Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amo ser misionero- July 9, 2014

This week was a little weird... since last week I saw all of the pictures of Austin´s heroic return, but it was all good. I cant even imagine that he is REALLY home, but I am proud of him and a little jealous of the  missionaries in Irvine that they have such a stud RM to go out with them. 
But it was also a SUPER successful week!! We put down 2 baptismal dates, and also we had 6 investigators in church! And 2 less actives. A missionary is always pretty happy to see people walk in the door of the church. The Polanco Family came, all except for the oldest daughter (that is including the Less active dad!!), Leidy and Antonio (less active and investigator. The same family that had come last week) and then Victiko (his real name is Victor Antonio). We also put down a goal with the Polanco family so that they would read the Book of Mormon daily to be able to come to know these things for themselves. And they are pulling through! 

umm.. Pedro Julio, the big man, could not come to church because his feet are super swollen from the afterfects of CHIKINGUYA. But we talked about the importance of going and he said that he will go out and try to find a ride for next week. We talked and he is loving the Book of Mormon. He says that he gets up at 4am every morning to read!! HAHA I was super suprised, and he only has Jacob-Words of Mormon, alma, and heleman before he finishes the book. One question he had: if King Benjamin was so good and righteous, what in the world happened with King Noah??? That guy was terrible!!. Sometimes he teaches us about the Book of mormon!

Today we were able to go and help out with a move of leidy and Antonio. They lived super super far away from the chapel, and it was difficult to do anything from so far away, but now they live like 1 minute walking distance from our house. They are in a pretty... interesting situation right now with marriage, american visas, and everything like that. It is a long story! But they moved from a house with a bunch of fruit behind it (mango, coconut, orange, banana) and before we did the move we drank some and ate some coconut which was super good, and Elder Sanchez went crazy on those coconuts to cut it open like the good Dominican that he is. 

But yeah it was a super good week, but every week is just an awesome week that I love. I feel so good here on the mission. I got to have an interview with President Douglas and I cannot believe that I already have a year on the mission and he is going to be finishing with me. it is going to be so crazy. He is the man!!

But yeah, thanks for everything!! You all are great.
Elder Murphy

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