my mom because she IS THE COOL MOM. She often says she doesnt want to be the cool mom but SHE IS THE COOL MOM (repeated for emphasis). I love her so much! She has taken a little naughty yet silent boy and made him into what I am. I cannot say that have reached what she wants me to be, but after my heavenly father, I want to make her proud. I love my mom because, in all reality, she loves me.

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