Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mission Work!!- June 18, 2014

Man, it was a pretty good week. The family, that went to church last week, came again! And also 2 other investigators. How great!! But yeah this family is named the Polanco Family. But yesterday we had a lesson with them and there was something interesting that the mom said. She said that she had a few questions, and we were thinking  ¨oh man...¨ but then she just asked why people werent paying attention at church. She said ¨I understand the little kids... thats normal for them to be a little loud and uncontrolable. No one expects them to pay attention! But it was a little hard to focus when ADULTS were talking and making sounds and just not focusing. They were talking about important things, but it seemed like they just didnt care.¨ She opened my eyes on that one. WHY DO WE GO TO CHURCH IF WE DO NOT WANT TO GET ANYTHING OUT OF IT?!?! It is pretty interesting. She said that if people dont want to be there, they shouldnt go. I explained a little bit about the sacrement, and also we talked a little bit about sometimes it becomes just a habit to go to church, like whatever happens doesnt really matter. We know we should go, but we dont take advantage. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!! If you dont want to pay attention, at least act like it because you dont know what kind of influence that will have on someone else.
Also, i got a few emails about Chickenguya or whatever its called, and yeah I am trying to remember my bug repellant. Actually, I wrote about the hard life that our Ward Mission Leader is living, and he got this sickness. We went to his house and he could barely move. Dont you all worry about me, I am doing all I can to avoid it. Our house doesnt have too many mosquitos, which is pretty lucky, but youve got to be careful!!

It has been a pretty good time this week. IT is pretty crazy that this is the last email that Austin will read from the mission, if he even reads it, I would just like to publicly thank him for his good example and the fun times that I had being on the mission with him. Even though we were in different parts of the world, we were a lot closer in this last year than when he was at BYU or when I was at school and he was on the mission. He is a great man and I cannot wait to hear about his future successes. He might have lost his hops and his ripped muscles, but he has grown and toned himself down spiritually. WHAT A BOSS!! Love you Austin!! NOTHINGS TO EXHAUSTIN FOR AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!!

Elder Murphy

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