Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- May 28, 2014

I hope that you all tell Bethany to have a happy birthday!!! On Facebook or over telephone would be best, she deserves it. Who knew she was so funny?! I love Bethany because she is just a real BEAST!! She rocks in everything she does. She is just super funny and once Austin left the house I had to talk to SOMEONE so I began to talk to her and shes not too bad! HAHA just kidding, she is just a stinker winker mixed with a Lisa Leslie and man I dont know she is just too cool. She really became one of my best friends in the whole world, and is still up there. KEEP IT UP SIS!!
Dad, that is so cool. You´re really a prepared and capable man to complete with whatever calling you are given, just keep working hard and do all that you know that you need to do, and trust in the Lord. Pray for charity every day to be able to help all of the people recieve all they need from you. Youre the man!

This week was a little tough, but thats nothing that we cannot really handle. We had talks with 3 of our investigators that have been progressing a lot, Gladis, Brayanli, and Luis and have told us that they don't want to continue and they want to take another path. It was pretty hard for me, but it is their decision. I am not going to go into the details of exactly why, but they were good, interesting conversations. I love being able to sit there and testify and speak perfect (not perfect but pretty good) spanish with these people and just testify and feel that the Lord is pleased with what I am saying. I feel good about the future we have with the people we have, and Elder Simonis and I are going to keep working SO HARD to get these people all the blessings the Lord has reserved for them. I feel pretty happy with the future we have in this work here.
We had 0 investigators and 0 less actives in church, but hey the Lord makes us humble so that we recognize our weaknesses, just like he gives us weaknesses to make us humble. We have had a lot of self inspection (I have officially lost english as my native tounge, I dont know if what I am saying is really what is said in English) since we know that the Lord wants us to improve. I am really trying to do all I can to help these people progress, and I know that my companion is trying hard too. But I am really excited, I cannot wait for the miracles that will happen in front of our eyes here in Hato Mayor in the near future.
A friend sent me a letter recently with a few questions and it made me go to the 13 Articles of Faith. I love how precise and simple they put everything. We believe in this, this and this. If someone tells us we believe in something, they can look at the 13 Articles of Faith and there you have found your answer if it is true or not. But the most basic and important thing that we believe in is that Jesus Christ is the only way to get to the salvation. And that is what we preach.
I am pretty content, we are doing work out here in Hato Mayor. This Ward needs our help. And we are here to help.
Love you all!!
Elder Dallin Murphy

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