Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What a week!!- June 25, 2014

This week was pretty good! First of all though, enjoy Austin tomorrow. He may be a little white and kind of chubby, but his belly isnt the only thing that has gotten bigger. He is definately a new man! It is pretty insane that is already home, but hey, time flies when one is having fun. 

But anyways, this week was pretty good! The Polanco family didnt go to church this week... so I was a little worried, but then the mom told us yesterday that she accidentally slept in until 9:30! But they were going to go. They are so cool! These types of families are what missionaries dream of and always want. I think to myself every time I am with them ¨wow, the Lord is too good to me, letting me participate in their spiritual progress¨ AND ITS TOO TRUE!! I love it. THe whole family of 6 reads every thing we leave, from the mom to the 9 year old girl, and they all pay good attention and just it is so fun. My companion is really funny, he says ¨Whenever we are with this family, I just get so excited to work!!¨ HAHA saw cayute! He is really funny. (that was a spanish to english translation). 

Also, there is a man who (I may have already said this) that has almost read the entire Book of Mormon in 5 weeks or so, and he is 74 years old with a lot of health problems. He was totally a bad man in his past, but now he says ¨I have searched everywhere for the truth, and this is the first time I have recieved the answer to WHY AM I HERE and the purpose of Baptism.¨ and he has a fecha but we are just waiting because he has a hard time going to church. His name is Pedro Julio, but we are going to hope that he gets out there to get more blessings!!

The work here continues!! We are working hard and taking advantage of EVERYTHING WE CAN!! I love the work and I am getting close to a year which is INSANE but it is soooo funn!! Congrats on finishing school, Bethany and Cole, and work hard and do work this summer!!

Have fun with my big brother!! 

Elder Murphy (the one and only)

1. Mosquito Nets from zone conference that sister douglas gave us!! 

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