Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A pretty good week- June 4, 2014

Man, it has been a pretty good week. Today we went to Puerto Plata (since the zone did well on baptisms this last month) and spent a nice day at the beach. I saw my good friend ELDER RINCON for the first time in forever, so I was super thankful for that. We got to look at the beach and really enjoy the sand, but couldnt go in, since, as most of you know, missionaries arent permitted to swim. But it was a good view!
In church this week we had a good amount of people, but the most exciting (not the best but the most exciting) was a man named AUGUSTO NUĂ‘EZ! This guy is a less active member that I have had the great chance to help in that point in which they have the desire to come back. There have been many that have taught him and it is an honor to be here in the time that he has taken the step to return to the church. He is so cool! And he will help a lot. He came with his whole family and it was just so fun. Also, another man named Joselito came, a less active man who was a little bit into the scrums spiritually and now he is animated to come back as well. We are hoping that they come back this week and more for the time to come!!!

We are really being super blessed, which is always a humbling experience. The Lord wants us to be successful in the mission, and thats why he gives us guidelines, or also called COMMANDMENTS. I love talking about obedience, and sometimes I talk about it too much. It is pretty weird being with a companion that is as stoked to have a great mission as I am, so I am getting used to not having to be like ¨leggo leggo leggo!!!!¨ To my companion. But it is so cool, I am so content with the work we are doing. 

Training is a new experience. I want to be a lot better, cooler, nicer, and more open, but everything is a process. As the dominicans say ¨todo es un proceso... a paso! a paso.¨ But I am really trying to improve because as smart and experienced as I am, I am 100 times more dumb and new at all this stuff. I just need to realize it and be willing to help Elder Simonis and accept help from him as well.

WAY TO GO BETHANY IN SCRIPTURE MASTERY!! I remember when I did scripture mastery with the Book of Mormon... I tied for 2nd too!! I was 1 page away from Jacob 2:18-19 (because Connor McCombs and Charlie Bollard told me the answer from the stands) but then I had to take a victorious fall for 2nd place. That was the peak of my career, maybe someday I will be able to get that crown back. NEXT YEAR DO WORK GIRLFRIEND!!!!

I hope all is well, and I am always excited when I come on wednesdays, sweaty and surrounded in Spanish speaking tigres, and all is well. You all rock! Keep it real!! Haha!

¨Its not who you are on the inside, but its what you do that defines you¨

Elder Dallin Murphy

1. Elder Simonis and I on the coasts of the country of my heart and soul

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