Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Now I Am the Big 1-9!- May 14, 2014

It was a pretty fun birthday, not the most exciting one but definately the most spiritual one. Kind of. We had a zone meeting in the morning and they put up a few balloons then sang happy birthday! And that was basically it. But one specifically awesome lesson I had on my birthday was a great gift the Lord gave us. Remember Jose and Cristy? Well we shared with Cristy, a member, and her son Noel. We talked about baptism baptism baptism. About what it is, how it should be a change in our lives, how it needs to be by the proper authority, and how important it is. We were just on a good role. Then I asked my favorite question: What are your thoughts about what we have said? I had had a couple of worries about Cristy. She really is awesome but I didnt know if she was really going to be down to make that change in her life.  Then  she told us about how she wants to do it. And she is just really excited but needs to go to church more and get married and stuff. The spirit was super strong, and I was super content. Even though it was a slow day in which we walked for a while and didnt teach much, it was all worth it through that lesson. 

That was basically my birthday. We are really busy, Elder Simonis and I, and it is really hard to find time to make that cake that you sent me. But one of these days it will be made! It was super cool to talk to the whole fam about life as a missionary.  I am not overwhelmed by the responsibilities that have been given to me, just it is something new as a missionary. A new kind of patience and diligence is needed. It is just what I was asking for and I got it. Sometimes we dont know exactly what we want but the Lord gave it to me. Also, President and Sister Douglas called me to be in charge of the relationship between the mission and this one organization, and I wasnt to stoked but I am going to do all I can to do it. I want to be able to complete with the assignments that are given to me, and I will give it all I can. 

hmm...  oh yeah Gladis and Brayanli are progressing  really really well. They are trying to do everything to be able to complete with these requirements of baptism, and the Lord will bless them soon enough with the ability to do it. They came to church, and also Arismendi. Arismendi comes a lot, just has a few problems with his wife, and we are hoping he keeps it up to be able to  make this covenant with the Lord as well. He already is decided, just needs some preparation. 

But yeah. this week was ok. Elder Simonis (my trainee) is a good new missionary, willing to learn and listen, and just pushing himself a lot. I am just here to guide him and help him become the missionary that the Lord wants him to become. 

Well, thanks for all the birthday emails! You all are great! The next time you all write me I will have.... 10 MONTHS AS A MISSIONARY! It is moving way too fast. But as they always say, Time flies when youre having fun. And I am definetely enjoying myself. 

 Love you all!!!

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